June 2016 Birch Box Unboxing


Oh Birch Box. I have no idea why I still haven’t cancelled you. The box itself this month is super cute though, going in my living room. Let’s just jump into what I got this month. As usually all subscription products will be reviewed through out the month.


clairSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliate Full size $18: I have never tried a face detox, so I am pretty excited to try this.”Made with sea salt and scorched bamboo, this all natural scrub battles black heads and oil.” I have been having a big black head problem, so hopefully this helps.

Coola mineral face spf 3o unscented matte face tint full size $36: After my last coola sample experience, I am not too excited for this. But, I will try it and review it for y’all!

Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum Full Size $35: Apparently this serum also tackles scars and hyper pigmentation. We will see reader, we will see.

Orbie Dry Texturizing Spray Ful size $44: I have heard great things about this brand and I am super glad that I finally get to try one of their products!

The Beauty Crop PB&J Smoothie Stick “Raisin the roof” Full size $14.95: First off, is this products name not precious? I will be trying this out and reviewing it, I really hop that I love it. Apparently it contains sweet almond oil, sounds nice.

What was in your Birch Box?!

XoXo Mandainfo

*Birch box Sample Review* Coola Classic Sun Screen “White Tea”


I got a small sample of this product in my May Birch box. I am going to be straight forward with all of you and start off by saying this will be a very short review and not in the same layout as my others.


It is cruelty free

It is organic


Everything else!

I do not like the smell, the product is too greasy, and it balled up on my face so badly! It is meant to be a face moisturizer, why did it ball up so badly?! I let it dry before I applied my primer, but it still was terrible.

I would not purchase this, it is no where near worth its $32 price tag.

Have you tried this??!!

XoXo Manda

*Birch Box May 2016* Let’s Take the Party Outside Shall We?


I received my May Birch Box this week. It has been very hit and miss for me. I do want to express the fact that I will probably end up cancelling this box, then subscribe to the Vegan Cuts beauty box. But, for now let’s get in to this months box!


This is a $72 fragrance. But, the sample we received you can literally get for free if you ask a fragrance counter where it is sold. I am also not too big of a fan of this brand anyway, or this type of scent. “Attention grabbing scent features notes of berry and accents of honeysuckle.” 

I love honey suckle, it is the berry I do not like. I am probably just going to give this to someone to try. Or toss it.

I really wish this sample would have had more in it, but I do really like the scent. I also love this brand it is cruelty free, part of farm to face, and certified organic. The full-size is $32 and per what I decided to do last month, I will be reviewing this product after using it more through out this month!

I was really excited to receive this sample. I have heard Tracy and Stephanie of Eleventh gorgeous talk about it a lot. The smell is fantastic and the sample size if pretty good! the full-size is $23.50. I will also review this as the month goes on. The information I was able to find also says it is cruelty free, which makes me happy since I am in dire need of hair products now.

I have wanted to try eyeko and I am super glad that I have finally gotten to. It is claimed that this product is cruelty free AND vegan. You will see in a coming up post that I have had to pass on most of my liquid liner, so I hope I love this!


It dried so fast and  doesn’t budge! Yes, it does dry matte.

The full size of this is $30 and the sample size is pretty large and full. Perfect to test this out! Their website claims they are 80% organic, but I can’t find anything about a definite answer as to their cruelty free stance. Here’s to hoping they are!

What do you think of this months products!? What did you get? What are you most excited for me to review? Let’s talk!

XoXo Manda