New Wet N Wild Blushes and Highlighter!!!

I have never been so excited about drugstore products in my entire life, but Wet n Wild is my favorite drugstore brand and they have came out with a TON of new stuff, including new color icon blushes and a new megaglow high lighter! There are also a ton of other new products- but, worry not, I have also acquired all of those products as well and will review them all.


wnwb Continue reading “New Wet N Wild Blushes and Highlighter!!!”

Just another Brow Kit review: Maybelline Brow Drama pro Palette


I purchased the shade in soft brown. The kit contains a tinted wax, brow powder, and high light color. As well as, a double ended brush and a spooly! Besides the wax, which did nothing to hold my brows in place, I was pleasantly surprised. The powder was the perfect amount of pigmented for a more natural brow, which is what I prefer.  The highlighter is a beautiful, very light pink shade, and it is amazing! I have found myself reaching for this as my brow bone highlight, even when I am not using the other products. The brush and spooly are also very usable, and I just love that. Besides the fact that the palette has no mirror, and I will have to bring a brow gel or wax, I think this palette will be pretty great for travel. Continue reading “Just another Brow Kit review: Maybelline Brow Drama pro Palette”

A Retail Therapy Find!

Those who are battling depression know how hard the days are when it hits bad out of nowhere. For me, today was one of those days. As I was getting off work I began to feel the tell-tale sings of falling into depression. So, I decided to do a little retail therapy to see if anything could help cheer me up. Really, I just didn’t want to allow myself to go home, get in bed, and distance myself from the world. Anyway, as I was wandering the random stores in my area, I stumbled into the almost uninhabited local K-Mart. While inside I found a little gem that I had previously missed out on… Continue reading “A Retail Therapy Find!”

Rimmel Magnif’eyes shadow stick/liner duos. A first impression.


The Rimmel London kohl kajal shadow liners  

are a nice idea. They are a versatile way to quickly apply your shadow and liner. I usually use products like this as a shadow base, because they usually stay creamy and crease easily. I also usually don’t use this certain type of eye liner because it tends to move around a lot on my eyes. Let’s see if this product is any different.

001 Back to the Blacks

This one I was not too fond of. The charcoal color shadow stick has small chunks of glitter in it. While it is still creamy, I just do not like the actual glitter chinks….in anything, but that is a personal preference. The liner is a matter black, but it is a bit patchy and not really that deep of a black. I love the Rimmel exaggerate liners, they are creamy and true to color, so this duo really disappointed me.

002 Kissed by a Rose Gold

I 10000% LOVE this one. The shadow is beautiful. It really is a rose gold with a sheen finish. The liner is a deep matte brown and looks beautiful. I would also like to mention that this shadow dried all the way- it is great!

003 Queens of the Bronzed Age

The shadow of this duo is good. I like it and it dries to where it does not budge. The liner however, is not my favorite, as a liner! I love this in the water line, and I am really excited to use it that way, but as a top lid liner? I prefer matte for that. But, it does serve a really great purpose, so another win.

004 Dark Side of the Blue

First, let me start off saying that this products name made me think of Sci-Fi movies, and that makes me happy.

The shadow with this duo is a bit patchy to compare to the others and does again have the glitter chunks. This does however make a great smoky eye base! The liner….holy cow. It is so electric blue! It does not go anywhere and it is my only shade like it- and I have a ton of liners.

005 Pink and Purple Rain

I think this is the 2nd product in two weeks that I have talked about that referenced Prince’s Purple Rain. I just think that was a funny tid bit. The shadow on with this duo is the most sheer of the bunch. The creamy glitter also clumps up when applied ( as the swatch shows). I am glad one of the duos came with a plum liner, but compared to the exaggerate plum liner, this one is a bit patchy.


Over all…

The shadows, all but one (the one in duo 001), dry to an unbundgeable product. I absolutely love that quality in these shadows, it makes it possible for me to use them as a stand alone shadow, rather than a shadow base. Besides the matte black and plum, I like the formula for the kohl kajal liners. I still don’t prefer them over anything else, but then again, this is just my first impression, so any of these opinions could change!

I will update you with looks and reviews involving these products, if you are interested.

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Manda!

A quick SORRY and a small review! Maybelline Color Molten Shadows

Before I review the product I would like to say a quick sorry for the lack of posts this week. Besides my blog I am a full time college student and I have a full time job. This week has been very busy, but this weekend I promise to bust out a lot, and I also have purchased and received some pretty good products to review.

On to the review…

Maybelline Color Molten Cream Shadows


This review will feature much fewer pictures than most of my post, simply because I love all of these shadows!! The super shimmery top layer on most of the shades does go away, to reveal a beautiful cream shadow. They are all very easy to use and very blend-able. I actually recommended these to a friend who is just really getting into makeup. The only thing I question about this product is how fast will it dry up? It doesn’t exactly have a tight closure like the color tattoos do, but it also is not as creamy. Actually they are VERY comparable to the dreamy bouncy blushes in consistency. Anyway, I love these and really think everyone should try them out!

Thank you for reading, I had a long day before writing this post,

xoxo Manda

Cover Girl Tru Blend Blushes and Bronzer. Are they worth it?

I found this product a few weeks ago at my local Wal-Mart, the land of impulse buys. At the time they were on an end cap, along with three new primers that I also purchased, but that is another post. I noticed today while picking up a box of hair color (anyone interested to see this new change?) that they are now in the regular makeup aisle.


The Blushes

There are 3 blush colors in this line; Light rose, medium rose, and deep mauve. These blushes are amazing. I truly love each and every one. If you need to build it up or blend it out it is very easy to do. The only off thing that I noticed about them is that the pan of baked product is smaller than the space it is in, so it makes me a bit nervous that they will fall out. But, that is really the only down side I could find. They are smooth and very long wearing! I am very impressed. Continue reading “Cover Girl Tru Blend Blushes and Bronzer. Are they worth it?”

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Concentrated Crayons (Entire Collection!!)Hot or Not?

These crayons make an AMAZING eye shadow base. They even aren’t too bad on their own. They are much cleaner and easier to use than the regular color tattoos. The are (obviously) in a crayon format and they screw up from the bottom, it is pretty nice.

I have swatches for each individual shade and some special comments for a few. Please keep in mind that the darker shades are not bendable, by that I mean they set very fast. Continue reading “Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Concentrated Crayons (Entire Collection!!)Hot or Not?”

What’s in my everyday, stays in my purse, makeup bag?

I have one makeup bag that I always keep in my purse, with all the products that I think are touch up essential. ALSO, in the comments send me a likn to your everyday makeup bag!!<3

The Bag:


I just carry my essentials in an old Too Faced bag, I got in with a kit in the summer of 2014. It is nicely made, roomy, and really cute. It reminds me of something nautical- which I love. Continue reading “What’s in my everyday, stays in my purse, makeup bag?”