Lip Product Declutter | Part 1: The Jars

Before we begin, I want to address how messy my area is. I have the messiest, most unorganized beauty room, so these pictures aren’t exactly Instagram worthy.

The Tiny Jar

  • Essence random
  • Revlon random
  • Nyx Liquid Suede “Soft Spoken”
  • Ofra “Laguna Beach”
  • Star Looks “Piquant”
  • Jordana “Creme Brûlée”

The declutters

Both of the essence and revlon. Revlon is not CF and I just do not like the Essence much.

The skeleton cup part 1

  • Bellapierre “Strawberry”
  • NYX “Sand Storm”
  • Ulta ” Tender” and “Bestie”

Keeping all!!

Skelton Cup part 2

  • Notoriously morbid; “El” and “Wolfsbane” and “Never sleep again”
  • Dirty Little Secret “Phantom”

Again, keeping all.

Skelton Cup Part 3

  • Kat Von D “Project Chimps” and “Lolita”
  • Colour Pop; “November” and “Clueless” and “Beeper” and “Lumiere 2” and “Little-stitious”

I didn’t think I would get rid of anything from this jar, and I was right.

Gray Jar Part 1

  • ELF Nude
  • Buxom “Trail Blazer”
  • The All Natural Face “Frosted Berries”
  • NYX “Beige Pearl” and “Beige”

Getting rid of the Elf Nude gloss, I hate this stuff. A ton.

Gray Jar part 2

  • Pur “Mystic”
  • Noyah “Malbec”
  • Cargo “Taos”
  • Medusas Makeup “Lover Boy”
  • Gleam “Naked”
  • Hynt Beauty “Satin Nude”
  • Hikari “Merlot”
  • Elate “Divine”

I will be keeping all of these.

Gray Jar part 3

  • Kat Von D “Outlaw”
  • Colour Pop “marshmallow”
  • Juice Beauty “Blythe”
  • Nyx Liquid Suede “Vintage” and “Cherries in the Sky”

I will be getting rid of “OutLaw”. I have had it for so long, it is getting old and nasty.

I did not declutter much, baby steps right.😂😂😂😂 Part 2 will be coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, thank you for reading. What are your thoughts on any of the products shown? Comment below!

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*BoxyCharm Un-Boxing* July 2016


Short and sweet. Boxy Charm is a $21 a month beauty subscription box.

This month theme is modern merbabes.

There is the short and sweet description, I really want to jump into telling y’all the contents!

Ofra Pro Palette with 6 shades $59 value:

Holy heck!! Is this amazing or what!!! You get a magnetic palette and 6 shades. I would have paid the $21 for this alone! The shades are great and I have been needing a magnetic palette. I am sorry, but this has me super pumped.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight waterproof liner “Ice Blue” $18 value

This is already a formula I know I love. The shade is a really pretty baby blue and in my eyes is the perfect mermaid or merbabe color. I want to get more shades besides just the blue shades.

Noyah Lip Gloss “Malbec” $16 Value

The shade is really pretty and it is a super pigmented gloss. It isn’t too sticky, so it is a gloss I can actually see myself wearing. I will be reviewing this because it is pretty interesting. You will see why in the review, so stay tuned!

PYT Hair Argon Oil $30 Value

It shocks me that a hair oil can be $30! Is it really that different than the ones from the drugstore! If you are interested in learning more about this and seeing it compared to drugstore argon oil’s let me know.

Do you get Boxy Charm? What did you think about this month?

XoXo Manda

Sephora Favorites Bronze Bares All *Review*

I absolutely love getting the Sephora Favorites sets. Most of the time they are a fantastic value. Yes, the items are usually in smaller than fuller sized, but when you are someone with a ton of makeup like I am, It is a bit difficult to go through products. Let’s get into the review of the items, to decide if this set is worth the $40 that it costs. It claims to be a $115 value, just to add a little perspective to this review. Continue reading “Sephora Favorites Bronze Bares All *Review*”

Small Beauty Haul <3


I am finally bringing ya’ll the small haul I promised a few days ago! It is just a few highend and drugstore items! Let’s jump in to this!

First I went to K-Mart, they usually have this bin area with a lot of make-up on clearence. Usually the Milani eye primer is in there, and that stuff is great. This time it was not, but I did get some other things!

I picked up a few things from Wet n’ Wild. I have really been enjoying my contour duo in “Caramel Toffee”So, I decided to pick up the duo in shade “Dulce De Leche”. Next I picked up one of the MegaSlicks in the shade “Wined and Dined”. I though it was a really pretty color and it is very inexpensive, so  I won’t be out much money if it sucks. The last Wet n Wild item that I picked up is their large stipple brush. I have been trying to get my hands on this brush, but it has been sold out every time I went to get it. Seriously, EVERY time.

Moving on!

I hear people rave about the Milani lip liners in “Natural” and “Spice” all the tome, so I decided to pick them up and try them for myself. So far I really do love them both!

Now for the high end items!


This Tarte skin care set I purcased on for only $10! Get it here! I would open this and show the items to you, but it is actually a mother’s day present for someone, so I do not want to tamper with it!


I am really excited about this. I love love love the Sephora favorites kits. I am not going to go into too much detail, because I have a separate review/look post for this girl!

What other items should I pick up? Have you tried any of these? Let me know!

XoXo Manda