Petit Vour December 2016 | Un-Boxing

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This months Petit Four seemed to arrive a little late, reasonably. Which is why this post is coming up on New Years day. Happy 2017. 

The first thing is this foil packet of Oille hair serum volumizing intelligence. I am a little disappointed that it is a foil packet, but the full size is $58, so still neat. You are supposed to apply it to wet hair before shampooing. I am going to have to give it a go.

This is the Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil in “revive morning”. It is another pre-shower thing, and seems really neat. You massage a capful on to your torso, then cup your hands, bring them to your face and breath deeply. Then you step into your warm bath or shower.I am looking forward to trying this out. The full size is $73. Damn.

I love getting face washes is Petit Vour, I always end up loving them. This month we got the Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser. Activated charcoal is supposed to be some sort of godsend. So, I am sure that I will love this. The card says it retails for $10.

I was the most excited about the last product, the Juice Beauty Phyto Pigment lip crayon in “Zuma”.  I love lip products in this format. They are so easy to use, and this specific one feels and looks great on.

I am already in love with it..

Is it a nice red shade, without being too dramatic. I can see this being my go to.

I hope you enjoy this unboxing and a tiny review. Thank you so much for reading and happy new year! I havesoe big things coming for B&T this year. 

Xoxo Manda 

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*Birch Box Sample Review* (Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser


(Pic sauce. )

I have decided to start centering the talk wall portions of my post. In my eyes it looks more professional. What do you think?

I got a sample of this product in my April BirchBox, and if you remember, I didn’t like this product from my first impression. Now, after a few weeks, I am going to tell you what my opinion on this product is!

BirchBox Break Down:

“This triple-threat cleanser from (MALIN + GOETZ) dissolves dirt and oil, clears acne, and balances skin’s pH. The amino acid-based foaming gel taps naturally antibacterial grapefruit to prevent blemishes and exfoliate, while hydrating glycerin and sodium pca leave your complexion soft, not taut. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, and rinses away completely—no need for toner. (So…quintuple-threat?)”

Sample in general:

In general, this was a pretty good sized sample. (This is prevalent because it attributes to BirchBox’s worth.) I got quite a few uses out of it. It was the perfect size to allow me to make a firm opinion on the product.

Thoughts on its properties: (scent, feel, etc..)

I am not fond of the grape fruit scent. I am STILL not fond of it. The scent made it kind of hard to use on my face, because the scent lingered. But, on a positive note I love that it is a gel instead of a cream. It also has an amazing texture. It is so smooth when you are rubbing it in to your skin.

How did it affect my skin:

I  have very dry sensitive skin. It is pretty hard to find facial cleansers that I actually enjoy. This product however made my face SO soft, it was kind of amazing! It also didn’t cause any type of break out or rash, which sort of surprised me because it has a fragrance.

Would I purchase:

This product is $32. You can get it here!

If this product comes in different scents it is something I really want to purchase. It works great and my skin has shown a lot of improvement since I have been using it. The only thing holding me back is the scent. I can’t stand it. I am sure I am one of the few people on earth who hate the popular fresh grape fruit scent, but I just cannot handle it.Other than that though, I am very glad I got to try this product and hope I can get my hands on a different scent ( or non-fragrance version).

What is your favorite face wash? Have you tried this one? DO YOU LIKE GRAPE FRUIT!?

XoXo Manda

Today I thought I’d be a Mermaid. Dramatic Spring/Summer Look!


Today I decided to do something a little different than I am used to. I do not do many dramatic looks and I hate false lashes. But, I was looking through my collection after work today and saw a really pretty shadow that I had never used. I decided to take a risk and get a little crazy. It isn’t the best, so bare with me!

  • After moisturizing my face I used NYX shadow crayon in “milk” to prime my lids and act as a base.
  • I then reached for my Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette


  • I used the light gray shade above the black “Lazarus”, as my transition shade in my crease. The black shade “Shax” was used to define my crease and outter V. The white shade “Saleos” I used on my brow bone and inner corner. I then used the deeper gray shade “Liberatus” to soften my crease just a bit. I used the light orange-ish shade “Ludwin” to help blend the sharp lines closer to the inner part of my eye.

Now for the fun part!

  • I grabbed my L’oreal Infallible shadow in the shade “Endless Sea” and put it on the inner two thirds of my lid.
  • 427165

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!?

  • For my face I used the same products that I always do, I am really trying to just use them up so I can FINALLY use something new!
  • I did how ever get to use a new liquid liner, The Maybelline Master Precise eye pen in “black”. I also used the skinny liner in “black” to line my water line.
  • I then went back in with the L’oreal shadow to add some color under my lash line.
  • For my lips I used the Maybelline Color Sensational Matte lipstick in the shade “Daringly Nude”


I love how creamy this lipstick is!

Now for the finished look!


I also put a little braid in my hair, for an extra mermaidy look!

I really hope you enjoyed my attempt! Would you like more colorful or dramatic looks? Let me know!

XoXo Manda

Product Spotlight:Boots Botanics Mineral Eye Colous “010 Velvet Green”

I was trying to think of different posts to do, and I thought it would be a nice idea to do looks with and review very specific products. It will force me to really use everything I have, but it is also a nice way to introduce people to new things and maybe even help them find a new holy grail product! Continue reading “Product Spotlight:Boots Botanics Mineral Eye Colous “010 Velvet Green””