MOTD *Muny Edition*

Today I bring you an exciting Makeup Of The Day. It is the look I did when I recently went to the Muny. I usually see every play that visits over the summer, but this year has been hectic. I only got to see one. If you are unware of what the Muny is, it is an outdoor play house in St.Louis, Mo. It is pretty fantastic!


I used the ABH Modern Renaissance palette to do my eyes. I just can not get enough of it!

I set the concealer I used as an eye primer with “Tempera”.

I used “Burnt Orange” as my transition shade.

I mixed “Raw Sienna” and “Cyprus Umber” To deepen my crease and pop my outer corner.

“Realgar” Is what I decided to use as  my lid shade and under my eye.

I used “Vermer” on my inner corner and brow bone.

I used my typical Kat Von D liner and Benefit They’re Real Mascara. My foundation was the Too Faced Born this way in “Snow” and the concealer of the same name in “Very Fair”.

I used the ELF contour palette on my face and nothing else! Of that sort at least.

For my lips I mixed Ofra liquid lipstick in “Laguna Beach” and NYX Liquid Suede in “Soft Spoken”. I am in love with how my lip turned out and I have been doing it this way a ton recently. I plan to do a separate post about it!


I really hope you enjoyed this look! Have any requests?

XoXo Manda

A Natural Look: Using ABH Modern Renaissance


Hello Everyone! I am back from my 4th of July vacation, and I am bringing you a post that I find very helpful. One big thing that I look for when buying new palettes is if it is versatile. Unless, I am getting it for a specific reason  ( like when I buy Sugar Pill Palettes).

I have decided to bring you a look using the new ABH palette that is more nude, but still has a bit of a pinky tone to it.


  • I set my lid with “tempera”
  • Used “Golden Ochre” as my transition shade.
  • I then used “Raw Sienna” in my outer corner and crease.
  • Then on my lid I used “Buon Fresco” which I actually love, I thought I would hate it.
  • I then used “Cyprus Umber” just a bit in my outer v
  • I warmed up the look a bit by lightly blending with “Burnt Orange”.
  • I used “Tempera” to highlight my brow bone.
  • “Vermeer” was the shade that I used to highlight my inner corner.

Let me know what you think! How do you like to use this palette?

XoXO Manda

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance


Obviously, this post is going to be about the beautiful and hyped up ABH Modern Renaissance palette! This palette is $42, which I think is a fantastic price for a high end palette. You can get it here.

Is it worth all of the hype it gets? Let’s find out.


The packaging is a beautiful dusty rose with the palette name in white and the comapny name in rose gold. I usually really dislike pink, but this shade of pink looks old and I enjoy that. I have heard a ton of people complaining about the texture of the packaging. It has a velvet texture, which can get messy easy.I personally do not have a problem with this, but I can see why others would. The packaging seems pretty durable, so I wouldn’t be worried about traveling with it.

The mirror inside of the palette is really nicely sized, I have taken to using it when I do my makeup. The layout of the shades and the selection is absolutely gorgeous. I just want to stare at it!


There is no smell (or taste), which is good and expected of this palette. The shadows are extremely buttery. Probably some of the softest I have ever felt.



If you are near a Sephora or Ulta this palette is readily available. If not you can order it only from multiple sites! Above I linked Sephora.


These shadows go on so nicely and blend out like a dream. Becasue they are so buttery there is quite a bit of fall out, but this can easily be corrected with a fan brush or concealer. There are so many different ways that you can use this palette, it is amazing. The look I will be posting is the first look I did. I will continue to post looks with this palette and show you all the different looks you can do!


  • I used “Rax Sienna” and “Burnt Orange” in my crease.
  • I then put a mix of “Venetian Red” and ‘Love Letter” on my lid.
  • “Antique Bronze” is what I used on my outer corner and to deepen my crease
  • I used “Venetian Red” to smoke out my lower lash line
  • “Tempera” is what I used to highlight my brow bone and  I used “Primavera”on my inner corner.



I had this look on for a little over 8 hours and it still look great when I went to wash it off!

I give this palette a 5/5! I am in love with it, I am so glad I purchased it. It is unlike anything else I own.I highly recommend it!

Have you tried this palette? What are you favorite looks to do with it? What are your must have palettes?

XoXO Manda