Singles Cruise Challenge | I am late to the band wagon

I was browsing the old YouTube and found singles cruise videos. I decided, “hey, you have three drawers of single shadows. Get started on that!”

I took my inner selfs advice and picked one of my drawers and had my little brother pick 5 random numbers between 1 and 31.

He picked; 17, 6,11, 26, and 13.

The numbers he picked ended up making a super cohesive look, with fall vibes.

The first shade is Serious from Urban Decay. It’s a deep gray with some glitter, that looks purple to me. By the way, I got this for $6 at TJMaxx. Look around, don’t spend the $20.

The nest shade is strange and off putting from Notoriously Morbid. This is a made brown that pulls very orange. I would almost just call it terra-cotta. It’s a perfect fall pigment.

I have another really warm brown to work with. NYX Whipped Mocha. I believe my little sister got this in an advent calendar last year, and gave it to me. The formula of this shadow is actually super nice and makes me want to try more from NYX. I actually haven’t used many of their products!

The next shade is the Naked Cosmetics Pigment in Sierra Nevada. This is a pigment I reach for often for my inner corner or to add some glitter all over the lid. I really enjoy the Naked Cosmetics pigments and I am glad that I have gotten some from Ipsy in the past.

The last shade is a beautiful metallic copper from Medusa’s Makeup called Brown Sugar. This pigment is so pretty, and I don’t give it the use it deserves.

The Look

  • I started by priming my kid and setting it as usual.
  • With a fluffy crease brush I buffed Whipped Mocha in my crease and up almost to my brow bone.
  • Take a bit of a fluffy shader I packed Strange and off putting on the our part of my lid.
  • Using the same brush I packed Brown Sugar on the rest of my lid.
  • With a smaller crease brush a used Serious to deepen up my crease.

  • I popped Sierra Nevada on my inner corner.
  • I took an angled liner brush and placed Serious on my lower lash line.
  • I did the exact same step, using the same brush, with Whipped Mocha.
  • With a small fluffy brush I buffed everything out with Strange and Off Putting.

That is the look! I am happy with how it turned out and thought this was a ton of fun. I will definitely be doing more posts like this!

How do you get use of your single shadows? Do you have a single shadow you are in love with?

Thank you for reading 🦇

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Iluvsarahii x Dose of Colors | Review and first experience w/ Dose of Colors!

He guys.

I’m sure you have noticed that I have been lacking on looks and reviews. My blog has turned into mostly unboxings.

I am not proud of this. Sometimes motivation and inspiration just seems to completely disappear. I am hoping that it is finally starting to come back to me.


I finally purchased my first Dose of Colors products, and boy am I excited.

Iluvsharahii is a beauty influencer, who I actually am not familiar with- but I can tell that she has great taste!

Dose of Colors is a paraben Free, gluten free, and cruelty free brand.

Eyeshadow Palette $35

This 6 pan palette consists of 2 matte, 2 shimmer/metallic shades, and 2 glitter shades.

All are very pigmented and very on par with recent beauty trends. Warm shades with a pop of blue.

The blue and black (glitter shades) do have quite a bit of fall out, but I expected this to be so.

Liquid Lip “Aesthetic” $18

This shade is a stunning warm red.

I love this Liquid lip. It is very pigmented, applied evenly, and has great staying power. It is also vegan.

I have to say, I think this is my new favorite liquid lip stick formula.

I will gladly be spending the $18 to purchase more shades from the brand.

The Look

  • I started by priming my eyes with the NYX Glitter Primer and set it with a matte powder of my skin tone.
  • I started with the lightest pinky peach shade in the palette and buffed it in to my crease and over most of my lid as the transition shade.
  • I then took the darkest matte shade in the palette and blended it in to my crease, but more centered into my crease than the other shade.
  • I then took the glittery black shade and placed on my outer v and then buffed the remainder of the pigment on the brush into my outer crease.
  • After a lot of blending, I placed the blue shade all over the rest of my lid.
  • I then did I basic line with my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper.
    • On my lower lash line, I lined the outer part with a random black liner.
      I buffed the lightest matte shade under my lower lash line as a transition, again.
      Then I define my lash line with the deepest matte shade.
      I then popped the lightest shimmer shade into my inner corner.
      I finished my eyes off with the Younique Epic Lash Mascara.

    Over all thoughts on the Palette?

    I love it! I can’t think of a single bad thing. The packaging is beautiful and compact. The mirror is very use full. The shades are pigmented, very pretty and easy to blend.

    So far my opinion of the brand is outstanding and I have this urge to buy everything they have available at Ulta!

    Speaking of, you can pick up the two featured product online at Ulta.Com

    What is your favorite Dose of Colors products?

    Thank you for reading 💜

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    Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Palette | Review and Look

    I am sure you all know about the original Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette. It is an all Matte palette separated into 4 quads. It is fantastic and has became a favorite amongst the beauty community.

    But, did you know that Kat came out with a Shimmer version? Because I didn’t until I say it in Sephora. It is essentially a shimmery sister to the OG Palette.

    Visually, shade layout and packaging wise, this Palette is very appealing to me. The packaging is a hard plastic, and you get a fantastic mirror. The design of the palette is simple yet beautiful, in true KVD still. The shades are displayed in a very cohesive manor, which makes the palette easier to navigate.

    Let’s look at some swatches!

    Quad one

    • Porcelain A staple Matte Cream Shade. The only Matte in the Palette
    • Copper when swatched appears as a shimmery Gold.
    • Bronze a bronze shade. More powdery then the last larger glitter chunks.
    • Sterling a sheer glitter cream shade with Silver glitter. Seems like more of a shadow topper.

    I enjoy the first two shades in this quad. The other two I find hard to work with.

    Quad Two

    • Dusk a light shimmery neutral brown.
    • Cinder a neutral brown Shimmer, green under tone.
    • Onyx a black with chunky glitter. I found this shade very dry.
    • Glacier a white glitter shade. Another one that seems to be more like a shadow topper.

    Again, I only like two of the four.

    Quad Three

    • Dune shimmery light orange shade
    • Rust a shimmery orange-red
    • Jasper shimmery light warm toned brown. Chunky glitter.
    • Quartz a very light orange with chunky glitter. Again, appears to be more like an eye topper.

    I bet you can guess that I only like two of the four shades in this quad as well.

    The Look

    • I primed my eyes with the NYX Glitter Primer to stop a foreseeable disaster, and set it with Porcelain. Porcelain is also the shade I used to blend out harsh lines.
    • For my transition and blending I pulled in the lightest brown in the KVD OG shade + Light Eye Palette. This is the only time I dip into other palettes.
    • I tried to deepen up the crease with Dusk.
    • I placed Cinder on my outer corner and blended it into the outer crease ever so slightly.
    • For my lid, I placed Dune all over it.

    • For my lower lash line, I lined it with a black liner. Then applied Cinder as close to the lash line as possible.
    • Blended that out with dusk.
    • Then I blended that out with porcelain.
    • Lastly, I popped Glacier in my inner corner.

    Over all thoughts

    For $49 you get 12 shades. 6 of which I dislike. The other 6 I really enjoy. The 6 shades I did not like were hard to blend, due to how powdery they are. I also found that the ones that were reminiscent of eye toppers were hard to build (and blend), because they have such a slick almost cream like texture.

    I love KVD and I hate to say it, but if I could find the box to this Palette I would return it. For almost $50, technically over $50 after tax, I want much more than half the shades to work. I think the concept of the palette was great, but I find that it is really unnecessary and not worth the price.

    🐝🐝 out of five bumble bees. The packaging and the shades I liked earned it the two bees.

    Have you tried this Palette? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

    Thank you for reading 💜

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    Back to School Makeup Easy AND Inexpensive


    Hello internet!

    Today I am coming at you with an easy back to school makeup look, that is ALL drugstore! By drugstore I do not mean brands that are inexpensive that you can only get online. I mean products that I could literally pick up right this second from my local drugstore if I needed it. Some of the products I used for this look are products I have been using since I was old enough to wear makeup. I have seen a few people do this recently so I decided to throw it in with a back to school look.

    • I started off by priming my face. I used the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. I started using this primer when Hard Candy came to Wal-Marts near me, when I was in High School. It is a primer I still reach for. It is really inexpensive and does make makeup last longer. It is a light formula, so I have never noticed that it clogs my pores.
    • I then skipped to my eye brows, sense I usually have to clean them up with a concealer. I decided to use the Physicians Formula Brow duo. It comes with a pencil, brow bone high light, and a gel that is supposed to help nourish your brows.I have the lightest shade. I am not really into this type of pencil format. But, it is my favorite pencil in this format, if you get what I mean. I used the lightest brow shade in the ELF Mad for Matte palette to fill my brows in. I used my NYX beyond coverage pot concealer to clean them up. And to conceal my face. Physician’s Formula is a more expensive drugstore brand, and no I didn’t use it when I was younger.

    • I used the NYX Stay Matte But not Flat foundation in the shade Ivory.
    • I set my face with the ELF pressed translucent powder.
    • To contour and bronze I used the bronzer shade in the ELF “Fiji-Matte “duo. I use to use the non matte version and I used to be in love with it! I think it is “St. Lucia”, which I decided not to use today. I also used the blush in the duo. I love this little duo, it is so blendable and pigmented. This duo is $3!
    • To highlight I used the top 2 shades in the ELF Illuminate Palette. I love this little palette, I keep it out on my vanity sense I reach for it on the daily…it ‘s only $6!!


    • For my eyes I primed with the Jordana 12 hr wear pencil in “Continuous Almond”. Jordan is another great brand, that has some essentials that I reach for daily still, even over their higher end counter parts.
    • I set my eyes with the lightest shade in the ElF Mad for Matte palette. This is a $10 palette that I think everyone needs to have! I used the 3rd shade in this palette in my crease.
    • For the rest of my eye look I used the classic Wet n’ Wild Walking on Egg Shells trio. This little guy is fricking amazing. It is crazy pigmented and only like $3!! I used the lid shade on my lid, crease shade on my outer “V” and to deepen the crease. I used the brow bone shade on my brow bone and inner corner. Another eye shadow palette I think everyone needs.
    • I used the ELF Gel Liner in Black to do a wing and such. You can obviously skip this step, but I chose not to. This is not my favorite gel liner, not going to lie…I do not recommend it.
    • For my mascara i used the Essence Lash Princess. This is one of my favorite mascaras!! It is fantastic!! Go get it it is under $5!



    • For my lips I lined with Milani “Spice” and also used their lip stick in “Teddy Bare”. You could obviously opt for a gloss or something that needs less maintenance for school, something I wish I would have done back in the day.


    Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this look! What are your favorite drugstore products for back to school?

    XoXo Manda

    MOTD *Muny Edition*

    Today I bring you an exciting Makeup Of The Day. It is the look I did when I recently went to the Muny. I usually see every play that visits over the summer, but this year has been hectic. I only got to see one. If you are unware of what the Muny is, it is an outdoor play house in St.Louis, Mo. It is pretty fantastic!


    I used the ABH Modern Renaissance palette to do my eyes. I just can not get enough of it!

    I set the concealer I used as an eye primer with “Tempera”.

    I used “Burnt Orange” as my transition shade.

    I mixed “Raw Sienna” and “Cyprus Umber” To deepen my crease and pop my outer corner.

    “Realgar” Is what I decided to use as  my lid shade and under my eye.

    I used “Vermer” on my inner corner and brow bone.

    I used my typical Kat Von D liner and Benefit They’re Real Mascara. My foundation was the Too Faced Born this way in “Snow” and the concealer of the same name in “Very Fair”.

    I used the ELF contour palette on my face and nothing else! Of that sort at least.

    For my lips I mixed Ofra liquid lipstick in “Laguna Beach” and NYX Liquid Suede in “Soft Spoken”. I am in love with how my lip turned out and I have been doing it this way a ton recently. I plan to do a separate post about it!


    I really hope you enjoyed this look! Have any requests?

    XoXo Manda

    *Makup Declutter Eyeshadow*

    I knew this would be the hardest part, and it was. Making my first sale of the products that I am selling, today helped me a lot though sense that money is going to a makeup order!

    * I am not showing all the shadows I have remaining- or the ones I am starting with, because I have a few series planned, and I don’t want to spoil anything! Remember, my decluttering process is growing and I will be showing more shadows and other items that I will be passing in on, as they are decided on.*

    Single Shadows


    Lately I have had this strange need to buy single shadows. It was really hard to get rid of any, and the ones that I am passing along, I had to force myself to do. Let’s begin!

    Wet n’ Wild “cheeky”- This pink is super powdery and way more trouble than it is worth. I am really liking shades of pink lately, but I have better shadows that are similar. Going to a family member

    L’oreal “Green Promenade”- I really like this shadow line. I actually have kept a lot that I want to find cruelty free dupes of before I pass along. This one just isn’t pigmented, so I am going to let my family pick through this (along with a ton of other makeup) next weekend!

    L’oreal “Argentic”- This is another shade that just isn’t pigmented. I am also passing this along to family. I have swatched it quite a bit.

    Cover Girl “Tapestry taupe”, “Mink”, and “Brown Smoulder”- I am passing these all along for the same reason. I have these exact shades, but 1000 times better in cruelty free form. I have messed with these quite a bit, so I am going to give these to family and not sell. It was a bit hard to pass these along, because I do like them, but there is no sense in keeping a worse version of something I own.



    Palettes weren’t as hard to move away from because I have SO many. Let’s just get into the ones I am passing along and where they are going.

    NYC Lovatics BY Demi- I used this once, in a post. It is nice for the price, but I have so much like it. It also is not cruelty free, so might as well pass it along. I am going to sanitize and sell this item!

    NYX Sex Bomb- I have never used this item and just don’t see myself reaching for it. I am going to sell it.

    CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes- I bought this b/c of Tati and it just wasn’t as great as she made it seem. Not much pigmentation. Going to a family member sense I did use it quite a bit.

    Revlon Photo Ready “Metropolitan” – I have only swatched this item, and I know my mom really likes it. She has used it. I am going to give it to her!

    Wet n’ Wild Poster Child- I have played with this some, but I am never going to use this. I am just going to let it go to a family member before I change my mind!

    Sonia Kashuk Eyes on Textured Nudes- I love the matte and shimmer version of this palette, but this one just doesn’t have the same pay off. I am going to also pass this on to my mom, she has been wanting shadows with more shimmer, maybe she can make use of this.

    Wet n Wild I’m Getting Sun Burnt- This trio is really messy and the shadows are too soft. The super dark brown broke and has just mixed with the other shades. I am going to throw this one away.

    Rimmel Afternoon Tea-This has like no pigmentation. I don’t even want to give it to someone else because it just sucks. Trash.

    Hope you enjoyed this declutter! What shadows should I pick up? What types of looks do you want to see??

    XoXo Manda

    My Favorite: Drugstore Mattes


    * Only includes items you can find at drugstores, nothing that is drugstore priced, by can only be ordered online*

    It may come as a surprise to you, but I love drugstore make-up. Only kidding, it’s almost all I talk about on the safe place of Beauty and TidBits. It used to be near impossible to find matte products at the drugstore, but as the matte make-up trend has taken off, more have popped up. However, it is still a bit hard to find GOOD ones. Well, no worries I am here to help! Continue reading “My Favorite: Drugstore Mattes”

    My Favorite Lazy Girl Hair Hack + Bonus Lazy FOTD

    Most of the time I hate messing with my hair. It just takes too much time and ends up greasy anyway. So, resulting from that is the following hair hack that I use almost everyday. There are a ton of pictures on my blog with my hair in this hack, and it really has helped the lazy girl in me to become even more lazy. Which isn’t always bad right?

    I grab the top layers of my hair and put them in a high pony tail, leaving the bottom layer down, except for its front pieces. I also pull these up into the pony tail to make it look more blended. The results in your hair looking longer, and it takes like 2 seconds, which is always great!

    Now for the bonus lazy FOTD:


    My goal on days like this is to use as little product as possible.

    For my foundation I used the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.

    My Concealer is the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer

    My Powder is the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed powder in translucent.

    I used the Wet n Wild Brow pencil for brunettes and set them with vaseline

    For my blush, highlight, bronzer, and eye shadow I used the Physians Formula  Warm Nude shimmer brick thing. ( Inside it it says nude glam)

    I used a new mascara for the 1st time for this look Lash Princess False Lash Effect by Essence. ( review coming soon)

    On my lips is the NYX High Voltage lipstick in Flutter kiss

    It took me like 10 mins total to get ready. If you are wondering why I decided to be so lazy today, it is because I am going to be driving for a few hours, leaving at 9pm. My goal was to be comfortable, but not look like a complete mess when I arrive at my destination. ( I wrote this on a different  day than it is posted, because I at least made an attempt to plan ahead!)

    What are your favorite hair hacks? What are your favorite makeup products to use on a lazy makeup day? I am dying to find out!

    XoXo Manda

    What Make-Up is Travaling with Me? + The Make-Up Bags I Use to Travel



    I want to start by talking about the bag itself! If you have read my first few post than you will remember this bag. It is a NYX make-up bag that I got with a set of NYX make-up at Ulta. This is my favorite bag to travel with because it’s clear so I can see all my products easier, and it is plastic which makes it much easier to clean! Continue reading “What Make-Up is Travaling with Me? + The Make-Up Bags I Use to Travel”