Friday Faves and Flops!

I am aware that it is no longer Friday, I thought this post posted yesterday, when actually it just got saved in my drafts.

Let’s jump into the faves:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Sensitive Version



I have crazy sensitive eyes. ANYTHING I used to clean my eye makeup off before I got this product burnt them so badly. I would go quite a bit of time after cleaning them off not being able to see correctly. I picked up this item at my local walmart and I am so glad that I did! They are apparently coming out with some for different skin types as well, which I am also pretty pumped about!

Cover Girl Oh! Sugar Lip Balm in “Soda” and “GumDrop”

I love tinted lip balms. They are easy to use, no hassle to reapply, and moisturize my super dry lips. I love these two deep colors in the line. The give a beautiful bitten lip type of flush to your lips. They are perfect for this time of year  and for the next few months. These guys also smell like the Bottle Caps candy, I love that stuff!

Broadway Nails Nail Polish Remover Pads


I got this product at my local Dollar General. The Fiance and I were on our way to visit family and I had to get my chipped up polish up my nails. I didn’t have much hope for these, but decided they would be the best to use in the car. I was so wrong about this product. 1 pad got all the polish off of 5 fingers, and I still had quite a bit of polish left! They also smell so much better than any other nail polish remover I have used. They are  only a $1.00!!

Now for my flop:

L.A. Colors Grafix Eyeliner


Seriously, come on. This is a liquid liner. Why does it apply like this!? Yes, it is worse on the eyes. I understand that this product is under $3, but so is Wet n’ Wilds, actually they are cheaper and work better!

What were your faves and flops for this week? Have you tired these products? Let’s talk!

XoXo Manda

$1.50 5 pan Matte palettes at Dollar General! * L.A. Colors*


*sorry for the poor picture quality, I may or may not have broken my camera*

While working, we usually have to stop by Dollar General at least once a day. We use the Skittles candles as “free gifts” to help achieve knock ins. I got in almost every house I knocked this week but 2! #Kirby :p

Anyway….during one of these stops I decided to look at the new makeup items, and was instantly pretty pumped when I saw these palettes! Everyone is trying the matte eye shadow look, but it can be pretty hard to find good quality, inexpensive matte palettes and shadows. That being said, any time I stumble upon matte palettes at the drug store I have to get them, especially if they are only $1.50!! Continue reading “$1.50 5 pan Matte palettes at Dollar General! * L.A. Colors*”

Makeup for 50 cents?!: 2 for $1 display at Dollar General ( Hot or Not)

I was browsing through my local Dollar general when I noticed an interesting isle end cap display. 2 for $1 L.A. Colors makeup, and it was a newly launched line! Now, being the “makeup investigator” that I am, I decided to pick up every single eye shadow, and one of everything else. Now, I am relaying to you if this inexpensive makeup is worth taking the trip to Dollar General and picking up. ( P.S. I tried to find a link for the products, but could not, it is probably a hit or miss if this line is in your local Dollar General).

Pictured above is the line of shadows ( all single) one baby pop! lip gloss, one chunky eye pencil, and one chunky lip pencil. I am going to start with the lip gloss!!


The only lip gloss that was available at my local display was this one in “nude”. Now, for a 50 cent lip gloss I was pretty impressed with it. It was not sticky, had a nice smell, and felt pretty nice on the lips. Of course, it is sheer, even more so on the lips than in the swatch. It is pretty comfortable to wear, and one of the items from this line I will be holding on to.


This lip pencil was, again, pretty good for the price. FOR THE PRICE. It was patchy, sheer, and wore off easily. BUT, it wasn’t uncomfortable, which is really what I was expecting it to be. So, that is the one plus for this item. This is an item I will be passing on to my younger sister, who is 8 and does not need a lot of lip color for “play makeup”. By the way this lip color is called “red”. How original.


The L.A. Colors chunky eye pencil that I was able to find on the display is in the shade champagne frost. As you can tell from the swatch, this pencil has some pretty chunky glitter in it. So chunky in fact, that it hurt my eyelid pretty badly to apply. Not to mention, the product was very patch and the lid of the product was too large to fit. Needless to say, I promptly tossed this item in the trash.


The first shadow (pictured above), is labeled as wine shimmer. This shadow was pretty smooth and bendable. It is way less pigmented on the eye than in the swatch or in the pan. It also appears more “brown” than it does “wine”, but that is subjective.

teal steal

I really wanted this shade ” Teal Steal” to be as pigmented as it appeared in the pan. It really reminded me of another L.A. Colors eye shadow from my childhood. The shadow to give a nice sheen on the eye, but it creased very fast and faded quickly. It was also very powdery.


First, let me start off by saying that I really like the name of this shadow, “purple rain”. As for the shadow itself? Not so much. There was very little pigmentation. It was very chalky and it did not blend.


This shade, “nude shimmer”, can actually come in handy! I found that it looked very nice as a brow and inner corner highlight. But that is about it, it doesn’t blend well enough to last on the crease, nor is it pigmented enough.


This shade, “blue mermaid”, point blank sucked. It was chalky, not pigmented, and it would just blend away- quickly.

The reason I have these 3 shadows grouped together, is because I loved them. They are very usable. Not chalky, pigmented, and bendable. These shades are; “Black Frost”, “Golden”, and “White Shimmer”. If you can get your hands on these last three shadows I highly recommend it. As for the rest of the line?


As always, thanks for reading.

xoxo Manda.