Singles Cruise Challenge | I am late to the band wagon

I was browsing the old YouTube and found singles cruise videos. I decided, “hey, you have three drawers of single shadows. Get started on that!”

I took my inner selfs advice and picked one of my drawers and had my little brother pick 5 random numbers between 1 and 31.

He picked; 17, 6,11, 26, and 13.

The numbers he picked ended up making a super cohesive look, with fall vibes.

The first shade is Serious from Urban Decay. It’s a deep gray with some glitter, that looks purple to me. By the way, I got this for $6 at TJMaxx. Look around, don’t spend the $20.

The nest shade is strange and off putting from Notoriously Morbid. This is a made brown that pulls very orange. I would almost just call it terra-cotta. It’s a perfect fall pigment.

I have another really warm brown to work with. NYX Whipped Mocha. I believe my little sister got this in an advent calendar last year, and gave it to me. The formula of this shadow is actually super nice and makes me want to try more from NYX. I actually haven’t used many of their products!

The next shade is the Naked Cosmetics Pigment in Sierra Nevada. This is a pigment I reach for often for my inner corner or to add some glitter all over the lid. I really enjoy the Naked Cosmetics pigments and I am glad that I have gotten some from Ipsy in the past.

The last shade is a beautiful metallic copper from Medusa’s Makeup called Brown Sugar. This pigment is so pretty, and I don’t give it the use it deserves.

The Look

  • I started by priming my kid and setting it as usual.
  • With a fluffy crease brush I buffed Whipped Mocha in my crease and up almost to my brow bone.
  • Take a bit of a fluffy shader I packed Strange and off putting on the our part of my lid.
  • Using the same brush I packed Brown Sugar on the rest of my lid.
  • With a smaller crease brush a used Serious to deepen up my crease.

  • I popped Sierra Nevada on my inner corner.
  • I took an angled liner brush and placed Serious on my lower lash line.
  • I did the exact same step, using the same brush, with Whipped Mocha.
  • With a small fluffy brush I buffed everything out with Strange and Off Putting.

That is the look! I am happy with how it turned out and thought this was a ton of fun. I will definitely be doing more posts like this!

How do you get use of your single shadows? Do you have a single shadow you are in love with?

Thank you for reading 🦇

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What is in my Z palettes?| Bonus: My go to look!

I love the idea of Zpalettes. They allow you to make your own custom palettes, which I think is really fun. If you aren’t a fan of single shadows, you can depot single shadows that do strike your fancy and place them in your handy Zpalette.

ZPalettes obviously vary by size and price. Anywhere from $5 for palettes that hold 3 shades, to around $30 (maybe more) for double sided palettes. Now, other brands do make their own magnetic palettes, and there are ways to make your own. I just happen to only own Zpalettes, because they are easily accessible. I live in St.Louis, so there are a lot of Sephora and Ulta’s around me. Thank God!

Let’s jump into my Zpalettes!

Palette one

This is a large Zpalette, and it retails for $20. I got an orange one because I never see orange ones on others social media platforms, so it intrigued me. Sorry for the mess, I dip into these shadows a ton!

Row one:

  • ColourPop Locked and Loaded
  • ColourPop Bel Air
  • ColourPop Come and Get it
  • ColourPop Take it Slow
  • ColourPop Note to Self
  • ColourPop Cloud Nine
  • ColourPop Take the lead

I love the ColourPop singles, and I do plan to purchase more and their palettes. I would say they are one of my favorite shadow formulas.

Row Two:

  • ColourPop Criss Cross
  • ColourPop Paper Tiger
  • ColourPop Popular Demand
  • ColourPop Stay Golden
  • ColourPop Get Out
  • ColourPop Top Notch
  • Make Up Geek Anarchy

The ColourPop mattes are amazing, so creamy and pigmented! I am going to be honest, I only have two Makeup Geek shadows, and they aren’t as good as the ColourPop. 🤷‍♀️

Row Three:

  • Makeup Geek Mirage
  • Ofra Millennium Gold
  • Ofra Bohemian
  • Ofra Buttercup
  • Ofra Smoke
  • Ofra Iron
  • Merle Norman Poolside

The Ofra shadows are alright, I probably wouldn’t purchase anymore. The Merle Norman Shade was a gift and was actually supposed to be a bronzer sample. I just use it as a shadow, it isn’t the best, isn’t the worse. I like using it as a transition.

Row Four:

  • Merle Norman Mist
  • Merle Norman Bare
  • Urban Decay Black Out
  • MAC…I am not sure of the shade name, I’m a savage and didn’t put it on the back of the pan.
  • MAC Cork
  • Ofra Truffle

Black Out is my all time favorite black shadow! I set liner with it a lot and use it in Smokey eyes. The Mac shades are nice, I have heard MAC is going back to fully CF, not testing where required by law. I pray this is true!

Palette Two

This is a baby Zpalette sold at Sephora. It retails for $10. It is perfect for travel. I am still in the process of really organizing my Zpalettes.

  • Jane Iredale, again I am a savage and didn’t write the shade down.
  • Anastasia 10k
  • Anastasia Topaz
  • UD Fireball
  • Pink Pewter Kua Bay
  • Han Romance
  • Han Sunset
  • DLS Tease
  • Younique Trusting
  • Nomad Cosmetics, shade name unknown. This one is listed in my single shadow collection before I depotted it, if you really want to know!

I love the Anastasia shadows. There are a ton at TJMaxx, so keep that in mind!

Palette Three:

This Palette was a collab with BoxyCharm. I believe the retail price was $10. I intended to use this one for shadows, but this highlighter would not stay in the pan.🙄

  • Ofra Rodeo Drive
  • UD Sin

I really love both of these highlighters and reach for them often.

Bonus Look:

  • I set my eye Primer with MUG Mirage. I also used this shadow to blend out any harsh lines.
  • For my transition shade I used ColourPop Belair. It isn’t too warm or cool, it is a great basic transition shade.
  • For my lid I used CP Come and get it. I wet the shadow with Fix Plus, just to give it extra shine, you don’t have to do that though, it’s great dry as well.
  • For my outer corner I used MUG Anarchy. I really concentrate it on the outer corner.
  • To deepen up my crease I used the CP shade Cloud nine. I concentred this towards the outside of my eye as well.

  • For my inner corner I used the CP shade Take it Slow.
  • On my lower lash line I used CP Get Out.

That’s the eye look I tend to do when I don’t want to think about it. The shadows I use do change up depending on the day. I really enjoy how it makes my green eyes pop!

Thank you so much for reading.💜💜😍

What is in your Zpalettes? What are your fave CP singles or palettes? Comment below!

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Urban Decay Naked 2 | Is is worth your money?


With the Sephora VIB Rouge and VIB sales going on, I thought this would be a good time to visit an older palette that I have seen on a few peoples wish lists. The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

This palette of 12 shadows regularly retails for $54. This palette features taupe hued neutral shades. A few matte, but mostly shades with some form of shimmery or satin finish to them.


It also has a pretty nice mirror, and a double ended brush that is very useful. The packaging is very substantial, and does a great job at keeping the shadows safe during travel.


Shades in order from left to right. My thoughts on each shade included.

  • Foxy (Matte) This is a cream shade with a bit more of a yellow under tone than usual. I really like to use it to set my primer, neutralizes my lids nicely. A shade I must have in my collection.
  • Half Baked (Shimmer) This shade is in the original Naked palette as well. I get that it is a cult classic shade, but I don’t like the over lap.
  • Booty Call (Satin) This is a really pretty shade, nice to high light the inner corner with. It isn’t exactly a shade that is hard to dupe though.
    • Chopper (Shimmer) Pretty deep bronze. This is a lot like the Cover Girl shadow Golden Sunset, but better quality.
  • Tease (Matte) A fantastic transition shade to use in the crease if you do not like warm tones, but don’t want a straight up gray either. (Kind of the point of this palette).
  • Snake Bite (Shimmer) This is a deep taupe shade that I love using on the outer third of my lid.
  • Suspect (Shimmer) Light taupe. I like using this shade when I do a halo eye. It is light, but not too light.I actually do not have any other shades that even look close to similar on the eyes.
  • Pistol (Shimmer) An other shade that I do not have anything similar to! This taupe shade has quite a bit of green under tone to it, and I really enjoy it. It is a nice way to use a hit of green, if you don’t want to make it obvious.
  • Verve (Shimmer) If you want a really shimmery inner corner, than this shade will work wonders for you.It has a gray under tone, so it will still come up cool tone. I like to use this shade as a face high light as well.
  • YDK (Shimmer) If you were to mix Chopper and Snake Bite together, this is the shade you would get. I think it looks like a golden taupe shade. I don’t reach for it, like ever and I am not sure why!
  • Busted (Shimmer) A deep brown with gold glitter. Personally, it appears as if it has a purple shift to it.
  • Black Out (Matte) This is my FAVORITE black shadow. I have it in this palette, another palette, and still felt the need to buy the single. I use it all the time to set my liner, or as liner itself.


  • I primed my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, then set it with the shade Foxy.
  • I took the shade Tease and buffed it into my crease, this is going to act as my transition shade.
  • I took Pistol and put it on the inner and outer thirds of my eyes. Yep, we are doing a halo eye!
  • To connect the two shades I just buffed in a little more Tease.
  • For the center of my lid I used the shade Suspect.
  • I used Busted to deepen everything up a little bit. I made a point not to use Black Out to do this, sense I do so often.
  • I just mirrored this on my lower lash line.

Please ignore my terrible liner, I was trying out the Essence gel liner, but that is another post all together.

Over All:

If you like mattes more than shimmers, skip this palette. If you like warm tones, skip this palette. If you like taupe toned shades and don’t mind shimmer, than this is a great palette for you! If you have a small collection, or just want an all in one eye palette, I think this will do you wonders. All the shades are amazing quality. There is a matte cream, black, and crease shade; really all it is missing is a deep matte brown, and you can get one of those super cheap from the drug store. Could you get similar looks with a drug store palette or singles? Oh, yeah; for sure. But, it will not last you as long; which in my eyes is pretty important.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful! What do you think of this palette? Have any dupes? Which Naked palette is your favorite? Comment below! Want more B&T? Give this a read! You can also find me on Instagram and Snapchat as manda_janette

XoXO Manda

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette; Is it worth your money?


This review has been long pending. I put off getting this palette for ages! When it first came out, I really wanted it. But after sleeping on it some I thought I would never use it. I never really do a smokey eye.

I recently, as in about a month or so ago, caved. I needed $30 more dollars to hit platinum at Ulta for 2017, so I decided to go ahead and grab this palette. I really like being platinum at Ulta, so I had to keep my standing!


I like this packaging. It has a smokey pattern on the front and is made of substantial plastic with a magnetic closure. The mirror is large and great for using while on the go. My only realy gripe with the packaging is how thick it is. But, it isn’t an eye sore at all so I don’t mind it having to be displayed.

Add on:

With this palette, as with all the other naked palettes, comes a brush. I love the brushes that come with these palettes and actually used the brush from the smokey palette for the look I will be showing you.

Info from the site:

This palette is $54, standard for the Urban Decay palettes.

“The case and brush feature a cool floating smoke effect, with “Naked Smoky” in gunmetal foil. To add to the mysterious vibe, we set the shadow pans in a smoky transparent base. The magnetic closure on the case prevents shadow mishaps in your bag, and the full-size mirror makes it easy to get Naked whenever the urge strikes.
Fill Weight: Eyeshadows: 12 x 1.3 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 12 x 0.05 oz”

You can pick it up, HERE!

The Shadows:


I am going to include the shade descriptions from UD’s website. I am literally the worst person when it comes to describing shades.

High (champagne shimmer w/micro-glitter), Dirtysweet (medium bronze), Radar (metallic taupe w/iridescent micro-glitter), Armor (metallic silver-taupe w/tonal sparkle), Slanted (light metallic gray), Dagger (medium charcoal w/micro-shimmer), Black Market (jet-black satin), Smolder (deep plum-taupe), Password (cool taupe matte), Whiskey (rich brown matte), Combust (soft pink-taupe) and Thirteen (light beige satin).”


The Eye Look:


Perusual, I want to apologize for the picture quality, life is hard and so is finding a cheap and good camera.

  • I primed my eyes for this look with the UD primer potion (original). It seemed fitting.
  • I set that with the shade “combust” using a fluffy brush.
  • I then used the brush included with the palette and buffed “password” into the crease.
  • I then used a flat shader brush and placed “slanted” over most of my lid omitting the outer and very inner parts of my eye.
  • I then placed the shade “black market” on the outer part of my eye and buffed it up into my crease.
  • For the inner corner of my eye I went in with “armor” to add a bit of shine.
  • To smoke out the shadows a bit I took the shade “whiskey” and used the brush included in the palette again and buffed my crease out some more.
  • For my brow bone and very inner corner I used “thirteen” to lighten it all up.
  • Under my eye I used the pencil side of the brush included in the palette, and applied “black market” under my lower lash line.
  • I then used “combust” to soften that up and smoke it out.


I used the Kat Von D liner in “trooper”, The Tartest mascara in “black”, and the ELF crayon liner in “nude”.


I am literally in love with this palette. Ever since I have gotten it I have been reaching for it constantly. I have actually really started to love smokey eye looks! It also has a few great shades that you can use to do super simple natural looks as well. Over all it is an all in one, besides bright colors, palette that I think you can really benefit from rather you do smokey eyes a lot or not. I also think it is a fantastic fall palette for some one who isn’t in the how overly warm fall eye looks tend to be. Throwing “whiskey” in there is what I think really makes it beneficial for fall. “combust” and “thirteen” are also great shades to have on hand. I believe you always need a great nude and a great white shade!

I hope you loved this post! What do you think of the Naked Smokey palette? What Smokey palettes, quads, duos, etc.. do you love? Comment below! Want more B&T? Read this! You can also find me on Instagram and Snap Chat as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

Collective Haul!


Hello, people of the internet!

I have a quick little post for you, a collective haul! I made a few online purchases, and I decided to show you some of the stuff. Yes, I know that was a pretty redundant statement.

Let’s jump in to this and start with Sephora!


I picked up the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette, sense it was on sale for $25 and I missed the Naked Smokey palette sale. I thought this palette was going to be pretty basic and boring, I mean look at it. Shockingly, I have been able to create some great looks with it that I can’t wait to show off!

I also decided to finally get the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I honestly can’t tell you what took me so long to get, but I am really glad I did. I really want to get Semi Sweet and Chocolate Bon Bon as well.

Next I bring you a few ELF things.


Oh, ELF. I just can’t seem to stay away from you. I also purchased a few other ELF things, like brushes but didn’t include them in this picture for some reason.

I got the Bare it All Full Face palette. This palette is beautiful! I have a look coming up soon that shows it in action.

I also got my hands on the ilikeyew Bunny Blush palette. I wish this wasn’t limited edition, it is a fantastic face palette to have in your collection, especially if you enjoy peach tones.

$12 for 3 sponges! One beauty blender is almost double that price, so I am really hoping that I like these guys.

Last ELF product is the Artisty Palette. Which looks suspiciously like an Urban Decay Vice palette. It is originally $20, but right now it is on sale for $8!! If you don’t want to spend big bucks on a high end palette, this one is pretty nice.

My last order was with Colour Pop


Yeah, yeah, I have a Colour Pop problem. But, I work hard for the money I spend on it, so who cares?

I decided to get the shadows in “Bite” and “Stereo”. I got “Bite” because I wanted a matte white, I really enjoy how it looks on my brow bone. I got “Stereo” just because of how pretty it looks on the people I have seen use it!

Colour Pop Tie Dyes!!! I loveeeee Tie Dye anything. I obviously had to get my hands on as many of the TD products as I could. I got the shadows in “Pop Rocks”, “Summer Lovin”, and “Mermaid Kiss”. I am still pretty disappointed that “Meow” was sold out by the time I made my order. I also go the Highlighter “Churro”, it looks so unique! I also love churros the food, no way I was passing this one up.

I decided to take the plunge and get some of their satin liquid lips and matte liquid lips. I got “Lumiere 2”, “November”, “Marshmallow”, “Clueless”, “Beeper”, and “Littlesticious”; which wasn’t pictured.

I wanted to get another Colour Pop highlighter, so I picked up “Hippo”. Kind of got it just because of the name, kind of got it because it is different than any other highlighter I have.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What products have you recently picked up? Want reviews on anything in this haul? Let me know!!

XoXo Manda

My Make-up Wish List!


I see A TON of y’all doing this type of post, which in turn has fueled me to do the same! I am addicted to makeup and beauty shopping. I love reviewing it for my baby (my blog), I love playing with it, and I love using it on other people. So, needless to say I have a ton of stuff I want to get. Let’s just get this started, because there is a ton!

Both of the UD Naked Basics Palettes



I know I do not need both, but I realllllly like matte neutrals. I use them for my face, my eyes, and my brows. I feel like I just need to own them.

Too Face and Nikki Tutorials The Power of Makeup



I love Nikkie and I LOVE Too Faced. I have my planner marked and it is marked in my phone for this sets release date. It is so so pretty! I am a sucker for LE stuff. Especially when it has people I look up to involved with it.

Makeup Revolution Neutrals Vs. New-Trails Palette

Pic Pesto

I have heard that this is a great alternative for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I honestly want both, but for the sake of my sanity I am only thinking about this one.

ABH Moon Child Highlighter Palette


Sauce, again

Mother of Jesus, just look at it. SO different and beautiful. And the name really attracts me for some reason. I need to get my hands on it, ASAP.


Literally everything from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. The brand really appeals to me, I want it all so bad!

That’s all for this installment! What is on your wishlist/shopping list?

XoXo Manda

Fire Ball Eyeshadow Look *Ipsy Product Review*


I got this little duo chrome shadow from Urban Decay “Fire Ball” from my June Ipsy bag, I knew if I didn’t do a look with it, it would never be used.

It came in a small pan. Like really small. It is a pink/orange duo chrome, not the best duo chrome I have used, probably one of the worst. To get the shadow to really wow me I had to apply it with fix + sprayed on to the brush. Not going to lie I expected much more. Really wish I would have gotten the shade” lounge”.

The Look:

  • I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as my base
  • I then used the more yellow shadow, ;Ludwin”from the Kat Von D shade and Light Eye palette to set it.
  • In my crease I used the entire last quad in the shade and light eye palette. Going deeper and deeper as I blended.
  • To really define my crease and outer third of my lid I mixed the red and dark brown shades. “Succubus” and “Sytry”
  • I then used “Fire Ball” all over my lid.
  • I dipped into my original Naked palette and used “Virgin” To highlight my brow bone and inner corner.
  • Under my eyes I used “Succubus” on the outer part then used “Fire Ball” in the inner part.
  • My liner is the Kat Von D Tattoo liner in “Trooper”, my mascara is the Benefit They’re real and the Essence Lash Princess.


If you are wondering what is on my lips it is the NYX Lip Suede in “Sand Storm”.

I hope you enjoyed this look, let me know what you think!  What is your favorite duochrome shadows? What type of looks do you want me to do?

XoXo Manda

My Favorite Summer Look *MOTD*


The look I am bout to talk you through is one I have been doing quite often this summer. Though it takes quite a few products when I do it, it doesn’t have to, I just like using things that I have and didn’t want to stick to one palette.  It is super simple to execute and doesn’t take much time at all!

  • First start of with a moisturizer, preferably with an SPF. Then move on to your primer. I used the Too Faced Hangover RX. It is probably my favorite primer, I have 5 samples of it, no idea how.
  • I then went straight to foundation. I am trying to use up this L’oreal True Match foundation in W-1, it is a nice foundation and has SPF. I really wish L’oreal was CF.
  • I then used the Maybelline Master Conceal to highlight my face then used the Maybelline Better Skin to conceal. I also really wish Maybelline was CF..
  • I then set all of that with my Maybelline Fit Me Powder in Translucent.
  • I then spritzed my face with the Mario Badescue facial spray.


  • I used the Nars bronzer in “Laguna” to contour and warm up my face. I also wedged it in to my crease.
  • I used my favorite blush, Milani “Luminouso” .
  • I used the Becca pressed and liquid versions. I layered the pressed on top of the liquid. Yes, I know I should have applied the liquid before any powders, but I didn’t decide to use it until last minute.I also highlighted my brow bone and inner corner of my eye with the pressed version.


  • I used the Essence Make Me Brow and the brow pencil ( both in blonde) to lightly do my brows. I didn’t want them too heavy for this look.


  • I then took the shade “Buck” from the Urban Decay Naked palette on the outer third of my lid and pulled it into my crease.
  • I then took the lightest shade from the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye palette in “Sage” and put it all over my lid.
  • I used the matte cream shade from the Carli Bybel palette to blend it all out.
  • I lined my lower water line with Smash Box’s “Penny Lane” always sharp pencil
  • I used to Benefit They’re Real mascara


  • I used the Nude Stix in “Mystic” on my lips.


That is the look I achieved!

What do you think? What is your go to summer look?

XoXo Manda


June 2016 Ipsy Unbagging


I want to just start off by saying that I am not too into this months bag. The bag itself is a graffiti style, and is just too busy for me. Just going to give it to a younger family member. Probably my sister, who is 8. Because that is the age range it makes me personally think of. If you are into that stuff, more power to ya, want this makeup bag, haha?

The Contents:

Bio Republic Sheet Masks: I hate sheet masks. I am not even going to go into these. I will be passing these a long.

Formula X Nail Polish in “Wing Woman”: The name is cute and the color is a pretty red shade. But I do not like this brand, haven’t had good experiences with it. I also do not like the little polish sizes. Looks like Aden is getting another thing.

Hey Honey Day and Night Cream: As mentioned before I am on the look out for a good cruelty free face cream. Maybe this one will be it.

Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush: I am excited to try this.  It is CF, Vegan, and Non- GMO. I will be reviewing this soon!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pan in “FireBall”: When I saw this was in my bag I was super excited. It is beautiful and I can not wait to try it out for ya’ll. Did the pan feel a bit small to anyone else?

What did you get in your Ipsy bag!?

XoXO Manda


Super Easy FOTD Ft. Urban Decay Naked 3


Today I bring you a really easy FOTD, using the Naked 3 palette. As stated in the title. I bought this palette a couple weeks ago, then literally never messed with it. Obviously this is really bad, so I decided to go a head and take the plunge to use it.

The base:

  • I used the ELF aqua primer mist (Review coming soon)
  • The NYX Under eye correcting concealer in fair (Review coming soon)
  • The Maybeline Better Skin Concealer (almost used it up!) on blemishes
  • The Maybelline Master Concealer in the lightest color (Also almost used up) to highlight my face.
  • My foundation was the Maybelline Dream wonder liquid to powder. It is on its last leg, I am really excited to finally be almost done with all these non-CF items.
  • I set my face with the Maybelline Matte powder (also finally almost done).


  • I used my Wet n Wild Brow Pencil in Blonde moments to outline my brows
  • Filled them in with the fist shade from the Kat Von D Shade and Light eye palette
  • Fixed them up with the NYX Above Coverage concealer
  • I then set them with the L’oreal Brow Stylist. (finally on its last leg)

Contour and the Like:

  • I used the ELF contour palette to Contour and Bronze. I love this paletee and I really love using the Wet n Wild contour brush to contour.
  • I used the lightest highlighter from the Carli Bybel palette, obviously to high light.
  • I used the Milani Rose blush in the shade “Romantic Rose”. Really starting to fall back in love with this product.


  • For my primer I used the Maybelline Master Concealer again, really trying to use it for every purpose that I can.
  • I also set my lids with the Maybelline Fit Me powder.

Now for the shadows!

  • I blended “Limit” into the crease
  • My definer shade for my outer v and crease was “Factory”
  • I decided to use “Burn Out” on my lid
  • I then used “Dust” on my inner corner and brow bone
  • I wasn’t happy with this, so I went in with “Strange” on my brow bone and inner corner. Made it all better.
  • I used Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in “Perversion” is what I used to tight line my upper lash line.
  • I used “Factory” on my lower lash line to define it a bit.

I love this palette and really will be using it more often! Glad I purchased it!


  • I decided to give the Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Glace” a try. Haven’t really decided if I like it or not.

What are your favorite looks to do with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette?

XoXo Manda