Lip Sense First Impressions 

* products were sent to me for trial and review*

Finally, I have tried Lip Sense! The entire brand is cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free! So, when the lovely Jessica Prince asked if I wanted to try out Lip Sense, I could not pass it up!! 

Find her Face Book Page Kissed by a Prince, to purchase your own lipsense products, and check out more from the brand! 

I received the Lip Sense collection, which retails for $55. It contains one Lip shade, the glossy gloss, and the oops! remover.

I received the shade RoseBerry. 

Isn’t it beautiful! It is the perfect pinky red shade. 

Right after application 

The process of applying the shade is really important. Your lips have to be clean, and you have to do three coats, and each coat has to dry before you can apply the next. This is important so that the product stays on like the claims say it will.

After applying the shade and everything is dry. You apply the gloss of top. 

And yes, everything does tingle when applied. 😂

6 hours later: 

I did not reapply the color, but also did not reapply the gloss before eating like I was supposed to. Like I said this is just a first impression post 😂. Also, ignore by face, th NYX Stay Matte foundation hates me now.

Honestly, it may look patchy, but for six hours? I’m still a little impressed. The color is still on my lips. I think it would have looked so much better, if I would have applied the gloss like I was supposed. But, if the gloss doesn’t make a difference, then I will be a little let down, because the hype for this stuff is so real! 

I did want to note that I could not really get the Oops! remover to work on my lips or swatches. 

I will be updating you all (on here or YouTube or Instagram). 

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried this product or anything from the line? Comment your thoughts below! 

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Wet N’ Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss *Gem or Dud?*


What’s up everyone?!

I bring you a review of the Wet N’ Wild glosses that I have purchased and been trying out. Lip glosses have seemed to become more popular lately, which is nice. I, personally, tend to be more neutral towards lip gloss…I could take it or leave it. Colour Pop recently released their gloss line, so I thought, “why not review one even more inexpensive?” Only $1.99! They have a wide a-ray or not so crazy shades, and I am going to show you 6 of the 17 shades. You can see the rest here.


I really like the packaging. The part that contains the product is plastic, the lid is a thinner metal type material. I do wish the lid was a little thicker, but I will take what I can get for the price The packaging isn’t colorful or crowded, it is simple with just the brand name and a few details. If you have read any of my previous posts you know this is what I prefer. The shade however, is only labeled on a sticker on the bottom, which kind of sucks. I would really rather it be printed on the packaging.The smell is faintly vanilla, but not to were it is overwhelming.



Not pictured “Crystal Clear” (It’s just a clear gloss), “Sun Glaze”, “Sinless”,  “Rose Gold”, “Berry Bronze”, and “Wined and Dined”

Besides the clear gloss and the last one, the shades all have some type of shimmer to them. Which, is okay with me, when I reach for a gloss it is usually just because I am too lazy to do anything. Unless I want a clear gloss. Anyway, MY faves are  “Crystal Clear”, “Sun Glaze”, and “Rose Gold”.

I do not really like the other 3, because they have too much pigment. They are a bit sticky, so my hair would get caught in them, which resulted in strikes on my face. Especially with “Wined and Dined”! I do really like “Berry Bronze” as a center of the lip pop though, turns out beautiful, right alot with the lighter shades.

They feel real moisturizing, but they do not last long. But, what can you expect from a gloss that cost under $2, right?

Overall, I would say to pick one up and try it out for yourself, at least the clear one, I kind of wear it a TON. For under $2 you can’t really go wrong, and they are pretty nice in a pinch!

As for are they a Gem or Dud? I really can’t decide solely because I am not the biggest lip gloss fan, and I knew that going into this product purchase!

Let me know what you think! Any comments, concerns, or requests? Please let me know! I really need some inspiration!

XoXo Manda

June 2016 Birch Box Unboxing


Oh Birch Box. I have no idea why I still haven’t cancelled you. The box itself this month is super cute though, going in my living room. Let’s just jump into what I got this month. As usually all subscription products will be reviewed through out the month.


clairSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliate Full size $18: I have never tried a face detox, so I am pretty excited to try this.”Made with sea salt and scorched bamboo, this all natural scrub battles black heads and oil.” I have been having a big black head problem, so hopefully this helps.

Coola mineral face spf 3o unscented matte face tint full size $36: After my last coola sample experience, I am not too excited for this. But, I will try it and review it for y’all!

Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum Full Size $35: Apparently this serum also tackles scars and hyper pigmentation. We will see reader, we will see.

Orbie Dry Texturizing Spray Ful size $44: I have heard great things about this brand and I am super glad that I finally get to try one of their products!

The Beauty Crop PB&J Smoothie Stick “Raisin the roof” Full size $14.95: First off, is this products name not precious? I will be trying this out and reviewing it, I really hop that I love it. Apparently it contains sweet almond oil, sounds nice.

What was in your Birch Box?!

XoXo Mandainfo