I’m back! Goddess Provisions Un-boxing.

I have been away for a long time! School, work, and life in general have had me beyond stress and I just couldn’t find the time to blog. I am going to try and work on that.

For now, Goddess Provisions is $33 a month with 5-6 items each month.

Copper Charging Plate $33

“As a conductor copper moves energy and amplifies thoughts. Use this altar tool to clear your field from anything that’s no longer serving and to charge sacred items with your highest intentions.”

Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand $18

“Use this pointed wand for energy work. With the unified powers of clear quartz, amethyst, angelite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, sunstone, and rose quartz crystals, it’s the perfect tool to balance and align chakras.”

Eresonance Stress Reduction Essentials Deck $22.66

“These cards include healing techniques from 41 female artists who’ve channeled the gifts from their practices into beautiful art. Intuitively pick a card to expand your self care routine and find peace.”

Healing Hand Incense Holder $22

“This mango is wood holder features a brass plate etched with celestial symbolism to call in protection, divine connection, and clarity.”

Green Tea and Lavender Incense Sticks $15

“This soothing blend promotes relaxation and harmony. Burn it during your healing rituals to remove energy blockages and strengthen spiritual healing.”

$110.66 is the total value of the box and I am very happy with it! I am constantly stressed and at a high level of anxiety. Maybe some of these items will help to ease my mind.

Thank you for reading ✨

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