Primer Declutter | Clean up 2019

Guys, I am running out of space for makeup and beauty products, and that just won’t do. So, I figured it was time to do a declutter.

We are going to go in the order that I apply my makeup, so we are going to start with primers!

What you are seeing above is a lazy Susan type thing that I got at a whole sale place. For the most part it holds products that I am trying to use up, or find my self reaching for frequently.

On the top are most of my primers. They just fit nicely there.

Let’s get into this declutter.

Serum primers


Physicians Formula 24 Karat Collagen Serum:

I really enjoy this serum as a primer. It hydrates a plumps skin, making for a great base.

Cosmetica Illuminating Rose Gold Serum:

If you want glowy skin with out the glitter, this will do it. It also creates a somewhat tacky base, which helps the make up stick. You can also use it as a highlighter, if you like that sweaty highlight look.

Touch N Soul No Poreblem Priming Essence:

I received this primer in a BoxyCharm and really enjoy it. It hydrates skin, which creating a smooth base. I have noticed that it also blues some of my more problem pores.

The Declutters

NYX Honey Dew Me Up:

This primer is way too sticky for me. Every time I try to use it, it gets every where! It feels like literally putting honey on my face and I just can’t handle it.

Wet N Wild Rose Primer Serum

I actually enjoy this primer. But, after Wet N Wilds immoral lies, I just don’t want to keep anything from them in my collection.

Pore Filling Primers

As you can tell I have two of the Touch N Soul No Poreblem Primers. The unused one will be going. But that is the only declutter.

Cover FX Blurring Primer:

I really enjoy the feel and look of this primer. It blurs out my pores, helping to create a flawless base.

Touch N Soul No Poreblem:

This was my favorite blurring primer, before I started using the Cover FX one. I do still use this primer a lot, because I can use it all over my face, with out creating a break out.

Smash Box Photo Finish Smooth and Blur Primer:

This particular tube is from holiday last year. This is a tried and true primer for many people. It creates a soft smooth canvas on the skin and really helps foundation last.

Illuminating Primers

I only have two of these and they are both staying!

Physicians Formula Spotlight Primer:

Beware! If you spread this primer with your fingers your hands will be covered in glitter. But, this primer does not make it look like a glitter bomb exploded on your face. Nor does it make you look like the tin man. It is a great drug store alternative to the recent trend of priming with liquid highlighter- without looking over the top.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer:

This primer performs just like the Physicians formula one, just more expensive and has a nice smell. I am almost done with this one. Once it is gone I will not repurchase, because I do have the other one!

Primer Samples

The ones the Survived:

Smashbox Primerizer:

This one is also in the packaging from holiday last year. I enjoy this primer on days that I am too lazy to do my skin care routine. I am still toying with the idea of purchasing the full size once the mini is gone.

Ciaté Watermelon Burst Primer:

I just got this primer in Ipsy. I have to try it before I just pass it along!

Tarte Base Tape:

This is another one that I am yet to try, so it is staying until I get to try it and see what I think.

Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smootie Priming Moisturizer:

This one serves the same purchase of the smashbox one, but smells like coconut. I am almost done with this sample, and I am considering buying the full size.

Smashbox Radiance And Pore minimizing primers:

I have two little one use sample of smash box primers. I have really enjoyed the one I have used, so I wanted to sample more to see if there are others I want to purchase. I just haven’t gotten around to this yet.

The declutters:

MAC Strobe Cream in Pink Lite:

I am only decluttering this primer because MAC isn’t cruelty free.

Benefit Porefessional:

I never fell for this primer like other people did. I tended to really clog my pores. It also isn’t cruelty free. So, I won’t use it anyway.

Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Primer:

It would be fun to try such a high end brand. But, it isn’t cruelty free, so I am not going to tease myself.

So, how much did I declutter!!

Over all, I decluttered 6 Primers and kept 14. I don’t feel too bad about this, because I will use up Primers. I use a porefilling and another type of primer everyday, so they will get used up.

What is your favorite and your least favorite primer?

Thank you for reading 🌷

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Lip Product Declutter | Part 1: The Jars

Before we begin, I want to address how messy my area is. I have the messiest, most unorganized beauty room, so these pictures aren’t exactly Instagram worthy.

The Tiny Jar

  • Essence random
  • Revlon random
  • Nyx Liquid Suede “Soft Spoken”
  • Ofra “Laguna Beach”
  • Star Looks “Piquant”
  • Jordana “Creme Brûlée”

The declutters

Both of the essence and revlon. Revlon is not CF and I just do not like the Essence much.

The skeleton cup part 1

  • Bellapierre “Strawberry”
  • NYX “Sand Storm”
  • Ulta ” Tender” and “Bestie”

Keeping all!!

Skelton Cup part 2

  • Notoriously morbid; “El” and “Wolfsbane” and “Never sleep again”
  • Dirty Little Secret “Phantom”

Again, keeping all.

Skelton Cup Part 3

  • Kat Von D “Project Chimps” and “Lolita”
  • Colour Pop; “November” and “Clueless” and “Beeper” and “Lumiere 2” and “Little-stitious”

I didn’t think I would get rid of anything from this jar, and I was right.

Gray Jar Part 1

  • ELF Nude
  • Buxom “Trail Blazer”
  • The All Natural Face “Frosted Berries”
  • NYX “Beige Pearl” and “Beige”

Getting rid of the Elf Nude gloss, I hate this stuff. A ton.

Gray Jar part 2

  • Pur “Mystic”
  • Noyah “Malbec”
  • Cargo “Taos”
  • Medusas Makeup “Lover Boy”
  • Gleam “Naked”
  • Hynt Beauty “Satin Nude”
  • Hikari “Merlot”
  • Elate “Divine”

I will be keeping all of these.

Gray Jar part 3

  • Kat Von D “Outlaw”
  • Colour Pop “marshmallow”
  • Juice Beauty “Blythe”
  • Nyx Liquid Suede “Vintage” and “Cherries in the Sky”

I will be getting rid of “OutLaw”. I have had it for so long, it is getting old and nasty.

I did not declutter much, baby steps right.😂😂😂😂 Part 2 will be coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, thank you for reading. What are your thoughts on any of the products shown? Comment below!

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Liquid Lipstick Declutter


Stuff accumulates so fast. Sometimes it is very therapeutic to sift through it and pass stuff along. I have decided to de-clutter (again), and this time I am starting with my liquid lipsticks.

I love liquid lipsticks, It is usually the lip product that I reach for. But, I have noticed I have some that I have never worn, shades I will never wear, and shades that are repeats. Yet, it was still so hard to get rid of any!

I started off with 35, and have decided to (so far) de-clutter 8. Which is more than I thought I would, so progress is progress.


  • NYX Liquid Suede “Life’s a Beach”- I really like this line, but I will never wear this shade.
  • OCC Lip Tar “Strumpet”- I have a few other liquid lipsticks that are this same color and are in packaging I like better. I have never used this, because it is just a hassle.
  • Essence Liquid Lipstick “Beauty Secret”- This is another one that I have a ton of similar shades to. I love this line, but have others that I like much more.
  • Jordana Sweet Matte Lip “Cherry Cobbler”- Repeat shade. I actually have some more higher end liquid lipsticks that are this same shade, and I love them. Felt right to let this one go.
  • NYX Lip Suede “Kitten Heels”- Another repeat shade. Again, I like this line, but of these shades this is my lease favorite.
  • ELF High Shine Liquid Lip “Naked Nude”- I hate these. That’s all I have to say.
  • ELF High Shine Liquid Lip “Red Apple”- Read above…
  • Wet N Wild Metallic Liquid Lipstick “Chrysanthemum’s the word”- Never will I wear this. It is a nice formula and metallic lips a nice, but not the shade for me.

I hope you enjoyed this de-clutter, I will be posting more, probably right after this post! I am on a roll!! What have you de-cluttered lately? Comment below! Find me  on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

XoXo Manda