The most BASIC Halloween Makeup!

I love spooky season. Honestly though, all year is spooky season to me!

I found a shirt I bought ages ago with Freddy and Jason on it and it inspired me to do the most basic AF and easy Halloween look.

Literally SO easy!

I used two inexpensive eye palettes to do this, and any higher end products I used can easily be replaced with drug store products.

The palettes I used

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill “Ring the alarm” $15

I used Access as my transition and Secure to deepen the crease a bit.

BH cosmetics Festival Palette currently $10.80 at Ulta!!

I placed Hippie all over my lid.

I used Spirit to high light my brow bone.

I used Kandi as my inner corner high light.

I then used Access and Secure on my water line. I also tried to pack Hippie closer to the last line.

I lined my eyes and did a TRASH wing with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. (The NYC Epic Ink liner is a good replacement at the drugstore.)

Crazy easy, but still Halloweeny, as Coty called it.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and easy AF eye look!!

What is your favorite fall eyeshadow palette?

Thank you for reading 🖤

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My Too Lazy to do Makeup Makeup Look | FT. Glossier, Tarte, 100% Pure, ETC..

Every now and then I need to make my face look presentable, but I am too lazy to put in much effort. I have been seeing everyone’s minimal product routine, which prompted me to share my latest one!

100% Pure Coffee Bean Under Eye Cream

I got this product from Petit Vour, and fell in love with it. It really does brighten under my eyes and makes me look more awake. This is not a step I am willing to skip!

Ulta Brow Pomade “Soft Brown”

This is a really inexpensive alternative to the ABH brow pomade, that is still cruelty free. It is really pigmented, so the Jar lasts ages. You need the smallest amount to take care of your entire brow. I usually apply mine with the BH Cosmetics 21 brush. It is like $2 and works great.

Glossier Boy Brow “Blonde”

Yes, I still love this stuff. I always use it to set my brows and add a little more volume. Obviously, my brows are a step I am not willing to skimp on. 😂

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint “Light”

This tint covers the unevenness on my face, with out looking blotchy. I prefer to apply it with a foundation brush. You really just need the smallest amount, so the price tag is worth it.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme “Black”

I curl my lashes then use what ever mascara I have open at the time. It currently just happens to be this one from Jordana. It isn’t the best, but it also isn’t the worst. Probably won’t pick it up again though.👌 

Tarte LipSurgence “Wonder”

When I do the minimal makeup, I tend to use a taker or more pigmented color on my lips. It just feels like it draws the focus away from my almost bare skin. One I am really loving lately is the Tarte LipSurgence in “Wonder”. It is a pretty red shade, with a nice minty taste/scent.

And here is how it turns out! Ignore my aggravated expression, it was 6am. 😂😭

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. What are you favorite minimal makeup products or products to use in a no makeup makeup look? Comment below!

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Brand Focus: E.L.F Cosmetics


Hello everyone!

I have decided to start a new little segment on my blog. It is one that plenty of people already do, but I find it very helpful and figured I would do so as well. Brand focuses. I will be doing a look with one brand, and give my thoughts about different products through out the post. I find it very informative and helpful when I have come across these types of posts.It really allows you to see how a brands products play together.

Let’s Begin…. Continue reading “Brand Focus: E.L.F Cosmetics”



I haven’t written any post recently that contain looks that I have done. This is for many reasons. I am not too happy with my skills and my camera situation is kind of, well…crap, at the moment. But, I decided to go ahead and throw a post up showing a look I did with my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

I call it”Fast Glam” because it doesn’t take long to achieve (duh) yet it still some what looks like it did.


After Priming with my Too Faced Hangover RX I applied the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealer.

  • I use a thin layer of foundation and blend it out with a beauty blender. I do the same with the concealer

To set my face I used the Rimmel Stay Matte on a powder brush. Specifically, my ELF kabuki brush. This is my face setting brush of choice! As for the powder, I am actually not the biggest fan of it, I am just trying to use up my last bit of it.

Blush, Bronzer, yada yada…

I used a few more new items for this part!


  • I used the bronzer in my ELF Bare it All face palette to warm up my pale face.
  • To contour I used MAC Harmony, which I haven’t done in ages!
  • I mixed together the 2 blush shades. It ended up creating an addicting pinky peach hue.

If you haven’t gotten this palette you need it, especially if you are fair complected. Every part of it is great, especially the $6 price tag. ELF is having a huge sale right now, so now would be the time to pop over to their page, by the way!!

  • For my highlight I used Colour Pop “Hippo”. I am pretty pleased with this guy. I put it on with my finger over powders and it didn’t seem to create any patchiness. I was almost 100% certain it would. I really like how different it looks, almost lavender in tone.
  • After shaping and warming up my face I spray my Glossier Soothing Facial Mist to help it all sink in to my skin.


  • I am currently trying out the ELF brow pencil, no real opinion on it yet. I used it to out line my brows.
  • I filled them in with a cool toned matte brow from the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye palette. I really love using shadows for my brows, highlight, blush and so on because it makes me feel like I am getting more bang for my buck. (Post on this coming soon)
  • To set my brows I applied my Glossier Boy Brow in “Blond”.


  • I started of by priming. I have dark lids, so I prefer a skin tone tinted primer. Sometimes I even use concealer. This time, however, I just used my Urban Decay primer potion. I wore this look to work, so I wanted to use a primer I knew would last.
  • I the set my primer with the same setting powder I used on my face. I tend to do this more than I tend to use a shadow. I use the ELF Flawless concealer brush, it is fluffy and helps to cover surface fast.
  • I started off my putting “Salted Caramel” in my crease to act as the transition shade.
salted caramel
  • I used the shade “Milk Chocolate” to deepen up my crease and define the outer third of my eye. (I couldn’t find an image of this shade to include, and everyone I took was sooo terrible.)
  • For my lid shade I used “Marzipan”. Absolutely beautiful lid shade.


  • For my brow bone highlight I decided to use the shade “Matt Lin”, from The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette. I have actually reached The Balm palette way more than I initially thought I would. Anyway, the Chocolate Bar palette doesn’t have a light enough matte cream that I can use on my brow bone.
  • I also popped “Matt Lin” in my inner corner.
  • For my liner I used the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in “Trooper”, as per usual.
  • I used both wand settings of the Pacifica Dream Big mascara to get my desired lash effect. Not using falsies is what I think makes this look faster, you still have the glam going on, but not the hassle.
  • I went back in with “Milk Chocolate” and “Salted Caramel” on my lower lash liner.


  • Before I did any makeup I exfoliated my lips with the Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub and applied some of the Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com.
  • For my actual lip color, I used the Colour Pop lippie stick in “Grunge”. I have to admit, “Grunge” is more of a fall shade, but who ACTUALLY follows make-up rules, right?

I gave my face one more good Glossier spritzing, then I was done!



Do you enjoy these types of posts? What type of posts would you like to see? Have you tried any of these products? Let’s discuss!

XoXo Manda

Back to School Makeup Easy AND Inexpensive


Hello internet!

Today I am coming at you with an easy back to school makeup look, that is ALL drugstore! By drugstore I do not mean brands that are inexpensive that you can only get online. I mean products that I could literally pick up right this second from my local drugstore if I needed it. Some of the products I used for this look are products I have been using since I was old enough to wear makeup. I have seen a few people do this recently so I decided to throw it in with a back to school look.

  • I started off by priming my face. I used the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. I started using this primer when Hard Candy came to Wal-Marts near me, when I was in High School. It is a primer I still reach for. It is really inexpensive and does make makeup last longer. It is a light formula, so I have never noticed that it clogs my pores.
  • I then skipped to my eye brows, sense I usually have to clean them up with a concealer. I decided to use the Physicians Formula Brow duo. It comes with a pencil, brow bone high light, and a gel that is supposed to help nourish your brows.I have the lightest shade. I am not really into this type of pencil format. But, it is my favorite pencil in this format, if you get what I mean. I used the lightest brow shade in the ELF Mad for Matte palette to fill my brows in. I used my NYX beyond coverage pot concealer to clean them up. And to conceal my face. Physician’s Formula is a more expensive drugstore brand, and no I didn’t use it when I was younger.

  • I used the NYX Stay Matte But not Flat foundation in the shade Ivory.
  • I set my face with the ELF pressed translucent powder.
  • To contour and bronze I used the bronzer shade in the ELF “Fiji-Matte “duo. I use to use the non matte version and I used to be in love with it! I think it is “St. Lucia”, which I decided not to use today. I also used the blush in the duo. I love this little duo, it is so blendable and pigmented. This duo is $3!
  • To highlight I used the top 2 shades in the ELF Illuminate Palette. I love this little palette, I keep it out on my vanity sense I reach for it on the daily…it ‘s only $6!!


  • For my eyes I primed with the Jordana 12 hr wear pencil in “Continuous Almond”. Jordan is another great brand, that has some essentials that I reach for daily still, even over their higher end counter parts.
  • I set my eyes with the lightest shade in the ElF Mad for Matte palette. This is a $10 palette that I think everyone needs to have! I used the 3rd shade in this palette in my crease.
  • For the rest of my eye look I used the classic Wet n’ Wild Walking on Egg Shells trio. This little guy is fricking amazing. It is crazy pigmented and only like $3!! I used the lid shade on my lid, crease shade on my outer “V” and to deepen the crease. I used the brow bone shade on my brow bone and inner corner. Another eye shadow palette I think everyone needs.
  • I used the ELF Gel Liner in Black to do a wing and such. You can obviously skip this step, but I chose not to. This is not my favorite gel liner, not going to lie…I do not recommend it.
  • For my mascara i used the Essence Lash Princess. This is one of my favorite mascaras!! It is fantastic!! Go get it it is under $5!



  • For my lips I lined with Milani “Spice” and also used their lip stick in “Teddy Bare”. You could obviously opt for a gloss or something that needs less maintenance for school, something I wish I would have done back in the day.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this look! What are your favorite drugstore products for back to school?

XoXo Manda