ColourPop β€œYou Had Me At Hello” | Look and Review

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Today, at work we moved into our new office building. Out side my office window there were baby geese, baby deer, and baby rabbits all along with their parents. I love spring! Seeing things like that helps to remind me why I choose to live a cruelty free life!

Speaking of cruelty free, it is no secret that I love the brand ColourPop. If you saw my April BoxyCharm, then you know I got a ColourPop palette I have never tried before. The “You Had Me At Hello” palette!

The palette retails for $18 on and has 12 shades, sturdy packaging, and has a great mirror.

The shades come in a variety of finishes and are very on par with recent trends. Warm and mauvey!

Let’s go through the shades.

Row 1

The Knot: metallic cool-toned ivory

Moon Struck: metallic soft gold

Two Peas: matte peachy beige

Candygram: metallic pinky red with gold duochrome

Row 2

Winning Ticket: matte dusty mauve pink

FBO: metallic pink violet

Look-See: matte cool-toned plum

Fool’s Rush: metallic golden bronze

Row 3

Pulling Strings: matte warm saddle brown

Want U Back: matte dusty mauve brown

DTR: metallic silvery taupe

Sparks Fly: matte deep plummy brown

*I apologize if there is a strange font change, I copied the color descriptions from ColourPop to make sure they were accurate and it changed my font. Which I can’t fix it😩😩😩

The Look

  • I primed my eyes with the Wet N’ Wild Photofocus Eye Primer. How does ColourPop not have their own Primer!?
  • I set the Primer with a skin tone shade. Unfortunately this palette does not have a matte ivory shade, but that’s fine I have 1284729 of them! And my favorite is a 99 cent single so. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
  • I used a large fluffy crease brush and started in the middle of my crease, then going outwards I buffed in the shade “Two Peas”.
  • Then using the ColourPop blender brush I did the same thing with the shade “Pulling Strings” just more concentrated.
  • Using a Luxie 237 brush I did the same thing again with the shade “Sparks Fly”, just even MORE concentrated.
  • All over the lid I packed on the shade “DTR” with the ELF C Shadow brush. No fix plus needed!
  • I then used the ColourPop packing brush and in the very center popped on the shade “MoonStruck.”
  • I right lined with a brown liner
  • Oh yeah, don’t for get to BLEND!!

  • I popped the shade “The Knot” in my inner corner.
  • I lined my water line with a nude line and packed on the shade “Look-See” as close as I could to my water line.
  • I blended that out with “Two Peas”.
  • Mascara the lashes!

Over all thoughts

I love this palette!! It is my new go to. The shades are all pigmented and so buttery. The only flaw is the lack of a matte cream shade, but that isn’t a big deal. “You Had Me At Hello” is Cruelty Free, beautiful, inexpensive, and easy to work with. What more could I want!?

πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ out of five baby geese! Get you hands on this palette, you won’t regret it!!

Get it Here!!

What is your favorite ColourPop item?

Thank you for reading πŸ’œ

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A Cruelty Free Eye ShadowDupe for a Cult Favorite!


As some of you may now, I am trying to convert my entire beauty collection cruelty free. While I have been able to give away and donate ( I only donated and sold un-opened items) most of my non- CF products there were some that I loved way too much to pass along with out finding a dupe.

One of these products being the cult favorite L’oreal Infallible shadow in the shade “Amber Rush”. This product also happens to be a dupe for one of the MAC pigments, I believe in the shade “Tan”. While researching replacement products I stumbled upon a post stating that Colour Pop’s “Amaze” is a good CF dupe for these products. So obviously I ordered it.


I apologize for the shotty packaging on my “Amber Rush” lid. I am really bad about peeling the labels off things, resulting in me having to sharpie on the shade names.

Side by side in the pans they look pretty similar, “Amber Rush” may be a bit more red.


When swatched, you can really see that “Amber Rush ” is a bit more red/orange. The consistency is not the same, but the color is pretty similar. I wouldn’t say that this is a dupe, but it is a good alternative!

What do you think?

XoXO Manda


Small Makeup Haul!


I recently ordered a few things that I will be doing future reviews and looks with!

Finally, I ordered some Colour Pop Items!


I am not sure why it took me so long to finally do this! I decided to start off by getting some shadows, since they are after all my favorite makeup product. I ordered the matte blue shadow “Bella Donna Lily” and the metallic “Telepathy”. I also ordered the Where the Light Is quad, Colour pops colab with Kathleen lights! I can’t wait to swatch these and do looks with these items! I also can not wait to order more!!

I also finally made a BH cosmetics order!


I decided to go with the Carli Bybel and the Shaaanxo palettes. I also got 2 liner brushes #5 and #12. I am pretty excited to use these palettes and tell y’all what I think!

What items should I order next!!?

XoXo Manda