November 2021 BoxyCharm Base Box Unboxing

The BoxyCharm base box is $25 a month and contains 5 full sized ( sometimes deluxe sample sized) products.

Let’s get into this months unboxing!

Glow on 5th Refresh and Reset Brightening Mud Mask $30

I have yet to try this mask but, I am excited to! It is infused with ginger root and taurine to re-energize skin and minimize fatigue, boost circulation, and help with rehydration.

This sounds exactly like what I need right now. My skin has not been the best.

Trèstique Foundation Stick “Crete Cloud” $30

I was kind of skeptical about this product. Then I tried it. It gave my skin a luminous look with a nice medium coverage. The stick has an attached sponge ( which I didn’t try). The case is also refillable, which I think is great!

Seraphine Botanicals Primrose and Cream Lip and Cheek Cream Palette $42

The creams apply well over powder and give the cheeks a nice kiss of color. I do not like them on the lips however, they don’t really give off much color payoff when applied to the lips.

Trust Fund Beauty Better Than Therapy Lip Oil $18

This is a really nice lip oil. It feels very soothing and hydrating. I do like that it’s clear so it can easily be applied with out a mirror. I have been using this at night and my lips actually are doing much better.

Amnh Skincare Unicorn Dreams Body Butter $20

I am in love with this body butter. It feels really good on the skin and smells fantastic! It does look a little greasy, but that doesn’t bother me I use it at night and my skin is covered up anyway. I would definitely purchase this product when I run out.

That’s all for my unboxing!

I’m pretty happy with this months box. I am going to get use out of all the products. I am excited to see what next month brings.

Thank you for reading 🦃

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