Glow Me! My recent most reached for highlighters


Lately high lighting is all the rage. It is obviously not a new concept, but I digress. It seems like the market has blown up with high lighting products in the past year, in all different forms. I personally do not own a TON of highlighters, because I know what I like. I did recently purchase a new product in this category, which has no impact on this post, because it is not here yet.


The highlighters I have been reaching for most are in a few different, I  suppose formats? For different purposes.



I am going to be talking about these products in the order that they are swatched, so that it will be more comprehensible.

Essence Soo Glow “Brighten Up Your Life” : This is a crazy inexpensive highlighter. It is only $3.50, which is kind of insane! I love it for a very subtle highlight, which I have been reaching for a lot lately. It is a cream to powder formula and I am really enjoying it in the MO summer weather.

Essence Soo Glow “Look on the Bright Side: This is another essence highlight that I really love to use as for the same purpose as mentioned above. It is just a  tiny bit more highlighty? It is also cream to powder and only $3.50.

Pixi Blush Duo “Rose Gold”: I have a review already for this product. I did not enjoy the blush, but loved the highlighter, this is still true. It is a beautiful yellow gold.

Cougar Beauty Mineral Face and Body Shimmer “Diamond Kiss”: This product came in, I believe, last months Boxy Charm. I thought I wasn’t going to get much use out of it, I am not one to reach for loose powders. I used this a few days after I got it, and now I am addicted. It gives a beautiful summer glow to the face. I actually really enjoy the shade on my light skin. You do get quite a bit of product so it will last a while. I had to convert the currency on their website, but it is roughly $22.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed “Opal”: This is the only Becca product I own and I want more of their highlighters so badly! This is by far my most used highlighter, all year round. It is beautiful and really does give you that BAM highlight. Yes, it is $38, but Jesus is it worth it!!

What are your most used highlighters?

XoXo Manda

*Win or Waste* Essence all about NUDES palette


Today, or tonight should I say, I bring you a drugstore nudes palette review! It seems like everyone and their grandma is really into nudes palettes, and I know first hand that a nicely priced palette is very tempting. But, not all drugstore, or even high-end products, are worth the money it costs, no matter how much it is. This palette just happens to be $5.49!

I will be reviewing this product with my improved rating scale, to me having very organized thoughts in reviews ( coming from other people) really helps me to make a decision. So, I decided to really get my reviews down to a “science” for all of you!


I am a sucker for packaging and layouts of products. I have no idea why, but it really will cause me to purchase a product, solely on that one aspect. I figure I can’t be the only one!

The packaging is clear plastic, which allows you to see the 8 pans of shadows. Which, I do appreciate it really does make it easier when in a hurry. The plastic is actually pretty thick and seems like it would do pretty well while traveling.

I enjoy the layout if the shadows. I also really like how the shadows and packaging surrounding the shadows almost make a flat surface. This is a bit messy though!

There is 0.33 oz of product, so a little bit more than the Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes to compare.


Obviously, I am going to discuss the senses that apply to this product. In this case touch, so the texture! The shadows feel very soft, I was pretty surprised! If you saw ,my *Makup Declutter Eyeshadow* post, you read that I am not a fan of the Essence single shadows. I just assumed these shadows would feel like crap, but you know what they saw about making assumptions.


Living in an area that is about two hours away from the nearest city it is hard to get a lot of products. I know this is the case for a lot of people. So, ladies and gentlemen I have decided this will help me rate a product. If it is available OFFLINE at more than one store I am giving it the full store, if it is only at one store it will receive .5, only online will get a 0. They reason I am making it this way is because there are a lot of people who don’t trust ordering online, and justifiably so.

Luckily, Essence is sold at most Targets and Ulta stores! I get all of mine at Target.


6252Look at those swatches! Aren’t they pretty!? When applied to the eyes unfortunately it isn’t them same. The shadows do really muddy together. Which maybe because they are SO soft, causing them to be just a little powdery. BUT, if you are someone who doesn’t have a ton of shadows, like the Naked palettes, this would work very nicely with other shadows. That is my favorite way to use it. For reviews sake though, I did a look only using the palette.


I wanted to list what shadows I used where, but they just muddied so badly.


Despite being muddy the shadows will did not move. For this look, no it wasn’t good, but for using it as a companion palette it wears nicely.

Over all:

I give this palette a 4/5 for the palette using it ONLY as palette ( the last to categories added up to one whole point). If you have a lot of shadows, skip it. Buy a Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow or something. But, if you don’t have a nude palette and want something to use with other colors or you are just starting out and want to do one or two shadow looks I would say that it is a nice little palette to try. I mention starting out, because I personally started wearing makeup daily (ish) when I was around 14, and it would have been a cold day in hell if my parents would have spent $50 on an eye shadow palette for me.

I hope you enjoyed my new review system! What are your favorite essence products? What is your favorite drugstore nudes palette?

XoXo Manda


*Win or Waste* Essence Single Shadows


Today I bring to you, a win or waste! I finally came up with a title to use for my hot or not posts. I kind of dig it! Essence Cosmetics has blown up lately in the blogosphere, and it is easy to see why! Essence has a ton of great products, they are cruelty free, and the best part is they are so SO inexpensive!These single shadows are only $1.99!! They do have other types of single shadows, today I will only be reviewing a few from the Mono Shadows line.

The Swatches:


Left to Right; Keep Calm and Berry on (matte), Triple Choc (matte), Rosy Happiness (shimmer), Apricotta (shimmer), The Glamy Goes to (shimmer)

I picked up a variation of the shades and finishes to make this review more fair, and to show across the board examples.

As you can tell from the swatches, for the price these shadows are okay. They are not as pigmented as they are in the swatches on the eye though, sense I used my fingers to do the swatches (I am going to start using a brush).

I used “Triple Choc” in my crease and then used “Keep Calm and Berry on” to deepen it up. My lid shade was “Apricotta” and I used “The Glamy Goes to..” as my brow bone and inner corner highlight.

It took a lot to get these shadows to show up. I had to apply and apply and apply, on top of that I fond them a bit hard to blend.

Honestly , for me these shadows were a WASTE. What is the point of having and purchasing something if it is barely visible on the eyes? BUT, the shade “The Glamy Goes to..” is not aa complete waste! It makes a beautiful face high-light, so if you are trying to find a nice very inexpensive one I recommend it!

If you are looking for inexpensive single shadows Wet n’ Wild’s Color Icon single shadows are only $.99, and they are ahhhmazing!

What do you recommend from essence? What are your favorite single shadows? Do you prefer singles or palettes?

XoXo Mandainfo