Huda Beauty Warm Obsession Eyeshadow Palette | Look and Review

How is everyone? Good? I hope so.

Not too long ago I did hauled quite a few makeup items, and I am finally getting around to playing with them! Holidays really get in the way of my makeup play time.

The Huda Beauty Obsession palettes are at Sephora and they retail for $27. They are adorable. Look at the little guy!

The warm palette specifically contains 8 matters shades and 1 shimmer. If you really enjoy mattes I would definitely check this specific palette out.

Personally, I love warm shades. Even if they weren’t super trendy right now I would still love them.


All of the shades are buttery and nicely pigmented. There is quite a bit of powder kick back, but it is easy to knock off the excess product.

I was a bit thrown off by the plum in the palette, it does however, have a red under tone so I can see how it fits. Over all, I think the palette is nicely thought out. I also wanted to make sure to mention that even though the palette is small, you are still getting 9 nicely sized pans of eyeshadow.

The Look

  • I primed my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance then set it with the lightest shade in the palette. I also used this shade to highlight my brow bone and blend out harsh edges.
  • For my transition shade, I used the matte light brown. It is the second shade in the last row.
  • To deepen my outer part of my lid I used the burnt orange almost red shade. It is the last shade in the palette.
  • All over my lid I applied the almost pink shade. It is the first shade in the third row.
  • To really deepen my crease I used the red shade.
  • To blend everything together I used the orangy-brown. The second shade in the palette.
  • On my lower lash line I went in with that red shade and buffed it out with the orangey brown.
  • I applied the Kay Von D Ink liner in “Trooper” to do my wing.
  • I tight lined with the Ulta automatic liner in “brown”. I also used this to line water line.
  • For Mascara I used the Beauty Without Cruelty Volumizing Mascara in “Black”

Over all thoughts:

Y’all. The full sized Huda Beauty palettes are $65. I wasn’t too into the one I swatched.But, holy hell, this little $27 palette blew my mind! Yes, $27 is expensive-still. I understand I am a college student, start Beauty school soon, and work as a data entry personal for a travel company. I don’t have a ton of money. But, I am getting my money’s worth out of this palette.

You can do dramatic looks, simple looks, day or night looks. Just with these nine shades!!

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ out of 5 fires. Get it? Because it’s warm.

Have y’all tried these palettes? Which is your favorite? Comment below!

Thank you so much for readingπŸ’•.

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Kat Von D Shade&Light β€œPlum” Quad | Look & Review

How is everyone doing tonight? Typing that made me feel like I was opening a concert, when really I’m blogging and watching Bob’s Burgers with my cat, Carl.

If you have been with my for a bit, then you’ll remember that about a year ago I got the KVD quad in “Sage” and did some posts on it. Thanks to them being on sale, I finally got more! They are currently $15, On the KVD site, but I got mine at TJMAXX for $9.99. People are finding them at TJMAXX everywhere!

Tonight, we are going to focus on the “Plum” quad, but I am sure y’all already gathered that for yourselves!

Let’s start with the packaging. Kat knows packaging. I keep all the product boxes and I hate storing the products away. The packaging is insanely sturdy, very aesthetically pleasing, and includes a great mirror. It is a little bulky, but who is seriously putting these quads out of site!? I know I am not.

The quad includes a base, definer, contour, and highlight shade. I REALLY like the base shade. It’s a really nice transition shade for other looks.

I did want to mention that the shadows are awfully powdery. I didn’t find this an issue though, concerning fallout, as long as I remembered to tap my brush off- which is essentially a habit.

I also found that the plum shade was a little patchy and a bit hard to blend.

But, over all the shades are Incredibly pigmented, and I was pretty happy with how my look turned out after working with them for a bit!

Keep in mind I’m not a pro, just an enthusiast!

  • I used the “base” shade as my transition/blending shade.
  • I deepened my crease with the “contour” shade.
  • I made my crease and outer corner even deeper with the “define” shade.
  • I then took the ” highlight” shade on my lid. My eyes are slightly hooded, so I am still trying to really figure out how to work with them the best…
  • For my lower lash line I smudged a plum liner with the “definer” shade, then blended it out with the “contour” shade, then that with the “base”, then finished that off with a skin toned powder to really balance everything out.

My inner corner high light is “Valley Girl” by ColourPop, my liner is the KVD Ink liner in “Trooper” and I am still using the BWC mascara!

Will I pick up more of these quads while they are in the $15-$10 range? Hell yeah! I love KVD! This quad may have been a little difficult to work with, but I am in love with the outcome! 🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐 out of 5 pears, I can’t find a plum emoji. (At least at the price they are now, not the original…which still isn’t too bad considering it’s KVD.)

That’s it guys! Which KVD quad is your favorite? Should I get the “Fawn” set…it has a limited edition quad? Comment below!

Thank you so much for stopping by ⭐️

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FOTD | High-End AND Drug-Store


I love the idea that inexpensive products and expensive products can work well together, so I thought that I would do a FOTD showing some of my favorite combinations! I also want to mention that I will NOT be doing a post for the October Pet Treater. I just got it today, due to a mix up. It was super cute and Millie loves everything in it. I will do a post for next month though, when it comes!



  • I out lined my brows with the Colour Pop brow pencil in “Dope Taupe”. I still do not like this pencil, but wanted to use it up.Β  Cost: $5
  • I then filled them in with the powder from the ELF brow kit in “light” Cost:$3
  • To set my brows I used the Brow Gal brow gel in “clear”.Β  Cost: $20

Face (base):

  • Hour Glass Mood Light Primer. Full-Size $44. I got a sample of this with a Sephora purchase.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless. I am trying to use this up, I like it a lot, but will not repurchase it, because it is not cruelty free. Cost: $5(ish).
  • ELF Brightening HD Concealer. This isn’t the best for under eye correction, but I really enjoy it for highlighting. Cost: $6
  • Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. I used the lightest shade in this, and it is a perfect match for concealing my blemishes.Cost: $28
  • L’oreal True Match Pressed Powder. I really enjoy this powder, but alas, I can not repurchase it because it is not cruelty free. 😦 Cost: $8.99

Face (Blush and Such):

  • I have loved the Wet N’ Wild blushes since I started wearing makeup ages ago! My all time favorite is the shade “Heather Silk”. I have gone through I have no idea how many of these. It gives my cheeks the perfect “it’s cold outside” flush. Cost: $4.99
  • Pacifica Sun Kissed Bronzer. I got this in an Ipsy bag and have been reaching for it quite a bit. It is kind of dark for my pale skin, so I have to use a light hand. Cost: $12
  • For my Highlight I used the Ofra Illuminating Blush Stripes. I love how many different things you can use this product for, and holy glow! Cost: $35


  • To start off my lips I lined and filled them in with the Jordana automatic lip liner in the shade “Rock n’ Rose”. I love these liners and they are only $1.95!
  • I have been using the crap out of my Bit Beauty lip crayon in the shade “Glace”. I got it as a point perk, I think, at Sephora, and I am really loving it. Cost: $24.
  • I didn’t really feel like leaving my lips matte, but I didn’t want them too shiny. I used the Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills in the shade “Naked”. It kind of smells like play dough though. Cost: $12.



  • I primed my eyes using the Wet n’ Wild Fergie eye primer. It is literally the same thing as the newer Photo Focus eye primer. Cost: $4.
  • I set my eyes with Wet n’ Wild’s single shadow in the shade “Brulee”. I also used this to blended out any harsh lines that my shadows created. Cost: $.99!!!
  • To act as a transition I used the Merle Norman Bronzing Powder in “Pool Side”. My mom had a sample of this and gave it to me, so I depotted it and put it in my Ofra Pro palette! I am not sure of the cost of any of the Merle Norman products mentioned, I think it varies studio to studio.
  • All over my lids I used one of my favorite shadows, the Wet n’ Wild single in the shade “Nutty.” Cost: $.99!
  • To make my crease smokier, I used the Merle Norman Single in the shade “Mist”. I also depotted this one, I am really liking their products, hopefully they are cruelty free so I can get more. It is a matte blue/gray shade. Really pretty.
  • To deepen up my crease and outer v I used a sparkly black ofra single in the shade “Iron”. I also used this on my lower lash line. Cost: $10.
  • For my liner I used a black Marc Jacobs gel liner that was the Sephora Birthday gift I got in January. Full-Sized: $25.
  • I used the Tartest Lash Paint mascara in the shade black. Cost: $23.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of this look and the products? Comment below! Want more B&T? Check this out! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap chat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

*Skincare Review*(Malin + Goetz) Vitamin E Face Moisturizer


I know, I know. I said I was going to review the products from my BirchBox from April with the un-boxing of my may one. Change of plans. I decided to review them once I have finished the said products, so the impressions will be fresh on my mind, not just copied from notes I have written down.

The Price:

You can get this moisturizer on for $46.

The Claims: (birchbox break down)

“Give your skin an ample dose of daily vitamins with this oil-free moisturizer. Its lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula has intensely hydrating properties and provides pH balance for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.”

How to use:

“Apply a small amount to cleansed skin, avoiding eyes and particularly oily areas. For dry spots, simply increase the amount. This moisturizer also works well in the morning as a makeup primer.”

My Thoughts:

I received a sample size of this product, I included a full size picture taken from the internet for this post. I was pretty impressed with how many uses I got out of the small foil packet.

I suffer from very dry skin, and I have to say on the days I used this product I noticed a huge difference. It wasn’t greasy in the slightest, which tends to be an issue with moisturizers.

I really only have 2 complaints about this product. The smell, I cannot stand it! It is such a strange scent, I can’t even begin to describe it. My other complaint is the cost, $46?! It is truly a fantastic product, but I can not justify spending that much money onΒ  a product that doesn’t have multiple benefits. If it had something in it that helped reduce acne or helped to even out your skin tone, the price would not be a problem, I could even forgive the scent.

Would I purchase?:

That is up in the air for me. But, it does lead me to a question for all of you. What is your favorite face moisturizer!?

X0X0 Manda