My Recent Makeup Favorites | Cruelty Free and mostly inexpensive!

It has been ages since I have shared my current favorite makeup products.

Now seemed to be as good a time as ever!

Omitting two products, all of the products are in the drugstore price range, and all are cruelty free!

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Blur Primer $8 Here

Not only do I use this primer to improve the look of my pores, but I love using this primer all over my face.

It minimizes the look of my pores in my problem areas, but always helps to create a blank canvas on the rest of my face.

Kokie Be Bright Illuminating Concealer “Light” $8 Here.

I believe that I received this product in a past Ipsy bag, and I am glad I did!

The shade allows me to cover spots, and the illuminating properties also make it great for the under eye area, with out creasing!

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation “Snow” $36 Here

To be completely candid, I HATED this foundation at first. But, with recent medical and medicine changes, my skin has gotten more oily than it ever has been.

Now, I am in love. It lasts through out my work day and actually seems to control oil as it claims.

Well worth the $36 price tag!

I 🖤 Revolution “Rose Gold Glow” $7 Here

I was attracted to this product at first due to the packaging. It is a pink and rose gold chocolate bar! But it really is the product that gets me.

Inside the compact you have a nice mirror, the packaging is sturdy. For $7 these highlights are fantastic! They won’t blind you from space, but they are more than subtle.

On the face, both shades work with my light complexion.

I 🖤 Revolution “Bronze and Glow” $7 Here

Have I mentioned I am obsessed with bronzer lately? Because I really am.

The packaging for this product has all the perks as the “Rose Gold Glow” duo does…

But, with the benefits of a matte bronzer! The shade of this bronzer is perfect for my skin tone, and so is the highlight!

Did I mention that this particular duo also smells faintly like chocolate?

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss “Pink Cadillac” $6 Here

The shade itself is a super light pink. It does not show up on my lips, but this is what I want for how I use it! On no makeup or light makeup days, I love this gloss to give my lives a little life and plumpness.

The gloss does make my lips a bit fuller, but it doesn’t make them tingle or burn like I have found other plumping glosses to. The smell is not over powering, and it isn’t as stick has I find other glosses to be!

Black Moon Liquid Lipstick “Warrior” $18 Here

The formula is long lasting and comfortable. It’s so comfortable that it’s easy to forget that you even have lipstick on!

The shade “Warrior” itself is a pretty dusty nude, that leans pink. It looks more mauve in the tube than it applies on me. But, I think the shade that it does come out as is stunning.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip “Sueno De Coco” $7 Here

This liquid lip is part of the Colour Pop and I Luv Sarahii collaboration.

It is the typical Colour Pop Ultra matte formula, which I really enjoy. In fact, I really like all over the Colour Pop liquid formulas!

The shade is a ready nude and I am obsessed with it. This is probably the lip product that I have been wearing the moss recently.

Here are the products all on my face! For my lips I went with “Warrior”. And yes, that is the lighter highlight from the “Rose Gold Glow” popping in my inner corner!

Now I want to know, what are your recent Cruelty Free favorites?

Thank you for reading 💀

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ColourPop Ooh La La | Review and Swatches

Tonight, I bring you another Colourpop review, I recently made a big order, so expect more to come.

I love how affordable Colourpop is, and they are cruelty free. The fact that they come out with such colorful palettes makes me happy.

The Ooh La La Palette has a pink theme, perfect for the month of February. Pink by far is not my favorite color, but I found myself drawn to this palette.

The packaging is hot pink and made of a hard sturdy plastic. There is a mirror inside, perfect if you feel the need to travel with a pink eyeshadow palette.

Ooh La La is $12 and you can get it on the ColourPop site Here!

The Swatches

Tickled: A very light pink with a purple a blue flip to the glitter.

Soft Core: Matte warm pink

Poodle: Matte true pink

Big Sugar: Shimmer bubble gum pink with a silver sheen.

Opulent: Bright fuchsia shimmer with a blue sheen.

Sandbar: Matte bright pink

Trove: Matte raspberry

Caddy: Matte deep purple

Moon Struck: Metallic peachy gold.

The Look

* please ignore the mascara on my lid, I didn’t notice it until I took the pictures.

  • I primed my eyes, did not set it.
  • I used a big fluffy brush and applied Soft Core to my crease area.
  • I used the same brush and repeated the same step with Poodle.
  • I took a pointed crease brush and applied Sandbar to the outer part on my lid and the blended it in to the crease
  • I took a smaller pointed crease brush and applied Trove to my outer V.
  • I applied Opulent to the outer two thirds of my lid.
  • I applied Big Sugar to the remainder of my lid.
    • I lined my water and tight lines with a pink liner.
      I used a liner brush and applied a mixture of Trove and Caddy to my lower lash line.
      I blended it out with a mixture of Soft Core and Poodle.
      I popped Moon Struck in my inner corner and topped it with Tickled.
  • Over all thoughts

    The shadows do not swatch the best, but what is important is the application. The shades apply like a dream and blend out beautifully.

    If you really enjoy pink, I would say this is a wonderfully palette to add to your collection. It is also a great palette if you usually wear neutrals and want to add a pop of color to your looks.

    For only $12, the Ooh La La Palette is a great, inexpensive piece to pick up!

    What is your favorite Colour Pop palette?

    Thank you for reading🖤

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    ILuvSarahii x Colourpop Collection | Review and Swatches

    I have to say. I love Colorpop. Their formulas, packaging- everything!

    To be honest, I haven’t watched much of ILuvSarahii, but the collaborations I have seen her put out just speak to me.

    I bought the bundle on Colourpops website for $39, it is currently on sale for $31.20!

    You can also purchase all of the products separately.

    Through My Eyes 16 pan eye palette $23 currently on sale for $18.40

    First and foremost, the packaging is really cute, and totally my aesthetic. It is they typical sturdy cardboard packaging.

    There are a variety of shades. You can get a ton of looks out of this palette. Neutral, blue looks, red looks. It has everything you need in a palette, in my opinion anyway. I have traveled with it and it was perfect.

    Row one:

    • Lúcido: A champagne metallic.
    • Wild Soul: A matte mustard
    • Mesmer-eyez: A metallic Gold
    • Sandalwood: A light matte brown

    Row two

    • In a wink: A matte cream
    • Euphoric: A matte red orange
    • Canela: A warm brown with some glitter
    • Lomo: A shimmery red

    Row Three

    • Emerald Dream: A metallic emerald
    • Muze: A metallic Copper
    • Divina: A deep matte purple
    • Flecks: A cool brown metallic

    Row Four

    • Nostalgia: A matte dusty rose pan, it when used pulls orange, no idea how it manages this.
    • Moody: A matte teal
    • Nocturne: A metallic Cranberry
    • Misbehave: A matte cranberry

    The shades are all pigmented and buttery, true to the Colourpop formula.

    I did want to show a comparison to the little ILuvSarahii x Dose of Colors palette. I think that they work great in conjugation. The Colourpop one really looks like a larger version. If you were thinking of getting the Dose of Colors palette, I would recommend skipping it for the Colourpop one. It has more options, works just as well, and is less pricey.

    Lip Bundle #3 $16 on sale for $12.80 you can also get them individually for $5.20

    This is ILuvSarahii’s third lip bundle with Colourpop. (I may pick up the other two.)

    It contains two Ultra Matte Lips and one Ultra glossy lip.

    • Sueño De Coco: A matte light brown.
    • Glass Lip: A neutral glittery gloss
    • Dulcet: A matte orange red

    I think Sueño De Coco is my new favorite liquid lip. The CP matte liquid lip formula is great. It is long lasting and inexpensive!

    The look

    • To prime my eyes I used the original Urban Decay primer potion. I set it with In a Wink.
    • I used a fluffy brush used Sandal Wood as a transition. I just placed it all over.
    • I used a bit smaller of a brush and used Wild Soul to add warmth to the look.
    • I then used a pointed crease brush and placed Euphoric on my outer corner and into my outer crease.
    • I then put some glitter primer on my lid and and put Emerald Dream all over my lid.
    • Lastly I popped Lúcido on my inner corner

    • I lined my lower lash line with Moody
    • I blended it out with Sandal Wood and Wild Soul.

    For my lips I used Sueño De Coco and layered Glass Lip over it.

    Over all:

    I love this collection! I can’t stop using it. If the colors speak to you like they did me, I would pick it up while it is on sale. You will not be disappointed!

    What is your favorite ColourPop palette?

    Thank you for reading🐧

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    Ace Beautē Grandiose Palette

    I have been so MIA lately. I have had no motivation. The Holidays are draining and I don’t particularly enjoy them.

    But. I do have a review for you! Of a palette that arrived in last months Boxy Charm.

    The Ace Beautē Grandiose Palette $24.99

    I was really excited when I received this palette. It is a brand I have wanted to try and I mean, look at it….

    It’s beautiful! So warm and pretty! A nice mix of mattes and metallics. All in shades I want all over my skin.

    Row One

    • Jasmine- metallic light gold (white gold?)
    • Clove- the perfect matte peach
    • Myrtle- metallic copper
    • Cinnamon- warm matte brown

    Row Two

    • Patchouli- a matte yellow-cream
    • Rose- a metallic pinky red
    • Poppy-a matte purple-pink. I know there is a name for this kind of shade, but it has currently escaped me.
    • Prime-rose – metallic gold

    There are 4 mattes and 4 metallic/shimmer shades. All are very pigmented and buttery.

    The Look

    • I set my primer with Patchouli. I also used this shade to buff rough edges out.
    • I then used Clove as my transition. And pretty far under my lower lash line. I just put it everywhere.
    • I defined my crease with Cinnamon.
    • I used Poppy to define my outer V and places it close to my lower las line.
    • I then places Rose all over my lid.
    • I placed Primerose on the center for a bit more pop.
    • For my inner corner and brow bone highlight I used Jasmine.

    Over all thoughts

    I really love the formula, but the packaging isn’t the best, one of my pans just fell out.

    But that is an easy fix.

    If I could buy this in a store I probably wouldn’t mind the price tag. But to be honest, I don’t trust online shopping and knowing one of my pans fell out of a lightly used palette- it makes me worry.

    I would love to try more from the brand, but I can get the same look with ColourPop shades- and their small palettes are like $12 and just as nice.

    Have you tried Ace Beatuē? What pallets should I get from them if I try another?

    Thank you for reading!

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    BoxyCharm April 2018 | Eye Candy

    My Boxy Charm has arrived! I have to admit, it sat on my vanity for like a week unopened. I really need to get it together and find motivation again.

    As you can tell, this months theme is “Eye Candy”. Apparently each item is a favorite of 5 different women. I’m not sure who any of them are, but they are all very pretty (there is a picture of them on the card.)!

    Let’s dig into the box and see what products these ladies recommend.

    Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter “Sparkler” $29

    I keep getting Liquid highlights in these boxes…but I never use any of them. I have a hard time working with Cream products, I really need to learn how!

    This shade is too dark for my skin tone and has a bit too much glitter for me. I am going to pass this product along to a friend who will get some use out of it.

    ColourPop “You had me at hello” palette. $18

    Yay, I love ColourPop!! I was so excited when I learned that a ColourPop palette was going to be in this months Box, when I saw I got one I was going to try and purchase any way I was even more excited.

    The shades are really pretty and the palette has a really nice mirror. I did notice that the shades are pressed kind of strange, but that hasn’t been an issue yet.

    Here are a few of the shades swatched. All great quality.

    Dr.Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner $47

    I have the worlds worst pores. Especially now my nose. So I wouldn’t mind all the gunk being sucked out of them.

    I wanted to make sure to mention that I smelled this mask when I opened it and thought it had a sulfur like smell. We will have to see how that goes.

    The Brow Gal Instatint Brow Gel “Brown” $22

    I have used this brow gel a few times now and I love it. The color is a decent match. It makes my brows look more defined and the spooly is the perfect size.

    Adesse Liquid Lipstick (I can’t find the shade anywhere!!) $24

    I knew Adesse made nail stuff, but I had no idea they made makeup. This shade, who’s name I can’t find, is perfect.

    This liquid lip dose not dry matte, but lasts a long time. It lasted through eating. I was highly impressed.

    That is it for my box this month. I am happy with 4 of the 5 products, so I am happy with the value!

    Help me y’all! What kind of posts do you want to see???

    Thank you for reading💜

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    ColourPop Yes Please Palette | Look and Review

    After Christmas ColourPop had a pretty big sale. Of course I had to pick up somethings I have had my eye on. I picked up a few palettes and a few single shadows. No lip colors or face powders, the ones I wanted we all sold out. 🙄

    Tonight, we are going to be focusing on the “Yes Please” Palette.

    This Palette retails for $16 and was included on Nylon’s Hit List!


    The packaging is made of a sturdy cardboard. I am not sure why the front says “Cute AF”, and the palette name is smaller and on the back. The shade names are also on the back, I would prefer them in the palette, but at least they are there. There is no mirror.

    The palette is very sunset-esque. I have heard that it is a dupe for the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, I wouldn’t know I have never even swatched it.

    Row one

    • Bling shimmery almost metallic copper
    • Champs Matte Light Peach
    • Big Cocktails matte orange
    • Full Zip Matte Cream

    Row Two

    • GNO Matte copper
    • Spoiled Matte red
    • Butter Cake metallic yellow-y gold
    • Louie metallic orange

    Row Three

    • French Kiss deep warm brown
    • Chauffeur metallic peach
    • Note to Self warm light brown
    • Mischief matte yellow

    The Look

    • I primed my eyes with the NYX Pigment Primer and set it with “Full Zip”. I also used this shade to blend out any harsh lines.
    • I took the shade “Champs” on a fluffy brush and used it as a Transition
    • I took a smaller fluffy brush and placed the shade “Note to self “in my crease and just a bit on the lid.
    • Taking a more dense crease brush I placed “GNO” just in the crease
    • With a fluffy shader brush I put “Louie” on my outer corner
    • With a flat shader brush I put ” Chauffeur” all over the lid
    • Using the same brush I placed “Butter cake” in the center of my lid.

    • I placed “mischief” in my inner corner.
    • I used a pencil brush to put “GNO” as close as I could to my water line.
    • I blended that out with “Champs”

    I lined my eyes and applied some mascara. Bam eye look done!

    Over all

    I am actually very happy with this Palette. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I do. More than worth the $16!

    🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎 out of five lizards!

    Have you tried the Yes Please palette yet?

    Thank you so much for reading 💜

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    What is in my Z palettes?| Bonus: My go to look!

    I love the idea of Zpalettes. They allow you to make your own custom palettes, which I think is really fun. If you aren’t a fan of single shadows, you can depot single shadows that do strike your fancy and place them in your handy Zpalette.

    ZPalettes obviously vary by size and price. Anywhere from $5 for palettes that hold 3 shades, to around $30 (maybe more) for double sided palettes. Now, other brands do make their own magnetic palettes, and there are ways to make your own. I just happen to only own Zpalettes, because they are easily accessible. I live in St.Louis, so there are a lot of Sephora and Ulta’s around me. Thank God!

    Let’s jump into my Zpalettes!

    Palette one

    This is a large Zpalette, and it retails for $20. I got an orange one because I never see orange ones on others social media platforms, so it intrigued me. Sorry for the mess, I dip into these shadows a ton!

    Row one:

    • ColourPop Locked and Loaded
    • ColourPop Bel Air
    • ColourPop Come and Get it
    • ColourPop Take it Slow
    • ColourPop Note to Self
    • ColourPop Cloud Nine
    • ColourPop Take the lead

    I love the ColourPop singles, and I do plan to purchase more and their palettes. I would say they are one of my favorite shadow formulas.

    Row Two:

    • ColourPop Criss Cross
    • ColourPop Paper Tiger
    • ColourPop Popular Demand
    • ColourPop Stay Golden
    • ColourPop Get Out
    • ColourPop Top Notch
    • Make Up Geek Anarchy

    The ColourPop mattes are amazing, so creamy and pigmented! I am going to be honest, I only have two Makeup Geek shadows, and they aren’t as good as the ColourPop. 🤷‍♀️

    Row Three:

    • Makeup Geek Mirage
    • Ofra Millennium Gold
    • Ofra Bohemian
    • Ofra Buttercup
    • Ofra Smoke
    • Ofra Iron
    • Merle Norman Poolside

    The Ofra shadows are alright, I probably wouldn’t purchase anymore. The Merle Norman Shade was a gift and was actually supposed to be a bronzer sample. I just use it as a shadow, it isn’t the best, isn’t the worse. I like using it as a transition.

    Row Four:

    • Merle Norman Mist
    • Merle Norman Bare
    • Urban Decay Black Out
    • MAC…I am not sure of the shade name, I’m a savage and didn’t put it on the back of the pan.
    • MAC Cork
    • Ofra Truffle

    Black Out is my all time favorite black shadow! I set liner with it a lot and use it in Smokey eyes. The Mac shades are nice, I have heard MAC is going back to fully CF, not testing where required by law. I pray this is true!

    Palette Two

    This is a baby Zpalette sold at Sephora. It retails for $10. It is perfect for travel. I am still in the process of really organizing my Zpalettes.

    • Jane Iredale, again I am a savage and didn’t write the shade down.
    • Anastasia 10k
    • Anastasia Topaz
    • UD Fireball
    • Pink Pewter Kua Bay
    • Han Romance
    • Han Sunset
    • DLS Tease
    • Younique Trusting
    • Nomad Cosmetics, shade name unknown. This one is listed in my single shadow collection before I depotted it, if you really want to know!

    I love the Anastasia shadows. There are a ton at TJMaxx, so keep that in mind!

    Palette Three:

    This Palette was a collab with BoxyCharm. I believe the retail price was $10. I intended to use this one for shadows, but this highlighter would not stay in the pan.🙄

    • Ofra Rodeo Drive
    • UD Sin

    I really love both of these highlighters and reach for them often.

    Bonus Look:

    • I set my eye Primer with MUG Mirage. I also used this shadow to blend out any harsh lines.
    • For my transition shade I used ColourPop Belair. It isn’t too warm or cool, it is a great basic transition shade.
    • For my lid I used CP Come and get it. I wet the shadow with Fix Plus, just to give it extra shine, you don’t have to do that though, it’s great dry as well.
    • For my outer corner I used MUG Anarchy. I really concentrate it on the outer corner.
    • To deepen up my crease I used the CP shade Cloud nine. I concentred this towards the outside of my eye as well.

    • For my inner corner I used the CP shade Take it Slow.
    • On my lower lash line I used CP Get Out.

    That’s the eye look I tend to do when I don’t want to think about it. The shadows I use do change up depending on the day. I really enjoy how it makes my green eyes pop!

    Thank you so much for reading.💜💜😍

    What is in your Zpalettes? What are your fave CP singles or palettes? Comment below!

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