Vegan Cuts Summer Essentials Box Unboxing

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Instead of subscribing, for now, I decided to order their summer essentials box, which is just the April box. I got it for $23 with free shipping! The subscription box is $22.95 p/month with free us shipping. I am going to show ya’ll what came in that box, and what you can be expecting to see reviews on!

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Enfusia Coriander and Rosewood Fiz and Foam Bathbomb:

I can’t say too much about this product before trying it. I can say that what I can tell through the packaging, it smells pretty great! Excited to see if the moisturizing oils that are in it work well. (It is a $2.50 value)

Eco-Lips Lip balm:

The next item is a lip balm, which I am pretty excited about, we all know I love a good lip balm. This item does not contain any bees wax, which I think is great. It is hard to find lip balms without bees wax, that I will actually like. I got the sweet mint flavor. I usually hate mint. It makes me think of people chewing gum, which I can not stand. It is one of my bad OCD triggers, even think of it is making me feel disgusted. BUT lately, I have been loving mint products for my face and lips. It feels so refreshing and knowing that it comes from such good products, I am slowly growing! From what I have experienced with this so far, I love it! We will find out soon my concluded opinion. ($2.50 value!)

CoCoKind Facial Repair Serum:

I haven’t heard anything about this product. I am pretty excited to try it and hope it does well with my very dry skin. It apparently has virgin coconut and avocado oil to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin. Here’s to hoping it works well! (This is a $14 value! Nice!)

Routine. Deodorant:

This will sound weird, but I am so excited for this! I want to get a vegan, natural deodorant so badly, and wanted to try the cream type to see if it will help me with my deodorant needs. I am really enjoying the smell ( Which is not on the sample pod, but hopefully I can figure it out)! I will be reviewing this very soon! ($2 value.)

Goddess Garden Face Sun Screen:

Make-up friendly, organic sun screen made for your face- protect and nourish with this premium blend of coconut oil, green tea, and immortelle flower oil.”

I have a feeling I will love this and use it a lot. Very useful, for all year round really! You always need SPF! ($5 value.)

Joshik Polish:

In the  bottle this shade is a very bright pink. Not really my thing.  I am going to give it a try though to review for you all and test out the brand! I am about to need a lot of nail stuff, hint hint.) ($12 value!)

What vegan beauty products do I need to try?

XoXo Manda


April 2016 Beauty Empties


We all have this really weird fascination with seeing inside each others trash. So, being the enabler that I am, I have decided to start saving my beauty trash and doing this monthly. Let’s see the junk I used up for April. Well, it isn’t ALL junk but some of it is.

Batiste Dry Shampoo $7.99: I did like this product. The bottle is cute and it smells pretty good. But, my unpopular opinion here, I have used better. Cheaper ones have made my hair look better and added more volume. Would I repurchase? Still up in the wind, but not this specific version. I have already purchased a different dry shampoo, and plan to review it because it smells like a tropical paradise.

Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara $6.49:  This is a pretty great mascara. BUT I have decided to start doing something that prevents me from buying Almay. So I will not repurchase this, but probably try to find one a lot like it!

Clearasil Ultra Daily Moisturizer $8.00: I do like this product for fighting acne, but it isn’t that moisturizing. I plan to purchase brands that the companies are a bit more refutable than this. It goes along with the statement I made with the Almay mascara. Not going to repurchase.

EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop $3.29: I love this stuff. I use it every single day while prepping my skin and every night after exfoliating. I am currently using the Honey Suckle Honey Dew flavor, and I am in love with it! I do really like that the Lemon one has 15 SPF in it, so I WILL be repurchasing this.

The sponge is just a cheap one from walmart. I do like it a lot but will probably not repurchase it, I am kind of addicted to the real techniques one right now. But, I do recommend that you see if your local Wal-Mart has this if you are wanting to save some dough.

Maybelline Lash Discovery Water Proof $6.23 I love this product for the bottom lashes. It gets every single one and there is no smudging. But, as stated before, I am starting a new thing when buying products. So, I will not repurchase it but hope to find a similar product.

L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer “Brunette” $8.99: I like this product and have 2 back ups already. After I finish them I will however not be repurchasing, for the same reason as stated before.

Star Looks LUXE long Wear Eye Liner Pen “black” $19.00: I LOVE this. After I finish up a few of the liquid liners I already have I am for sure repurchasing this! It lasts forever on the eyes and it is so easy to use. Speaking of long lasting this pen lasted me since August, and I used it a lot!

The next item is germ-x. This was just a Halloween one from Bath and Body Works. I use germ-x a lot. I always have some on my vanity because I use it before moisturizing my face. Already repurchased a lot of germ-x.

Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Day Lotion in Hibiscus and Apple $19.99: I wish this wasn’t so heavily scented. The fragrance in this product really broke me out. While I will not be repurchasing this specific product I plan on purchasing a lot of Burt’s Bees other products.

What did you use up this month? WHat is your favorite and least favorite product? Let’s talk!

XoXo Manda