Beauty Things I suck at!



I bring you a little bit of a different post today. Sometimes I get really down on myself, just like everyone does every now and then. When that happens, it really helps me a lot to remember that not everyone is perfect. I usually read FML posts. Today I thought I would talk about a few beauty things I suck at! On the off chance that reading about things I suck at helps someone to remember that no one is perfect, then I sure as heck would love to discuss my short comings!


I can not groom my own eye brows. I over pluck like a champ. Which in turn makes them harder to fill in. It takes me SO long to do my brows in the morning. I know brows are supposed to be sisters not twins, but mine usually don’t even look like cousins! My favorite way to fix this mistake though is to clean them up with concealer and to highlight my brow bone.

Winged liner:

I don’t believe anyone when they saw they always get it right on the 1st try. I for one, usually don’t get it right until like the 4th.  Most of the time I still have to clean them up, again with concealer.


Literally anything nails.. Even with the peel off clean up stuff.  I can’t cut them or file them evenly to save my life. When I paint them the polish ends up everywhere- even on furniture.

Skin care:

I am a huge advocate of buying the nice skin care because of the benefits. But, I often forget to even wash my face at night, on the nights I don’t shower ( on those nights I bathe). As for keeping up with a routine? Yeah right! No wonder I still get acne!

I know this post was a bit unorganized and thrown out on a whim. I just want to be able to help anyone in anyway I can, and I thought this would be a nice way- reminding everyone that no one is perfect, even though some of us pretend to be.  There are obviously many many more things I am literally the worst at, but these just happen to be the ones that bug me the most!

XoXo Manda