Review Quickie: Jordana Sweet Creme Matte Liquid Lip Color


I am a lip product junkie. High end, drug store, I don’t care. So when I came across the very picked over Jordana display at my local KMart I was glad that there were at least three shades remaining of the Sweet Creme matte liquid lip colors that I could try.


Here are swatches of the three shades I purchased. Lip swatches to follow!!

Creme Brulee 01


Pomegranate Pie 12


Strawberry Cheesecake 02



Over all:

I really enjoy this product. It has a delicious smell and taste. The pigmentation is great and very long lasting. Even when the product starts to fade it leaves a beautiful stain to your lips. I would be careful right after application though, because it can transfer to your teeth and around your lips easily. If that is something you can’t stand or hate strong scents then this product is not for you. But, if you are like me and the scent doesn’t faze you and you don’t mind being a bit more careful after application, than run out and find as many of these babies as you can!!

Thank ya’ll for reading as always,

XOXO Manda