Morphe x Jaclyn Hill | Dark Magic

I am sure you have all heard of the Jaclyn Hill Vault from Morphe by now. And all the drama surrounding it.

I will be honest, I am not sure what exactly the drama is, just that it involves the log and Becca Cosmetics log from their collection with the same influencer.

But, this post isn’t about that, it is about one of the palettes from the vault. The Dark Magic palette.

The Dark Magic Palette cost $15 individually at Ulta.

The Dark Magic palette contains 10 shades. They are rather cool and very blue and green heavy- which really caught my eye.

The palette is matte for the most part, but there are 3 very nice metallic shade.

Top Row

From wrist up.

  • Poof: a light matte shade that pulls rather warm. I would describe it as a creamy light orange.
  • Power cut: A metallic silver
  • Shhh: a matte lighter brown
  • Trickery: a metallic green, I have nothing else like this I don’t believe!
  • Diversion: a metallic brown, I almost want to say copper, but not quite.

Bottom Row

From the wrist up

  • Potion: matte hunter green. I think this is one of my favorite shades in this palette
  • Busted: a matte blue. Which is a perfect blue.
  • Inside Job: a matte navy blue
  • Mojo: a matte dark brown
  • Temptress: a matte black with glitter in it, but I don’t find that the glitter really translates

The Look

  • I primed my eyes with NYX Glitter Primer, which is my favorite eye primer. I set it with a matte skin tone powder.
  • To start in on my transition I used the shade Poof. I put it all over- from lash line to brow bone
  • I then went in on my crease with the shade Potion. I started in the middle and blended it out from there. I also placed it on my inner and outer corner of my lid.
  • To give my crease some dimension I used the shade Shhh. I again started in the middle and blended from there.
  • Do great more of a halo to my eye I placed the shade inside job on the inner and outer corner of my lid and blended through my crease to connect the two.
  • To create the halo pop I placed Power Cut right in the center of my lid.

  • I tight lined with a black and put a nude on my water line.
  • I buffed Poof all under my lower lash line as a transition.
  • I then placed Potion closer to my lower lash line.
  • After that I placed Inside Job right on my lower lash line.
  • For my inner corner I Used the foiled again shadow from the balm in the shade Locked up.
  • I finished up with mascara.

I have to saw, I am very pleased with the look!

Over all thoughts?

The palette is inexpensive and from a brand, that what I can deduce from other bloggers, is Cruelty Free. Two major a pluses right there.

The shadows are all very pigmented and after a night out the held up strong for the most part.

I think this Palette is worth the purchase! I only purchased two of the palettes, but I think I will be purchasing the other two!

Have you tried The Vault palettes yet? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading πŸ’œ

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Aug. 2018

Lately I have just been anxious. Badly. Sometimes BPD really takes its toll on me. Because of being so anxious, I’m tense and my body hurts. I promise I am trying to get post out and more than just unboxings. But, I have to focus on my wellness as well.

For now, he is another unboxing πŸ˜‚.

Hempz Pink Pomelo and Himalayan Sea Salt $7.30

I love Hempz lotions, and these little bottles com in handy! The scent is really nice and almost floral. This one is going in my purse ASAP.

Loba Mane leave in conditioner and styling cream $7

I am obsessed with the smell of this product and wish I could lather my whole body in it.

The cream isn’t thick, so I think it will work well with my crazy frizzy hair.

Dusty Girls Vegan Lip Shine “Argyle Pink” $14

Lip shines like this are awesome for no makeup makeup days. I am starting to really like them!

This one is a really light pink and the formula feels VERY moisturizing.

Farmstead Apothecary Face Cream $4.75

The scent I received is “Citrus Rose” and I can tell you that is 100% on point.

The cream feels light and smells really nice, perfect for this hot Missouri weather.

Dermala Acne Pimple Patches $10

I almost bought the Yes To Tomatoes version of these. Every now and then I will get some zits that succcckkkkkkk. I will up date you on how well these dots work!

Delizioso Skincare Bulgarian Rose Facial Elixir $48

Goodness this is an expensive elixir! This specific elixir is meant to be good for anti-aging.

I am 22, but I have been told it is good to start early with anti-again products. Will definitely give it a try.

Food For Face Violet Cleansing Essence $7

This is a light weight cleanser that is good for sensitive skin. I am going on a little weekend trip this weekend and I will have to take this with me to test it out.

I am really happy with this months Box! There isn’t one thing I think I won’t get use out of. There are actually a few things I’m excited to try. Vegan Cuts NEVER disappoints!

Would you like to hear more about any of these products?

Thank you for reading!

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Ipsy August 2018 | Selfie with no filter

Today was definitely a Monday. Nothing at work would work. I feel like I wasted 8 hours of my day because nothing got done. But, I did come home to an Ulta package which was nice!

This post however, is about my August Ipsy bag.

The bag itself is a canvas material. It’s orange and yellow, seems nicely made. I might actually get some use out of this one, it seems like it would hold a lot of products.

Pixi Beauty Blush Duo “Peach Honey”

Pixi is a great brand and I have heard some good things about their beauty Blush duos.

I think these look more like highlights, but I will definitely get some use out of them.

Juice Up Sheet Masks in BlackBerry and Kale

These masks are supposed to provide the same benefits to your skin that drinking the particular juice type would.

I have never heard of the brand Lab for You, so I am not sure on their cruelty free stance.

Quai Volume Spray

I have never used a volume spray before. I guess you spray it all over your hair before blow drying. I will have to try it on my next night out and see how it goes.

Huda Beauty Liquid Lip “Bombshell”

I have never tried a Huda lip product and I am so excited! These are like $20 so I was shocked to see a full sized one in my Ipsy!

The shade is definitely up my alley!

The Balm Foiled Again eyeshadow “Locked Up”

I would usually depot the shadows I get in Ipsy, but this packaging is just too cute. The Balm always has super cute packaging.

I think this looks like a full sized shadow pan! The shade is a really pretty metallic silver, I can’t wait to use it in a look. Maybe a dark halo eye?

That is it for my Ipsy bag this month. I am really pleased with my bag! Geeze, just the Huda Liquid Lip makes it worth it alone. It’s like I got it half off and some bonus products!

What was in your Ipsy bag? Comment below!

Thank you for readingπŸ’œ

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BoxyCharm Aug 2018 |Life of the Party

This has been the longest week of my life. I swear it has been Thursday for three days.

But, thankfully tomorrow is Friday! Unthankfully, I work in the morning-per usual. However, I can not sleep, so I am finally going to unbox my Boxy Charm!

Laura Lee Los Angels Party Animal Palette $19

I was very excited to see that this palette would be included in this months Box. I love Laura and have wanted to buy her products badly, but tend to forget about products that aren’t at Sephora or Ulta. I am going to make it a point to purchase from Indie brands, not that this is completely an indie brand..but, you get what I mean.

If you love playing with color you will love this palette! There is an assortment of mattes, shimmer, and Even a metallic shade.

Upon swatching the shadows I promptly went on her site and ordered Cats Pajamas and Boss Babe, Nudie Patootie was sold out other wise I would have purchased it also.

Use code LLACHARM25 for 25% off her site until 9/15/18 I legit save like $17!

House of Lashes “Siren” $9-12

I am not sure why the past month has been a month full of falsies for me. I have found some I really love, and learned what styles I like.

This is not that. I am sure they will look great on someone but they are way too full for me.

SmashBox Be Legendary Lipstick “Bombtastic” $21-24

I do love smash box, so I was glad to see one of their products in the box.

Then I saw the color…

Holy bubble gum pink. I might wear this, but highly unlikely. The first swatch is it layered a few times, the bottom is one swatch.

Bang Beauty Gel Liner “Chocolate” $22

I don’t have a brown gel liner, and I have been wanting to pick one up! Now I don’t have to.

I apologize for the swatch, I was too lazy to grab a brush, so I tried to use my fat finger.

Anyway, the product feels nice and I like the shade!

Wander Baggae Claim Gold Eye Masks $13

What can I say, I love eye masks. They are so relaxing, this is a win for me.

Adesse Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil $18

I will be honest, I take crap care of my nails. I’m a manager at a vacation rental company, but my nails look like I work with my hands all day.

Now that I have a Cuticle oil that is easy to use, I had one in a pot, I am more likely to start treating them better. I also really like the brand Adesse for nail polish, so that is a plus.

That’s it for the box! I have to say, another $21 well spent! I got something I already wanted, something I needed, something I enjoy, and something I need to use. There are two duds in the box, but they will be easy to pass on, I have friends who will love the lipstick and lashes.

Man, I love BoxyCharm πŸ’œ

What was in your box? What would you like to see reviewed? Comment below or on my social media!

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Vegan Cuts Makeup Box | Summer Dreams

Is everyone else shocked that it is already mid-August!? This year is going by so fast that I feel like a portion of time is missing. It just feels wrong!

But, as Summer is coming to an end, we can still dream of the perfect summer vacations.

This season Vegan Cuts Makeup box is supposed to contain the dream summer products.

(Speaking of seasonal boxes, should I do fab fit fun?)

Au Naturals Satin Matte Lip Stain “Marsala” $25

I have been hearing a ton of awesome things about the brand Au Natural as a whole, and have really been wanting to get my hands on more of their products. Liquid lips seem like a great place to start.

Not only does the formula feel very light weight and comfortable, but the shade is perfect. I have only swatched the product and I already want more.

HoneyBee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner “JetBlack” $9

I will never be mad about a black liner. I thought liner most days, so I can go through some liner.

For some reason I recall a YouTuber really liking the Honey Bee Garden foundation. Has anyone tried it?

Pacifica Stunning Brows Eyebrow Gloss and Set $14

I am always excited to receive a Pacifica product. I don’t believe that I have ever tried one of their brow products, so I am excited to give this a go!

Derme E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30 $22

I have product just like this from Supergoop that I love, so I have high hope for this one. Derme E is a brand I already know and love, so I do not think I will be disappointed.

Sarah Jean Three Piece Eyelash Kit $55

The kit includes lashes with no style name, but they actually look like lashes I will use. They are not too full or strangely spaced out. There is also lash glue in the shade black and lash applicator tweezers.

What an awesome set to include! The more I am getting lashes the more excited I am getting about them. I think the lash tweezers will help me a ton with application as well.

I would say that I am 100% satisfied with this seasons box! I love everything Vegan Cuts does and highly recommend checking out their different subscriptions.

What products would you like to see reviewed from the box?

Thank you for reading ❀️

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Goddess Provisions | Open to Love

Today was great. I went to a PokΓ©mon Go community event with my boyfriend and a bunch of our friends. Did a lot of walking and saw a ton of cute dogs.

I am happy that this months Box. It is meant to heal and pamper your heart chakra. And I have definitely been feeling a ton of love lately.

My Boyfriend and I.

One of my best friends and I

My mama tam and I

This months mantra ” I have an infinite capacity for love.”

Seed of Creation Necklace $33

This is necklace was made in Bali using copper, silver, and gold- creating the ancient Tridatu combination that represents the sacred trinity.

It is a beautiful piece, but I have yet to figure out how to get it on. Maybe I am just dumb?

Spirit Element Body Oil $9

This oil is scented with lavender, rose water, sandalwood and lemon. It is perfect for baths, adding into candles for heart healing rituals, or just rubbing it in to the skin.

It smells lovely and I can’t not wait to start using it.

Spirit Whisperings Crystal Grid $10

Place this grid on your alter with the intention to give and receive unconditional love.

Joco Botanicals Soap $8

This soap is scent with essential oils of pine, tangerine, and Peru butter.

It smells fabulous, but I think Coty May end up stealing it from me!

Good JuJu Apothecary Heart Oil $20

This oil is infused with emerald and is meant o help heal aches and pains. I have used it some on my knees and ankles already and it does help!

Lizush Shower Steamer $5

The eucalyptus is meant to nourish and heal your heart center. I really enjoy shower steamers. So this will be nice for a spa night!

Amazonite $4

“Know as the stone of hope and courage, this is the greatest Crystal to sooth your soul. Place on your chest to cleanse and heal the heart.”

I love this months Goddess Provisions Box. It is very much so worth the money, and I look forward to getting it every month!

Would you like reviews for any of the items in this box?

Thank you for reading πŸ–€

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Iluvsarahii x Dose of Colors | Review and first experience w/ Dose of Colors!

He guys.

I’m sure you have noticed that I have been lacking on looks and reviews. My blog has turned into mostly unboxings.

I am not proud of this. Sometimes motivation and inspiration just seems to completely disappear. I am hoping that it is finally starting to come back to me.


I finally purchased my first Dose of Colors products, and boy am I excited.

Iluvsharahii is a beauty influencer, who I actually am not familiar with- but I can tell that she has great taste!

Dose of Colors is a paraben Free, gluten free, and cruelty free brand.

Eyeshadow Palette $35

This 6 pan palette consists of 2 matte, 2 shimmer/metallic shades, and 2 glitter shades.

All are very pigmented and very on par with recent beauty trends. Warm shades with a pop of blue.

The blue and black (glitter shades) do have quite a bit of fall out, but I expected this to be so.

Liquid Lip “Aesthetic” $18

This shade is a stunning warm red.

I love this Liquid lip. It is very pigmented, applied evenly, and has great staying power. It is also vegan.

I have to say, I think this is my new favorite liquid lip stick formula.

I will gladly be spending the $18 to purchase more shades from the brand.

The Look

  • I started by priming my eyes with the NYX Glitter Primer and set it with a matte powder of my skin tone.
  • I started with the lightest pinky peach shade in the palette and buffed it in to my crease and over most of my lid as the transition shade.
  • I then took the darkest matte shade in the palette and blended it in to my crease, but more centered into my crease than the other shade.
  • I then took the glittery black shade and placed on my outer v and then buffed the remainder of the pigment on the brush into my outer crease.
  • After a lot of blending, I placed the blue shade all over the rest of my lid.
  • I then did I basic line with my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper.
    • On my lower lash line, I lined the outer part with a random black liner.
      I buffed the lightest matte shade under my lower lash line as a transition, again.
      Then I define my lash line with the deepest matte shade.
      I then popped the lightest shimmer shade into my inner corner.
      I finished my eyes off with the Younique Epic Lash Mascara.

    Over all thoughts on the Palette?

    I love it! I can’t think of a single bad thing. The packaging is beautiful and compact. The mirror is very use full. The shades are pigmented, very pretty and easy to blend.

    So far my opinion of the brand is outstanding and I have this urge to buy everything they have available at Ulta!

    Speaking of, you can pick up the two featured product online at Ulta.Com

    What is your favorite Dose of Colors products?

    Thank you for reading πŸ’œ

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