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I spent all day thinking it was Wednesday, sadly it is Tuesday.

But, not sadly, we get to talk about inexpensive cruelty free makeup!

Not only is this face and eye palette only $15 and cruelty free, but It was created with an amazing YouTuber.

I have been watching EmilyNoel83 since i was 13 years old- almost ten years. She is the person who taught me most of what I know about makeup, how to take care of my skin and hair, and really helped me discover my love for makeup.

She is a fantastic role model. A strong woman and she has the most adorable little family. She really is a wholesome, amazing person and I am proud to say that she is someone that I really look up to!

Enough of my rambling, typing that was making me emotional hah!

The inside

As you can see my palette is already getting a ton of love. I wanted to really play with it before I have my opinion.

The Packaging

The palette itself s a light baby pink, I am not one for pink but this is cute.

It is made of a hard sturdy plastic and has a GREAT mirror.

I am very impressed with the packaging for how inexpensive it is.

The Face Products

  • Courage- a darker bronzer, don’t be afraid it is really easy to sheer out and make lighter.
  • Joy- a warm toned blush. I actually found this blush to be patchy, but if you work with light layers it looks pretty
  • Gratitude- a subtle very light gold highlight. This isn’t my usual highlight taste, but it makes sense to be in this palette because Emily loves subtle highlights.
  • Kindness- A light under eye setting powder. I love that this is included in this palette, it makes it even better for travel. The powder works great.

Over all I really enjoy the face products. At first I didn’t like the blush or bronzer. But, using a light hand with a fluffy brush they look beautiful.

The highlight isn’t for me, I like BAM highlights, I have been using Gratitude to highlight my brow bone and inner corner a lot though.

Like my giraffe shirt? I got it at TJ Max!!

The Eye Shadows

  • Honesty- a matte orange peachy shade
  • Passion- a dark purple with glitter
  • Peace-a mid tone warm cream
  • Faith- a warm brown
  • Hope- a chocolate brown
  • Love- essentially the same shade as kindness.

All of the shades are matte, besides passion. I wish love would have been replaced with something like a light pink shimmer. You really don’t need the shade of Love with Kindness in the palette.

I really like the formula of the shadows. They are easy to blend and pretty pigmented for the price. Definitely Emily shades!

Please ignore the mascara dot on my eye, I couldn’t be bothered with cleaning it up.

I do this simple look with this palette most days when I have work. On this day I had family stuff.

  • I start with blending Peace high in my crease and all over my lid
  • I then take Faith more in the crease.
  • I deepen up my outer edge with hope.
  • I place Honesty all over my lid
  • I highlight my inner corner and brown bone with Gratitude.

Super quick and easy look.

Over All

If you don’t mind learning a bit to work with the blush and bronzer I think this palette is a fantastic deal. It is really all you need as far as powder products for travel.

The formula is nice and it is only $15!! I have to say I have just been crazy and Revolution Makeup recently.

🎃🎃🎃🎃 out of 5 pumpkins. You have to work with the blush and bronzer and Kindness and Love are too similar.

But, over all I really do enjoy this palette and, as you can see in the pictures, I use it a lot.

You can pick it up Here!

Have you tried this palette yet? What did you think?

Thank you for reading 🎃

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Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters; Drug Store Gem?


Hey guys,

Let’s take a break from the subscription boxes for a second and do a product review.

I purchased the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter In “Golden Lights” back in July. You saw this if you follow my Instagram _beautytidbits_blog which I am really try to become more invested in. But, I am the worst at flat lays.

After trying that shade for awhile, I decided to order the other 2 shades of it that Ulta carries. I also want to note, they recently came out with a “Rose Gold” shade, but Ulta does not have it yet.

Highlighter is a crazy popular product, and finding a good one can get expensive. But, you don’t have to spend an up wards of $25 to get a good glow!


“Golden Lights”, “Radiant Lights”, and “Peach Lights”

Talk about coming through. As you can tell from the swatches, these guys have some great pigmentation. And, in case you were wondering, this does give you a BAM highlight on your face. Every shade!


The pans are in a hard plastic compact, with a domed lid. This is a baked product, so it is more raised than normal. It contains 7.5 grams of product.


My preferred way to apply this highlight, well all powdered highlights is with the ELF highlighting brush, sometimes a fan brush. KEEP IN MIND THIS DOES CONTAIN DIMETHICONE. I know some people do try to avoid this ingredient. All three shades apply easily and are easy to blend. They can also be used wet! I highlight my cheek bones, nose, cupid’s bow, and sometimes use the highlight to pop my inner corner and under my brow bone.

Wear/Over All Thoughts:

I have tried a ton of highlighters. Especially drugstore ones. The Makeup Revolution Baked Vivd’s are by far my favorite, and they are only $6 at Ulta! It is pigmented enough to give you that ever so popular in your face highlight, easy to blend, and crazy inexpensive. I wanted to compare these highlighters to a more expensive one, so you can really see why you don’t have to shell out a butt ton of money to look like a glowing goddess.


Here they are compared to The Balms Mary Lumanizer. I would even go as far as to say that “Golden Lights” is a dupe for Mary Lou! I would 100% say that this is a drugstore gem and well worth the $6 it costs.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favorite drugstore highlight? What about highend? Comment below! Want more B&T? Check this out!

XoXo Manda

How I Do #GlossierPink!


Hello Loveys!

I have raved in past posts about the brand Glossier, I was encouraged to try my hand at the #GlossierPink post! I have actually been working on this post for quite a while, but any time it was almost ready something happened that required all of my attention. So, with great enthusiasm, here is how I do #GlossierPink!

After much thought,  I decided that I will be showing y’all a couple of my favorite pink toned products, and a look using them at the end! My wardrobe is filled with gray and black, which leaves me with the ability to really experiment with the shades I use for makeup, nails, and so on. Pink just happens to be an accent color that I really enjoy using.

Let’s start off with nails…


Wet n’ Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel “Pinky Swear.

This polish is a stunning light pink. If I am wearing any polish on my toes it is more often than not this little lady. Though it truly isn’t 1 step like the name states, it requires multiple coats, the shade is pretty enough for me to over look that little faux-pas.At only $4.99, you really can’t go wrong.



Milani Rose Powder Blush “Romantic Rose”

This blush has gotten a ton of attention in the beauty community, and it is easy to see why. It is pigmented, but not too pigmented that it makes you look like a clown, affordable, and the product in the pan is in the shape of a rose! Too stinking cute!

gp3If I am in a hurry or having a hard time deciding what blush to use, this gem of the drugstore is my go to. The best part is it is only $8.99!



Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked High-lighter “Radiant”

The photo really isn’t doing this high-lighters pinky tone any justice. It looks beautiful on the face and eyes, even as a lip high-light!

gp5All the high-lighters in this collection are AH-mazing, and only $6!

Lip Color:


Glossier Generation G Matte Lip Color “Like”

If you want a matte lip color that doesn’t make your lips feel like concrete, then this line is 100% for you. The packaging is slim so it is easy to travel with. This product is also seriously moisturizing. Glossier’s first concern is skin care, and this product really does get that point across. You can get your hands on it as well for $18 on their website.



Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s Palette

This palette is a serious life saver. It has great crease shades for my skin tone, as well as some great brow bone highlights. But, that is for another post, right now we are focusing on the 3 beautiful pink shades that this palette contains.


L to R “Sprinkles”, “Cotton Candy”, and “Totally Fetch”

I really love using the two lighter shades on the lid and “Sprinkles” makes a gorgeous inner corner highlight. Believe it or not I enjoy using “Totally Fetch” to define my inner corner and on my lower lash line. I actually used it to do a hot pink cut crease in the past, talk about a pop of color!

The palette itself is also a pretty light pink shade with hearts popping out of it. I have used it as sort of a Valentines decoration before, and I totally plan to do so again.

The Look:


I am going to start off with talking you through the eye portion of this look, sense when I actually did the look this is where I started.

  • I primed my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and set it with my face powder.
  • I started off the actual eye look with the shade “Mocha” in the crease as my transition shade.
  • I then dipped into “Cotton Candy” and applied it all over my lid.
  • Using “Totally Fetch” I defined my outer v and my crease.
  • However, I wanted a little more definition. I decided to go in with the shade “Bordeaux:”, which is a stunning burgundy and define my crease and lower lash line just a bit more.
  • I popped “Sprinkles” into my inner corner, and used it to highlight my brow bone.
  • I threw on a wing and some mascara and called it a job well done.


  • For my brows I used my ELF brow pencil and my Glossier boy brow, here is my post where I talk about it in-depth.
  • I used my Too Faced Hang Over RX primer to prime all over my face, especially in my T-Zone.
  • To conceal blemishes and under my eyes I used the Glossier Stretch Concealer “light”.
  • Instead of a heavy-duty foundation I used the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint “light”. I wanted to let my skin breath. This is the only type of skin tint I use, and don’t ever see myself breaking my loyalty to it.
  • I set the face with my ELF translucent pressed powder.
  • To highlight I used the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight “Radiant”. I used it on my cheek bones, my nose, and mu cupid’s bow.
  • For my blush I used my Milani Powder blush in “Romantic Rose”. I tried to get the bulk of the product on the apples of my cheeks, then dusted it back towards my ear.
  • To bronze and to a slight contour I used the Medusa’s Makeup Bronzer “Sun Kissed”. I really like the luminous glow this bronzer gives the skin.
  • I then sprayed the Glossier Soothing Facial Mist liberally all over my face to really help the powders melt into my skin.
  • Lastly I used the Glossier Generation- G lip color “Like”, to give my lips a quick and healthy flush of a nudey pink.

After seeing all these products in action I am reminded of how much I love each and every one!

There you have it, how a not so girly girl does #GlossierPink. I highly recommend you check out Glossier’s products for yourself, which you can do here! They are great products that are also great for you, what else could you ever ask for?

I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that it helped you find some fantastic products! What is your favorite Glossier product? Let me know in the comments! Want more B&T? here is another post for you to check out!

XoXo Manda