Rimmel Magnif’eyes shadow stick/liner duos. A first impression.


The Rimmel London kohl kajal shadow liners  

are a nice idea. They are a versatile way to quickly apply your shadow and liner. I usually use products like this as a shadow base, because they usually stay creamy and crease easily. I also usually don’t use this certain type of eye liner because it tends to move around a lot on my eyes. Let’s see if this product is any different.

001 Back to the Blacks

This one I was not too fond of. The charcoal color shadow stick has small chunks of glitter in it. While it is still creamy, I just do not like the actual glitter chinks….in anything, but that is a personal preference. The liner is a matter black, but it is a bit patchy and not really that deep of a black. I love the Rimmel exaggerate liners, they are creamy and true to color, so this duo really disappointed me.

002 Kissed by a Rose Gold

I 10000% LOVE this one. The shadow is beautiful. It really is a rose gold with a sheen finish. The liner is a deep matte brown and looks beautiful. I would also like to mention that this shadow dried all the way- it is great!

003 Queens of the Bronzed Age

The shadow of this duo is good. I like it and it dries to where it does not budge. The liner however, is not my favorite, as a liner! I love this in the water line, and I am really excited to use it that way, but as a top lid liner? I prefer matte for that. But, it does serve a really great purpose, so another win.

004 Dark Side of the Blue

First, let me start off saying that this products name made me think of Sci-Fi movies, and that makes me happy.

The shadow with this duo is a bit patchy to compare to the others and does again have the glitter chunks. This does however make a great smoky eye base! The liner….holy cow. It is so electric blue! It does not go anywhere and it is my only shade like it- and I have a ton of liners.

005 Pink and Purple Rain

I think this is the 2nd product in two weeks that I have talked about that referenced Prince’s Purple Rain. I just think that was a funny tid bit. The shadow on with this duo is the most sheer of the bunch. The creamy glitter also clumps up when applied ( as the swatch shows). I am glad one of the duos came with a plum liner, but compared to the exaggerate plum liner, this one is a bit patchy.


Over all…

The shadows, all but one (the one in duo 001), dry to an unbundgeable product. I absolutely love that quality in these shadows, it makes it possible for me to use them as a stand alone shadow, rather than a shadow base. Besides the matte black and plum, I like the formula for the kohl kajal liners. I still don’t prefer them over anything else, but then again, this is just my first impression, so any of these opinions could change!

I will update you with looks and reviews involving these products, if you are interested.

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Manda!

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