Lavish Bath Box March 2018 | UnBoxing

I promise I am trying to get back to a normal posting schedule as life is starting to normalize again.

As I have moved, I finally have a bath tub again. To celebrate, I subscribed to the Lavish Bath Box!

Lavish bath box is around $30 a month and you get 5-7 bath items, and they seem to all be from indie brands!

You’re the Bomb Confetti Pop Cait + Co

This bomb is scented with coconut water and kiwi. Perfect for this new summer weather!

Apparently you just fill the tub back then push this like a push pop into the water.

Cupcake Frosting Whipped Soap Leebrick

This is a fluffy butter cream frosting scented whipped soap.

It’s purple and smells JUST LIKE frosting! I can’t wait to use this stuff.

Flirty Bubble Bar Zeep

This bubble bar is scented with apple, lily, bergamot, citrus, and amber.

It smells amazing. I hope it makes a ton of cute pink bubbles.

Third Times the Charm Bathbomb Luxury


To celebrate Lavish’s third birthday we got a hot pink and gold glitter covered bath bomb. It is scented with sparkling champagne, crystal peonies, and almond creme on a base of amber, sandalwood, and musk.

Let me tell you, it smells amazing. I am really excited to use this bomb and see what it does to my bath water.

Birthday Cake Epsom Soak Feeling Smitten

An epsom soak sounds so relaxing after the long day I’ve had.

This soak is a mixture of Dead Sea salt, epsom salt, coconut oil and scented with sweet vanilla cake.

Lavish x Ambrosia Hand Soap Ambrosia Soap Co.

The last product is hand soap, which we can never have enough of in our house.

This foaming hand soap smells like lemons and gives your hands a really nice clean. I have been using it in the kitchen.

Over all, I am really happy that I subscribed to this box and can not wait to see what next month brings!

What are your favorite bath products?

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Thank you for reading 🐿

Fortune Cookie Soap Oct 2018 | I’m gonna wreck it

It is time for the Fortune Cookie Soap OTM box again.

I have to say, I was surprised that the theme wasn’t a scary movie. But, Wreck It Ralph is a cute movie. I guess some people will enjoy the comic relief the movie brings during spooky season.

The Glitch Cuticle Butter $9.99

I never use cuticle stuff. I really need to though. I just feel like lotion does the same thing. Maybe I will make it a point to use this one.

Stay Sweet Milk Shake $8.99

As I have said before. I don’t have a bath tub. This milkshake almost looks like cakefetti mix!

It is supposed to smell like strawberries. My little sister is really going to like this.

Bad-Anon Hydrate Me $10.99

Scented with wild berries and cedar wood.

This is essentially the most convenient in shower lotion. I love in shower lotions.

The hydrate me smells amazing.

I’m Bad and That’s Good Perfume Oil $16

Scented with pomegranate and whipped caramel marshmallow.

The combination sounds strange, but it smells fantastic. I really enjoy the FCS perfume oils. They last for such a long time and have a noticeable fragrance.

Regenerate Body Wash $4.99

Scented with butter mint and caramel.

I can’t really detect a scent on this one.

It is just a travel size though, so it isn’t that big of a deal. Either Coty or I will end up using it.

Sugar Rush Solid Sugar Scrub $12.99

Scented with lemonade and bubblegum.

Boy can you smell it! Especially when you smell them individually.

I have never used a solid sugar scrub, I do have one from FCS already. I will need to bust them out soon.

Lalalaffy Taffy Laundry Detergent $9.99

Scented with orange cream salt water taffy.

I am way too excited about this new product than I should be. It smells great and I always can use laundry soap.

As always, I am happy with this box. I really look forward to it every month.

What is your favorite body care brand?

Thank you for reading 🎃

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FCS July 2018 |The Park Is Open

I LOVE Jurassic Park. I even have Velociraptor foot prints tattooed on my left foot.

As much as I dig Chris Pratt, I prefer the originals. And good old Jeff.

*The FCS OTM club is I believe $28 plus shipping. It contains limited editing products and first looks at their new releases.

Clever Girl Perfume Oil $12.99

Strawberry jam, apple, rose petals, vanilla.

The FCS Perfume oils are fantastic. Lately they have been all I wear as far as fragrance goes. The smell great and a little goes a long way for a long time.

This one has a heavy rose scent- which I enjoy.

Spare No Expense Body Milk $13.99

Lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, sea mist

I have never tried one of their body milks, or any body milk for that matter.

The scent reminds me of breakfast. I do like how light the product is, perfect for this stupid hot and sticky weather.

Preserved in Amber Exfoliating Body Wash $7.99

Amber, Pink Jasmine, mandarin, cassis berries

The FCS Exfoliating soaps are really nice. It isn’t to harsh, but it’s harsh enough to make a difference.

This scent though…not my jam. I think I will just pass it along to a friend who enjoys the movies as well.

Water Ripples Toilet Bombs $8.49

Sea minerals and dark cedar wood

I tried the toilet bombs in the past, and they actually work great! We live in the woods, so we have well water. I let these sit over night then scrub the next day. They do an awesome job of getting hard water rings off.

Cryo Can Shaving Cream $12.99

Summer squash, garden earth, dewy leaves

I usually just use lotion to shave, so it will be nice to use an actual shaving cream for a change!

I think the shaving cream smells really sweet, not at all what I was expecting.

Must Go Faster Car Freshner $7.99

Orange, thyme, lemongrass, and avocado

Right now I am using the Star Wars fabric spray from FCS and I love it, I think it’s called hidden rebel base?

But, that one is running low so this came at the perfect time.

The lemongrass scent is really strong, which is fine by me, I love lemongrass.

Life Finds Away Hair Detangler $10.99

Apricot, nectarine, white oak, sandalwood

My hair knots so easily and is very frizzy and dry. I have natural waves/ curls in my hair, so it’s kind of hard to deal with.

This detangler smells freaking amazing, I am really looking forward to using it.

100% love this box. I am so excited about it and excited to try everything, but the Exfoliating soap.

Would you like to see any of these products reviewed?

Thank you for reading 🦖

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Fortune Cookie Soap 2018 Easter Box | You. Are. A. Toy!

I love fortune cookie soap products. I have even been considering getting their monthly box. But, for now I am still just getting the “seasonal” boxes they come out with.

They did sadly cancel their seasonal subscription plan though, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for them!

This box is their Easter box, and it’s Toy Story themed! I love Toy Story, so I pre ordered this as soon as I got the email.

If my memory serves me right, this box was only around $15.

Pizza Planet OCD Hand Sanitizer

I love their hand sanitizer. They all have nice smells, a great alternative to the bath and body works ones. But, they weren’t as easy to access in a purse as the B&BW ones because they didn’t have a holder.

Now they do! It’s the same shape and size as the B&BW ones! I was really happy when I saw this. I can use my old holder on my purse now. I will be ordering more.

This specific one is meant to smell like cranberry muffins. Once it is rubbed into your hands, it definitely does.

Reach for the Sky Fortune Cookie Soap

I really like this soaps color. I think I am going to make a decoration with the fortune cookies soaps I own. Like people used to do with seashell soaps.

This soap has a scent that is a blend of cucumber, red apple, and citrus. It comes out as a spicier cucumber melon almost. It’s very nice.

Star Command Whipped Cream

The whipped creams are my favorite body butter. The scent last, they are very moisturizing, and they don’t bother my crazy sensitive skin.

This one is scented with watermelon and salt water taffy. This is the lotion I am taking with me to Cancun this weekend, the scent is perfect for my 6 days on the beach.

You’re my favorite deputy Solid Sugar Scrub

I have never tried a solid sugar scrub. I like the idea of it though, much less packaging waste.

The scent is made up of green apple, Madagascar vanilla, and pear. I was a bit hesitant with the scent at first, but after smelling it a few times it grew on me. The pear just throws me off a bit.

You’ve got a friend in me bath bomb

Sadly, I do not have a bath tub in my house. However, I do have a 10 year old sister and my dads house does have a bath tub. I am sure she will get a kick out of this!

It is scented with banana, Piña coladas, and nectarine.

Yee haw! Toilet bomb

I have never heard of a toilet bomb. I am very intrigued. Apparently you can use them to eliminate odor and for actual cleaning. Again, I really like the idea of this because it does reduce packaging waste.

The scent is meant to be of peach rings, jasmine, and tropical rain.

Play Nice Personal Space Spray

I literally just said I needed a new room spray, but I have trouble finding cruelty free ones. This may have just solved my problem. I am going to have to find out how much and how large the full sized product is.

This spray is scented with Mountain Dew lime pound cake. I’m not sure what that is, but the smell is nice.

Andy’s Toys perfume oil

I love these little perfume roller balls. The scent lingers for quite a while with this formula and you don’t need a done to make the scent noticeable.

It is supposed to smell like coconut milk, dead mist, and cyclamens. Is a nice almost fruity dessert scent.

That is it for the box. I am very happy with what was received and I need to place a larger order with them soon.

What is your favorite fortune cookie soap product or smaller body care company?

Thank you for reading. 🖤

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Fortune Cookie Soap Winter 2017 Box | One Ring to Rule Them All.

What it is: A seasonal box containing soap, skincare, and occasionally home fragrance. All made by FCS. Usually limited edition and sneak peaks.

Cost: $19 annually 

I love FCS they make great cruelty free products and have some many exciting products and launches. Their quarterly Box is something I look forward to. I have toyed with the idea of getting their monthly box. 

This seasons theme is “One Ring to Rule Them All.” Lord of the Rings themed!!! 

“My Precious” FC Soap

This soap is scented with spiced cranberry, mandarin, patchouli, linen, bergamot, tea leaves, and honey. It smells delicious! The fortune cookie soaps are so cute, I always feel guilty using them.

Evenstar OCD Hand Sanitizer

Scented with light cedar wood, jasmine, and whatever creamy muguet it. I really enjoy these hand sanitizers, they have replaced the bath and body works ones for me. Once rubbed in this product smells fantastic! 

Middle Earth Bath Bomb

Scented with warm longbottom leaf, birch, juniper, and citrus. 

This product sounds lovely. Sadly, I no longer have a bath tub. Just a standing shower, so I will be passing this on to a friend to enjoy.

You Shall Not Pass Tea Light Candle

Scented with cashmere musk, French pear, tarragon, and caramel.

This scent is alright. I am not this biggest fan of caramel, but I may still burn this little guy to see how well it pays off.

Mellon Shampoo Bar

Scented with Mirkwood, myrrh, neroli, Moria, elderberry, herbal tea, ginger, and fresh morning dew.

I absolutely love the Lush Shampoo bars, so I am hoping I enjoy the FCS one just as much. I think it smells like a certain gummy fruit snack, but I can’t place which one! Needless to say, it smells nice.

Kingsfoil Cuticle Butter 

Scented with lemon zest, iced raspberry blossoms, Wild numenor mint, Moss, and watered grass.

It smells nice and works well, but I never much understood Cuticle products, when lotions can do the same thing they do. 

I  am no man perfume oil

Scented with lilies, sandalwood, amber, and strawberries.

I have another one of their Cuticle oils that works great. Good smell and long lasting. This one has a nice familiar scent, that I Again, cannot place. But, I do know I will be using the heck out of it!

Second Breakfast Whipped Cream

Scented with maple butter, tonka bean, spiced eggnog, French toast, and berries and cream.

I love their whipped cream Formula! It is so moisturizing and creamy. I am not quite sure if I like this scent though, the fact that it smells like I am slathering my body in syrup is a bit off putting.

That’s the Winter 2017 FCS Box! Thank you for reading 💋.

Do you get their monthly subscription? What is your favorite product by FCS? Comment below!

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What’s inside: Ipsy Spring to Summer Skincare 

*This bundle is no longer available, but I still thought it was neat to share* 

I may have become addicted to Ipsy offers! I got this one for $15, they have some pretty cool ones now as well! 

Beenigma All in One Face Cream

I have heard Tati “Glam Life Guru” talk a lot about this Face Cream. Honestly, I am scared to use it because of the Bee Venom… Might end up in a give away, might go to a friend. 

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This is going to be nice for travel. Probably isn’t cruelty free though. I should stop buying these Ipsy things, because not everything is cruelty free…even though the Beenigma claims to be..

Anyway, cleansing oils are nice, so this will come in handy. (Maybe).

Honey belle Exfoliating Sea Salt Facial Bar with oatmeal

Y’all this soap smells fantastic, I can not wait to use it!! I wish it didn’t have goat milk though. 

It is a nice sized 2oz bar.

Manefit honey and lavender face masks

I love sheet masks (I use to hate them), and these both sound great. Everything about them is in a language I can’t read though. I’m sure I can look them up.

Global Beauty Care Collagen Mask

This claims to be a spa treatment mask. To me it looks like something from a discount store,  but don’t judge a book by its cover. I am contemplating passing this one along to my mom.

That’s all that came with the bundle! I probably wouldn’t pay $15 for it again, but it will be fun to try some new Skincare.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! What is your all time favorite Skincare product, comment below?

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