Goddess Provisions September 2021

This will be my last Goddess Provisions in-boxing for a while, life happens. But let’s enjoy what was in the box this month.

Zodiac Wall Hanging $22

“Hang this cosmic decor in your sacred space and allow the astral energies of each lunar phase and zodiac constellation to excite your spirit.”

Cosmic Messages Journal $15

“Keep track of your astral insights and cosmic inspiration..”

The Quirky Cup Collective Cosmic Book Mark $9.50

Cosmic Body Vital Smile Tooth and Gum Elixir $9

“This refreshing coconut oil blend is made with peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, and clove to leave your mouth sparkling like the stars. Use it for oil pulling or as a mouth wash alternative.”

Blue Tigers Eye $4

“Meditate with this stone to clear your mind and open to cosmic truths that are unclouded by emotion. Its calming energy will help you feel grounded, empowered, and protected. “I really need this right now.

The Gut Lab Cosmic Cacao $15

“Enjoy an out of this world mood boost each time you brew a cup of this superfood concoction that features cacao, chaga, ashwagandha, cinnamon, ginger, maca, and lucuma. Sip with intention.”

Zodiac Oracle Pack $4.50

“Draw upon universal energies to navigate your way through mysterious skies. Intuitively pull a card and discover which zodiac sign can help you with your current situation.”

This box is great. It is full of useful products as well as products I can incorporate into my routine to help calm my nerves and provide guidance through my current situation. It is totally worth the money and I am going to miss it while I am taking a break from subscription boxes.

Thank you for reading 🥰

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