Does it really work? You Tuber Beauty Tip Edition!

I literally spend all day on YouTube, well I at least have it on for back ground noise as I do my day to day tasks. Some what recently I have stumbled across a beauty youtuber who is new to me. Her name is Zabrena, her videos are very thought out and informative!

She posted a video Monday about how to tone down a very pigmented blush, the technique she used is one I have never seen mentioned before.

Here is the video link!

I decided it would be pretty fun to try out!

The Supplies:

-A pigmented blush

  • I am using the hot pink shade in the E.L.F blush palette labeled “dark”.

– Of course you need a blush brush

  • I am using the Real  Techniques blush brush; it is my fave right now!


  • I am using the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in the shade “light”.

-You will also need something to blend your foundation.

  • I am using a knock off Beauty Blender that Wal-Mart sells for either $2 or $3. I have actually been enjoying it!



You are supposed to apply the pigmented blush before applying foundation.

This is what I did here:


This, obviously, looks unnatural and crazy.

The next step is to put a layer of foundation on, to lighten the pigmentation and make it appear as if your cheeks are naturally flushed.

Here is after the foundation application:



My cheeks went from long crazy to looking naturally pink! I really enjoy this tip. There are a ton of blush that I own that are crazy pigmented, this will allow me to make better use of them!

I highly recommend checking out her channel!

I hope you enjoyed this little tip! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!

XoXo Manda



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