*Birch Box Sample Review* (Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser


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I got a sample of this product in my April BirchBox, and if you remember, I didn’t like this product from my first impression. Now, after a few weeks, I am going to tell you what my opinion on this product is!

BirchBox Break Down:

“This triple-threat cleanser from (MALIN + GOETZ) dissolves dirt and oil, clears acne, and balances skin’s pH. The amino acid-based foaming gel taps naturally antibacterial grapefruit to prevent blemishes and exfoliate, while hydrating glycerin and sodium pca leave your complexion soft, not taut. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, and rinses away completely—no need for toner. (So…quintuple-threat?)”

Sample in general:

In general, this was a pretty good sized sample. (This is prevalent because it attributes to BirchBox’s worth.) I got quite a few uses out of it. It was the perfect size to allow me to make a firm opinion on the product.

Thoughts on its properties: (scent, feel, etc..)

I am not fond of the grape fruit scent. I am STILL not fond of it. The scent made it kind of hard to use on my face, because the scent lingered. But, on a positive note I love that it is a gel instead of a cream. It also has an amazing texture. It is so smooth when you are rubbing it in to your skin.

How did it affect my skin:

I  have very dry sensitive skin. It is pretty hard to find facial cleansers that I actually enjoy. This product however made my face SO soft, it was kind of amazing! It also didn’t cause any type of break out or rash, which sort of surprised me because it has a fragrance.

Would I purchase:

This product is $32. You can get it here!

If this product comes in different scents it is something I really want to purchase. It works great and my skin has shown a lot of improvement since I have been using it. The only thing holding me back is the scent. I can’t stand it. I am sure I am one of the few people on earth who hate the popular fresh grape fruit scent, but I just cannot handle it.Other than that though, I am very glad I got to try this product and hope I can get my hands on a different scent ( or non-fragrance version).

What is your favorite face wash? Have you tried this one? DO YOU LIKE GRAPE FRUIT!?

XoXo Manda

*Skincare Review*(Malin + Goetz) Vitamin E Face Moisturizer


I know, I know. I said I was going to review the products from my BirchBox from April with the un-boxing of my may one. Change of plans. I decided to review them once I have finished the said products, so the impressions will be fresh on my mind, not just copied from notes I have written down.

The Price:

You can get this moisturizer on birchbox.com for $46.

The Claims: (birchbox break down)

“Give your skin an ample dose of daily vitamins with this oil-free moisturizer. Its lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula has intensely hydrating properties and provides pH balance for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.”

How to use:

“Apply a small amount to cleansed skin, avoiding eyes and particularly oily areas. For dry spots, simply increase the amount. This moisturizer also works well in the morning as a makeup primer.”

My Thoughts:

I received a sample size of this product, I included a full size picture taken from the internet for this post. I was pretty impressed with how many uses I got out of the small foil packet.

I suffer from very dry skin, and I have to say on the days I used this product I noticed a huge difference. It wasn’t greasy in the slightest, which tends to be an issue with moisturizers.

I really only have 2 complaints about this product. The smell, I cannot stand it! It is such a strange scent, I can’t even begin to describe it. My other complaint is the cost, $46?! It is truly a fantastic product, but I can not justify spending that much money on  a product that doesn’t have multiple benefits. If it had something in it that helped reduce acne or helped to even out your skin tone, the price would not be a problem, I could even forgive the scent.

Would I purchase?:

That is up in the air for me. But, it does lead me to a question for all of you. What is your favorite face moisturizer!?

X0X0 Manda