Making it Wearable: Spring Trend 2016- Blue Eye Liner

I will be the first to say that I very rarely follow trends. I sort of just do what I like, but sense I have become more aware of the fashion world around me I have been crazy interested in make-up trends. Someone decided that blue eyeliner was going to be a thing for this spring, so I decided to test it out. My goal was to make it easier to do, a bit more wearable, and provide you with a great drugstore option, because I am sorry but I am not spending close to $15+ on a blue liner. Continue reading “Making it Wearable: Spring Trend 2016- Blue Eye Liner”

Wet n Wild Perfect Pair Ombre Lip Wand

ombrelipsI truly love the megalast lipsticks from Wet n Wild, so I saw these and decided to give them a try, before I get into the review I am going to show y’all the swatches.

177A MutuallyBeneficial

116A Sisters in Charms

118A Pretty Pocket Pair

Now my thoughts…

I hate this product. The formula is very dry and hard to work with. The formulation is so dry that you cannot really blend them well, thus not being able to achieve the ombre lip desired. If you come across this product, I would advise you to save your money and pass on this one!


XoXo Manda