Zenpop Stationary Unboxing | September 2021

This months theme, chill study vibes

Zenpop Stationary box is $33 a month plus a small shipping fee. It’s packed full of fun Japanese stationary and sometimes a neat snack!

Food Washi (masking) Tape

I decorate everything with wash it tape. My planner, notebooks, and folders look like an explosion of washi tape went off. I am sure this food themed roll will come to good use.

Osampo Sticker Sheet

Dogs and food! I’m sure I’ll have these babies stuck every where by the end of the week.

Tenori Tape Glue Stamp

This came at the perfect time! I was just about to order one so I can use all my cute memo sheets more easily in my notebooks and planner. And I like the color green.

Mini Food Notebook

This is probably the only item I won’t use. But it is going in the donation bin of stuff to take to my local elementary school for their before and after school program.

Kokuyo Plastic Erasers

Comes in a set of two. I can never have enough erasers!

Midori Multiuser Ruler

Right into my backpack this goes. It’s cute and functional. I make a lot of study guides on printer paper and this will definitely come in handy.

Pentel PG Metal 0.5 Mechanical Pencil

I have one of these already and love it, so I know I’ll use this until it no longer functions.

Kokuyo Drawing Pen 0.5mm Sepia

I have some of these in other shades and I love them! I am excited to add this one in Sepia to my collection.

I also got a sticker and post card that was designed for the box by Tao.

I love this box and think this months was a hit!

Thank you for reading ❤️

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