Another Holiday Look |Bold lip with a simple eye. TWO lip options.


The count down week for Christmas had begun. If you are anything like me, than you are trying to figure out how to do your makeup and stuff for the various events that holidays bring. I am here to bring you a little inspiration!

As the title has told you, the look I am going to be talking about today, is a simple eye with two bold lip options. The lip options are drastically different. But, both from Boxy Charm. I thought that was kind of fun. Events like this are a great way to make use of the bold shades that you wouldn’t other wise wear. I wear them whenever, but I know a lot of people do not.

Skin Prep:

  • I used the Skyn Ice Land Glacier Ice Eye Cream. I dispense it on to my finger then I pat it in.
  • For primer and mositurizer I actually used a serum that I have fallen in love with. The Granola Goat Amazing Face Serum. I got this serum in a Vegan Cuts box, and I am 100% buying the full size when I run out. I has really improved my skin, all my dry patches are pretty much gone. It also helps to soothe the itching on my face that dry skin can bring.

The Face Base:

  • For my foundation I used one from L’oreal that I am trying to finish. It is not a brand that I support, so I am not going to really go into it. A good cruelty free alternative though is the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat.
  • To conceal my under eyes and blemishes I used the NYX Dark Circle Concealer. It doesn’t do a fantastic job, but it does last quite a while. You just have to build it up.
  • I set my under eyes with the W3ll People Realist powder. This was in last months Petit Vour, and it is my new must have powder.

Face Emphasis products:


  • UNDER my foundation I decided to do a little contouring. I used the Tarte Sculptor in Park Avenue Princess and the Colour Pop Highlight Stick in Releve. I really like the Tarte sculptor, not so much the Colour Pop sculpting sticks…But, that is another post.
  • For my actual bronzer I used Medusa’s Makeup Sun Kissed Bronzer. I think this is my favorite bronzer. I got it in a Vegan Cuts, and have just used the crap out of it. It gives my fair skin a real nice warm glow, without making me look like I have a bad tan.
  • I used the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector liquid in “opal” in all of the high light spots. Like my cheek bones and the tip on my nose. After that I layered over Opal in the Pressed form, just to really make sure my highlight can be seen across the room.
  • For my blush I used the City Color Be Matte Blush in “Papaya”. I have been using this blush every time I do my makeup lately. It is so pretty, yet still subtle. But, can be built up to have more impact.

The Eyes:


  • I started off by priming my eyes with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. For my eye look, I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, so I thought this was a fitting primer. I set it with the Wet N’ Wild single in “Brulee”.
  • I started off the actual eye look with ” Milk Chocolate” in my crease.
  • I then placed “Marazipan” all over my lid.
  • Then I did a wing with the Ciate Fierce Flicks felt tip liner. I got this in an Ipsy, and I am slowly starting to adore it. It is a very fine tip, so it makes doing a winged liner very goof proof.
  • To deepen up the crease a little, at least the outer edge, I used the shade “Semi Sweet”.
  • After that I used a random liner to line my tight line and a random nude liner to line my lower water line.
  • I used the Tarte Tarteist mascara. I really like this mascara. I hate false lashes, and this mascara gives my lashes a ton of drama.

See, a very very simple eye look!!

Lip Option #1:


Dirty Little Secret Liquid Lipstick in “Phantom”. I think this is the perfect red for the holidays. Another great option would be Bite Beauty Pomegranate lipstick.

Lip Option #2:


Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in “Napa Valley”. I am obsessed. I need all the purple and all the metallic liquid lipsticks I can possibly get. Makes me really want to rock the outlandishly strange colored lips. SO I WILL! #sorrynotsorry

I hope you enjoyed this holiday look. Thank you so much for reading! What is your favorite red lip? What metallic or purple liquid lips do you love? Let’s talk in the comments!


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XoXo Manda

Christmas Inspired Make-Up!


Before we jump into this look, I want to preface by telling y’all a little tid bit about myself. I am not big into the holidays. They stress me out and they always tend to be the worst part of the year for me. That being said, I will not being doing a ton of holiday posts like everyone else, maybe a few here and there when asked, but nothing to frequent.

Now that that is our of the way, let’s get this look rolling!

Face base products:


  • After doing my necessary skin care, I primed my face with the Too Faced Hang Over RX. This primer contains coconut, so it feels and smells very refreshing. It is a nice way to start out a day that you are either very excited for or very anxious about.
  • I am still trying to get through some unsavory (non-CF) foundations. I used the L’oreal Pro Matte Foundation. I really wish this was a CF product, I absolutely love this foundation and have yet found a good replacement. I bounced it all in with a Beauty Blender. Don’t even need to set it!
  • For my concealer I used the Shea Moisture Cream Concealer in the lightest shade. This concealer is very light weight and it covers break outs amazingly. This is the time of year my face goes to hell , so I have been using this non-stop.
  • To hide my under eye bags, I used the Tarte CC concealer in the lightest salmon shade. Has the holiday season progresses I will need to repurchase it, I can already see my self running out. I just place it in my face with a concealer brush, then buff it i with my beauty blender.
  • To defeat any possible cake face, I sprayed my face with rose water. I find that doing this between layers of makeup really does help it to look better.

Face accent products:

  • For my bronzer I used my holy grail Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. I think the smell of coconut just makes me happy, sense this bronzer also smells very coconutty. This bronzer is the perfect tone, not too warm or too cool. I like to apply it with my ELF Complexion Brush.
  • I set my under eyes with a random powder, it doesn’t really matter which, they all act the same.
  • For my blush I broke out one I haven’t touched in ages, MAC Rosy Outlook. I love this blush, but MAC is not fully CF, so I haven’t used it much lately. My favorite blush brush is the one from Real Techniques.
  • For my highlighter I used The Balm Mary-Lumanizer. Believe it or not I am a disappointed in this product. I was expecting much more of a BAM highlight from it. It does give off a really pretty subtle glow though, which is why I thought it perfect for this look.
  • Another spritz with rose water.


  • My brow routine does not really change. I outline them with ABH Brow Wiz in “Taupe”, fill them in with the ELF Brow Kit “Light”, then I set them with the L’oreal brow get I am trying to use up.
  • Then I carve them out with concealer.



  • I primed my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion “Original”. Out of all of the highend eye primers, this one is my favorite.
  • I then set it, as usual, with Wet N’ Wild “Brulee”. This is the perfect setting and buffing shade. I also used it to blend out any harsh edges.


I wanted to get more use out of this quad. The KVD Shade and Light eye quad “Sage”. I really enjoy it, I just never reach for it.

  • I started by buffing the skin toned shade all over my lid and into my crease, to give the look a little warmth and to help everything else blend better.
  • After that I took the gray shade and buffed it in to my crease. I also used this on my lower lash liner.
  • Then I put the lightest shade all over my lid and made sure to clean up any messes by re buffing in the gray shade.
  • To highlight my inner corner I used Mary Lumanizer.
  • For my liner I went with my new favorite the KVD Tattoo liner “Trooper”. It is a beautiful matter black that really doesn’t smudge!
  • For mascara I decided to go with the Tarte tartist mascara. You can always add some falsies to amp the look up, but I hate falsies.
  • To really deepen up my crease and outer v I used the beautiful green shade.



The liquid lip stick I used is no loner available, I believe, but there are a ton of dupes out there. So, I went with it anyway.


  • My liquid lip stick of choice for this look, and this season as a whole, is KVD Ever Lasting Liquid Lip “Project Chimps”. This formula is very long lasting, and dries down really matte. It is drying, but it is not unbearable.
  • To give my lip some pout I popped on the Bodisafe Lip and Cheek Enhancer “Charmed”. I got this in a Vegan Cuts box, and have been using the crap out of it! It is a stunning pink shade and looks great on the lips  and the cheeks. It does have a smell, like a legit melted lip stick though, so keep that in mind.

And there you have it! My Christmas inspired look! I hope you enjoyed it. What holiday looks do you planning on doing? What are your favorite products for a bold look? Comment below! You can also find me on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

A Dramatic and DRUGSTORE Holiday Look | Emphasis on the Eyes!


It is that time of year again. The time for family, food, and dramatic makeup looks! For my first holiday(ish) post, I wanted to do a dramatic and affordable look that is very easy to achieve. I wanted to focus most of the emphasis on the eyes, for this go around.

The only product I used that is not affordable that I used for this look is the Too Faced Hang Over RX Primer and the Skyn Iceland Icelandic under eye cream. Somethings you just can’t change, especially when you got zero sleep the night before.

The Brows, Face, and Lips:


  • For my brows I only used the ELF brow kit in the lightest shade. I have loved this kit for ages and recommend it a million times over!
  • I used a foundation, that I bet you all thought I would never again use. The Shea Moisture Shea Serum Foundation. I decided a few weeks ago to revisit this product, and I have no idea what happened, I guess the cold dried out my skin, but I LOVE this stuff now! Seriously, I went from loathing it to being die hard in love with it.
  • For my concealer I used the NYX Concealer in a jar. I am almost all the way done with this concealer, after I use up a few I have I will repurchase this. It is fantastic coverage at an even better price. You can always make it cheaper with the $3.50 off $15 at Ulta!
  • I then set my face with the L’oreal True Match powder. I am so close to being done with this, then all my nasty cruel powders will be gone!! Now all I need is a  cruelty free dupe!
  • To set my under eyes I used the highlight in the Wet n’ Wild Contour duo, the lighter shade. I love using it for this purpose. Yes, the other shade was used for a light contour! Not my favorite drugstore contour,  the ELF contour palette is, but I thought that I have shoved that down your throats enough.
  • For my blush and to bronze the rest of my face I used the ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo in Fiji-matte. If you do not own this, you need to get it. It is extremely inexpensive, and fantastic quality! I have gone through at least 3 of these duos, which says a lot.
  • For my highlight I used the lightest shade in the Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette.
  • I wanted to do a warmer nude lip, but not like I usually do. I decided to use the Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipstick in “Bare it all”. This is a shade that is mentioned by people in the beauty community a ton, and for good reason. It is a beautiful shade that doesn’t take away from the eyes, but also makes your lips still look stunning.

The Eyes:


  • For my eye primer I used the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus eye primer. I have made it obvious so many times that I love this stuff! It is a must purchase.
  • Then I took the smoke shade from my ELF double ended eye pencil and smudged it all over my lid and then made it just a bit more even.
  • For my transition shade I used the shade Wet n’ Wild duo that I used to contour.
  • All over my lid I took the last shade in the Comfort Zone palette. I patted it on with an ELF “c” brush, did not sweep!
  • Then I took the lid shade of the neutral side of the palette and buffed it into my crease just a bit to blend and warm up the look.
  • To deepen up my outer corner only I used the definer of the more neutral side of the palette.
  • I also took the lid shade of the green side of the palette and just popped it into the center of my lid to make my eye look a little rounder.
  • I then blended out any edges with the highlight from the contour duo.
  • I used the very first shade in the palette to highlight my inner corner.
  • I then tight lined and lined my lower lash line with the black end of the ELF double ended pencil. I also drew a thin line on my top lash line, just to help my lashes appear thick.
  • To smoke out my lower lash line a bit, I decided to use the contour shade again.
  • I used the Pacifica Dream Big mascara as usual!

I really hope you enjoyed this look! What are your favorite holiday looks to do? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda