Win or Waste? Pacifica Power of Love palette.


Hey guys!

Tonight, I come at you with a little review of the Pacifica Power of Love eyeshadow palette.

This is a vegan, cruelty free, and green beauty product. It has 10 pressed shadows, which is rare in green beauty! I am so dying to try more green beauty, so when the Pacifica brand was on sale at Ulta, I had to get as much as I could. I remembered Tashina Combs from Logical Harmony raving many a time about this palette, so I had to have it. It costs $20, but Pacifica always has some sort of coupon code you can use, and this brand does qualify for Ulta’s $3.50 of $15 deal! You literally never have to pay full price for this.


The palette is card board with a flip top. There is a clear flimsy window that you can see the shadows through.It isn’t the most sturdy packaging. It is made of recycled materials and 100% recyclable, so you do have to keep that in mind. There is a reason it is cardboard and not plastic packaging, and I think it is a good one. The front of the palette is white, the inside, sides, and back is printed with a really pretty circle and heart pattern. It kind of makes me think of hippies, I really like hippies. The palette itself is very slim and compact, so it makes a  great travel companion.

Details off of site:

Power of Love Eye Shadow Palette includes 10, velvety rich, long lasting, creaseless, mineral eye shadows infused with coconut water to create a soft, cream-like finish. 100% vegan & cruelty-free! 2oz”



Shade names bonce from the maroon, the up, then back down to the green…etc.. “Mysterious”, “Bare”, “Falling Star”, “Spirited”, “Devoted”, “Shine On”, “Treasure”, “Crush”, “Soul”, and “Luna”.

The Look:


If this picture looks familiar it is because I also used it to demo the Tarte mascara in my last post!

  • To start off the look I went it to my crease and put down “Devoted” as my transition shade.
  • I then decided to go all over my lid with “Soul”
  • I took “Crush” and used it on the outer third of my eye. I think this is my favorite shade of the palette.
  • After that I decided it still wasn’t deep enough for me. So, I took “Mysterious” and used it to deepen my crease and my outer v. I also used this shade on my lower lash line.

Over All Thoughts:

I really enjoy this palette. It is easy to blend and you can create a ton of different looks with it! The shades wear a long time with out creasing. I think it would be fantastic for beginners, because of how easy to use it is. There is not much powder pick back ffrom the shadows, which surprises me, I expect it with mineral pressed powders. I really love supporting brands that are cruelty free and vegan, so finding great products from these brands really does make my day. So, of course I will continue to share them with y’all!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favorite vegan and CF eyeshadow palette? What are your thoughts on this palette? Comment below! Want more B&T? READ THIS!

XoXo Manda

Pacifica Jasmine Iris Oil Control Primer Review.



I have a super short one product review for you today. Just like I said I would be doing! I recently bought a ton of Pacifica products because of a video I saw. VOTE HERE, for the Pacifica Muse Contest!

My vote went to Tashina Combs from Logical Harmony,I hope yours will as well! You also get a 15% off code when you vote, which is always nice. Continue reading “Pacifica Jasmine Iris Oil Control Primer Review.”

My Lip Routine!

lip routine

Sorry that I have been a bit M.I.A lately, life has been busy! On to the post!

I have crazy dry lips, so I kind of obsess over my routine for them. Make note, I do this twice daily! Before I do my makeup and after I wash it all off.

I start by exfoliating my lips. I bounce around between the ones that I have, but my all time favorite, and most repurchased, is the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It is $9 and I highly recommend it! I then use one of the 100’s of lip balm type products that I have to moisturize. I have been using my EOS in Honeydew Honey Suckle a lot lately, it is very spring like.

I also thought it would be fun to show you my most reached for lip paring, as of now, as well!

It is Milani’s lip liner in “Spice” and Pacifica’s power of love lipstick in “Nudie Red”. I love these two products. They are a beautiful pairing and feel fantastic on the lips. They also last a pretty long time on the lips, even through eating!

What is your lip routine?!

XoXo Manda