Boxy Charm May 2017 | Makeup is Art 

*Boxy Charm is a subscription service that cost $21 per month*

This months theme was make is art, so it focused on items, that in my unprofessional opinion, would be useful in a kit.

IBY Beauty Highlight and Contour Kit Retails:$40

The powders in this contour kit are very buttery, and have great pigmentation. They actually seem light enough to work for me, but the contour shade do lean a little warm.

Great pigmentation though, I will keep you all updated.

The Brow Gal Convertible Brow “02” Retails: $35

The Brow Gal is a brand I have tried before and love. (How many people do you think will get mad over the “do your face a favor thing”?😂😂😜) This kit is supposed to be for brown hair but I think I can make it work.

They are actually way more pigmented than I thought they would be, so my expectations for this are high. 

Tenptu Liquid Glow Retails: $29.50

I am just going to start out by saying, I am not the biggest fan of Liquid highlights. They just seem like so much work, and so much can easily go wrong.

This shade is really pretty though, so I think I have to give it a shot.

The Brow Gal Brow Brush $14.00

Crown Brush Round Contour Brush $24.99

Who can’t use a good Brow Brush and spoolie? The bristles seem to be the perfect stiffness.

As for the round Brush. I have never tried one, but I have wanted to really bad. 

Overall, this box was nice. Not my favorite, but I will definitely get use out of everything.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for stopping by.❤️❤️ 

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Boxy Charm Un-Boxing | January 2017


*Boxy Charm is $21 a month, and contains full and sample sized beauty products.*

Corresponding Video!

This months theme was “The charm award goes to…”, makes sense, because it is award season on T.V. I don’t watch them, but who cares.

Crown Brush Soft Fan Brush $12.99:

The first product is a fan brush from crown brush. It feels pretty soft, and I was in need of a new fan brush. I always love getting brushes in these boxes!

Oscaar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, Full-Size $23:

Holy crap! I have always wanted to try one of these dry shampoos, but there is now way I would shell out that kind of money! Now, I can, with out feeling guilty. I am really hoping this lives up to my expectations.

Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat $18:

I have only tried a matte top coat from Sally Hensen, so I am hoping this one is much better quality than that one. This top coat is also supposed to be made with organic ingredients, which is great!

PUR Chateau Cheek Stain “Peach Belline” $26:


I really do not think with shade will look good on me. I guess I will have to try it out to see.

It is a really soft gel like formula, and the brush actually sheers it off nicely! I may have to update you all on this.

Vintage Highlighter Double “Chocolate diamonds\ Rose Quartz” $35:


This is the second, and third I guess, highlight that I have tried from this brand. The other one is fantastic, so I hope this one is as well. A bit concerned it may not work as a highlight for me and I will have to find an alternative use. I have pretty fair skin.

That is it for this months boxy charm! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading. When the corresponding video is up, I will link it! What was in your boxy charm?

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XoXo Manda

Boxy Charm Un-Boxing | December 2016


*BoxyCharm is $21 a month, you get 4-7 full-sized products. Sign up at, *

This months theme is “Make-up on Pointe”. Pointe, like ballet! I never talk about my actual like on here, but I actually danced Pointe for a few years, 9 actually. I had to quit due to a very bad ankle injury. So, this theme is great. I always miss it the most during Christmas time, just this card made me happy.


Butte London Nail Lacquer “Ruby Murry”

This shade is a beautiful red wine shade. Butter London is an 8-free polish brand, so I am all for getting these. Retails for $15.

Beauty For Real Lip Scrub

I love love LOVE lip scrubs! I use one every day, at night and in the morning. This one contains orange, vanilla, and cinnamon bark essential oils. Smells so good. It retails for $14. Geeze!


Ofra Metallic Liquid Lipstick “Napa Valley”


SO BEAUTIFUL. If you don’t like dramatic looks, then obviously this isn’t for you. I, however, do. This is the 2nd liquid lipstick I have gotten from Ofra, and I hope I love it as much as the other. Retails for $19.90

IBY eye liner “Blue Grey”


Great color, very creamy formula. Will make use of this is my water line. I really enjoyed the trio that I got my IBY a few months ago, so I have high expectations for this liner. Especially sense it costs $14.

Pure Cosmetics “Buff Collection” palette

I have an entire post coming up about this palette. So I will not say much, just that it retails for $50. I have some pretty big thoughts on it, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed this Boxy Charm un-boxing. What did you get in this months Boxy Charm? What products from this box would you like to hear more about? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

Petit Vour Mystery Make-Up Box | Holiday 2016


During Black Friday, I only made two purchases, this was one of them. It is no longer available as a set, but the individual products are on Petit Vours’ site. The box retailed for $50.

*As of now, it is relisted under their holiday gifts section!!! It is the Make-up obsessed box, here. *

Sample Sizes:


Box Naturals wipes “Rosewater”: This is something I already love. I got it in a past PV box, and have since bought the pack of them. They are a life saver and can be used any where on the body. I always have one, at least, in my purse.  A box of 10 retails for $10.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigment Liquid Lip “Gwyneth”

I have this product in the shade “Blythe” and love it! I wish this wasn’t such a small sample, sense I paid $50 for the box, but I will still get use out of it. Full-Size $24.


Fior Minerals Ignite Illuminator “Sweets”

This is a sample size of a cream illuminator that gives a beautiful natural glow. It is a pink tone, so it doesn’t show up too stark on me. I think it is perfect for winter. It gives you a really ethereal glow. Full size retails for $24.

Full-Sized Products:

Lily Lolo Sculpt and Glow Contour Duo:

This is a duo I got in  a past PV box, after longing after it for a while. I am still in love with it ans use it constantly. The one in the pictures is actually mine, and not the brand new one. I am going to give the new one as part of a gift. I am not upset that this was in there, not everyone gets the monthly box, and I planned on buying this as a specific gift for a family member who wanted it anyway! Retails for $26.

*Swatched dry then wet*

Studio 78 eye shadow “03 Tea Time”

I have wanted to try thins brand for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it. This eyeshadow can be applied we or dry, which I really like. It doesn’t feel like a regular baked shadow would. I appreciate that they have included a shade I will actually get a TON of use out of. It seems like a lot of make-up box type things include pretty outlandish shades. It retails for $23.

Red Apple Lip Stick lipstick “Audrey”

The shade that you got in the box was the only thing you got to pick. I have heard a ton of good things about this shade, so I had to go with it. FYI, it is so worth the hype! It is the perfect your lips but better color. The formula is amazing, and it wears way longer than I expected it to. It retails for $23.

I hope you enjoyed the un-boxing! Be on the look out for an up coming post, including a look using only these products! Have you tried any of these things before? What is your favorite Red Apple Lip Stick lipstick shade? Comment below! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

August 2016 Boxycharm UN-Boxing!


Here’s another sub box for y’all to peak into. Boxycharm is $21 (free us shipping). It usually has 4-5 most full-sized, sometimes deluxe sample sized products. This month the theme of the box is”express yourself”.


The first product is The Coastal Scents Blush+Bronzer mini palette, with the bonus item; an angled blush brush.

It is supposed to be worth a total of $19.95. Upon first impression, I am not too over the moon with the palette. It doesn’t swatch all that great, but it still may apply beautifully on the face. I guess we will all find out in up coming posts. The brush is small, but very soft. I am going to try to get use out of it.


Next, we’ve got the Aloette Aloepure Time Repair Serum. A $48 value! Skin care is expensive, but IF it is good it can be worth it.

This serum is supposed to be good for all skin types, smooth away dead skin cells, protect against free radicals, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Those are some bold claims, but I am willing to try anything that will smooth and protect my skin. If it is cruelty free that is, LIKE THIS SERUM! It is also a farm to jar certified item, so it is going to be more natural than other skin care. I really want to try more green skin care and makeup, even more green than this.


The next item is this really pretty velvet matte liquid lipstick from Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics. It is a $9 value.

From what I am seeing they are cruelty free AND vegan, though I am personally trying to focus on CF. But, after checking Logical Harmony’s Brand list I didn’t see it. I actually emailed Logical Harmony to see if anything was know. Hopefully I get an answer, if not, I understand they are busy!

It is a pretty shade though, named “phantom”, which is right up my alley. I swatched it over my tattoo so the opacity, with one dip into the product could be shown. Not bad for $9!


This next product is neat, but also aggravated me some. Amplimascara by Make-up Eraser, is a $23 product, that seems like it is supposed to be magic. It is supposed to last all day and night, not flake, smudge, clump, or cause irritation. It also contains no parabens.

The package says that it will gift you lift, volume, curl, and be super black. Sounds nice right? Well, apparently it is part of a kit. Will it even work on its own if it is just a serum?! Why not just sent the fibers with it, it is literally on sale right now, $28 for the kit. Just $5 more!

A little insert in the box says that the best way to remove it is with a damp Make-up Eraser….Really? Is the best way to remove a makeup product made by a brand who MADE a makeup remover cloth, with said cloth? Who would have guessed. I will be reviewing this, might even buy the fibers to see how it all works.


The last item in the box is this  Shadow STX by Beauty for Real. It is a $19 value.

This shadow is cream to powder, CF, supposedly long wearing, and infused with meadowfoam seed oil (whatever that is) to moisturize.

This shade is amazing. It is going to look beautiful on the eye. As you can see in the swatch, this dude is pigmented! It was also pretty hard to remove from my arm with a makeup wipe. Which can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are.

That is it for my Boxy Charm!

What did you think of this post?  Which items are you curious about? Do you get Boxy Charm? Let’s talk below or through email

XoXo Manda

Another Colour Pop Haul!

A monster has been created, I can not stop buying from Colour Pop! It is so crazy addicting, because it is so inexpensive.

I decided to get some eyeshadows and lippie sticks this time.


I got Lumiere and Poison. They are both matte and I am really enjoying both of them. They smell great and are really comfortable on the lips!.


From left to right Dare, Luckfully, Girl Power, Amaze, Porter, Wennie, Midnight

I decided to pick a=up a few shades I had my eye on, and the remaining 3 Kathleen Lights Where the Night is shadows ( I only had Telepathy). Be looking for looks using these!!

What are you favorite Colour Pop products??

XOXO Manda