Petit Vour UN-Boxing | January 2017

*Petit Vour is $15 a month, all Cruelty Free and vegan!*

Though there are no makeup items in this months box, I am still really excited about every product in it. So lets jump in..

Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture ” South of the BLVD.” *new* $18:

I have heard a ton of fantastic things about this brand, but have never tried a polish my self. As soon as I try it out I will update you. Not exactly a shade I love to be honest, but I will grim and bare it to teat the formula.

Evolvh Ultra shine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner $17:

I have heard many a green beauty blogger raving about this expensive hair washing set, I have seen them appear in boxes in the past. Now, I finally get to try them!! I am hoping they will work as well as I think they will.Oh, did I mention they smell like warm vanilla sugar?!

Blissoma Tonique $32 fullsize

I have needed another toner badly. My ever clen is almost gone, and it was time to get something new. Insert this guy. Not only is it cruelty free, vegan, and natural it was made in St. Louis, MO. Where I grew up, where I live an hour from. This is very exciting to me,  I will have a full review of this product!

What did you think of this months box? What about the products? Comment below!  Thank you a much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | December 2016


*The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is around $22 a month. It is vegan, cruelty free, and tends to be for the most part, clean beauty. Sign up at *

It is time to un-box my favorite subscription box. The theme is “A toast to cruelty free beauty”. It features products that are favorites of the leaping bunny program. You can find them @leapingbunnyprogram on Instagram!

Devite Skincare Soft Lines Eye Liner “No.001”


I actually prefer pencils that have to be sharpened. The do not break as easy. The Soft Liner is infused with jojoba oil, and can also be used as a brow enhancer. I won’t be doing that, because my hair is too light. It comes with a sharpener in the cap, which is super handy. Retails for $15.


Creamy and very black!

Andalou Naturals Beautiful Day Cream


This day cream is formulated with alpine rose stem, pomegranate, and aloe vera. It is 99% nature derived and non-GMO certified! It is meant to be gentle for sensitive skin, which I have, so thanks. It smells really good. Excited to try this out and get back to y’all.

Modish Polish “Control Freak”


Another deep red shade. But that is fine by me, it is my favorite shade of polish to wear. This is a 5 free luxury nail lacquer. I have to say, I am in love with the packaging. It retails for $12.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Shampoo AND Conditioner


I love that Vegan Cuts always counts shampoo and conditioner as one product. I am really enjoying getting shampoo and conditioners in this box. I am a firm believer that your hair gets use to a product after consistent use, therefore it becomes ineffective. I only wash my hair two maybe three times a week, so the travel sizes last me a while. I love Juice Beautys green apple scent, super excited to have these. This is a $9 value.

Crazy Rumors Leaping Bunny lip balm


I have wanted a Crazy Rumors lip balm so badly! I was actually binge watching XoLeti videos on YouTube and saw this balm in a box that was elective last year and really wanted it. So, when I saw it in this box I was very excited! Obviously I support the Leaping Bunny program, so having a super cute product, from a brand I have been wanting to try, with their name on it makes me happy. I kind of want to order some and put them with Christmas gifts!

I hope you enjoyed this little un-boxing. Thank you for reading! What do you think of the products in this box? Which Crazy Rumors balm is your favorite? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette (Snapchat for exclusive content!)

XoXo Manda

Elate Cosmetics Universal Creme Stick “Love” | Review


Elate Cosmetics is a clean beauty brand from Canada. I had actually never heard of them until I received the Universal Creme in “Love”, in the most recent Petit Vour box.

The product contains 8g and is made of ONLY clean, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. It retails for $20, but this shade has a mini size that you can purchase for $12!


The shade “Love” is beautiful. I think it gives my fair skin tone the perfect cold weather flush. It is also very moisturizing! In the winter my cheeks get really chapped, the different oils in this creme stick prevented this from happening when I wore it. It also looks and feels amazing on the lips. The color doesn’t last long on the lips, I wasn’t expecting it to though, sense it is similar to a balm.


Here is what it looks like after application. The blush was still there, but more as a stain after a 9 hour work shift, the lip color was gone after a few sips of coffee.

I highly recommend this product. They have a ton of shades, even some bronzer and highlight shades. Not only do they look beautiful, but they do some amazing things for your skin. A big perk of clean cosmetics, is that it almost doubles as skin care.

You can check out Elate Cosmetics, here.

I hope you enjoyed this short review. Have you ever tried Elate Cosmetics? What are your must have products? What other clean beauty cream blushes would you recommend? Comment below! You can find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda