What’s in my everyday, stays in my purse, makeup bag?

I have one makeup bag that I always keep in my purse, with all the products that I think are touch up essential. ALSO, in the comments send me a likn to your everyday makeup bag!!<3

The Bag:


I just carry my essentials in an old Too Faced bag, I got in with a kit in the summer of 2014. It is nicely made, roomy, and really cute. It reminds me of something nautical- which I love.The Contents:

Lotion, Perfume, Hair ties


I keep a travel size perfume and a travel size lotion (that I don’t always reach for so I don’t have to worry about getting in my purse). Right now I have Ed Hardy Tattoo and Victoria’s Secret Love spell. When I run out of these I’ll just replace them with other random ones I have laying around. They are nice to use to freshen up when you need to fast.

I also carry a black hair tie and some bobby pins. I am constantly messing with my hair because of anxiety, sometimes having my hair up certain ways ( all or just the pieces in my face) can really help ward off a panic attack. So, besides the convenience, these two items are very important.

Translucent Pressed powder ( with puff) and Mirror


I always have a translucent powder for touch ups, the brand does not matter to me. This one is from Wet n’ Wild, and it’s almost gone! I will probably just throw in one I have laying around next. I also always have this mirror that came with a Sephora gift card. It is pretty big, very clear, and has a magnifying side, which is great.



I always keep a more high coverage concealer with me. This one just happens to be the Revlon Photo Ready stick. Yes, it’s dirty, I use it when in a hurry. Next I am going to use the L’Oreal Lift Concealer, sense my favorite YouTuber (Tati) says it is great!

Brows and Chap stick:


I always have some type of brow product, usually the one I’m trying to use up and don’t like too much. This one happens to be the Jordana Fabubrow. I actually kind of like this pencil and the brush on its cap. The product is just reaching its expiration date, and it needs to be finished. The chap stick I currently have in my makeup bag I have a TON of. It is my favorite. The Burt’s Bees replenishing lip balm smells so good to me, and most importantly it makes my lips feel great!



I hate falsies, so I obsess over mascara. I always buy the High End minis when at Sephora and Ulta because they are easier to carry with me. I have a stash just of minis. These two the Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes (LOVE) and Urban Decay Perversion (eh) just happened to be the two I am trying to get through.



I always have at least 3 liner colors. If it is summer I usually have a colorful one, ya know, just in case. But, seeing as it is winter I have 3. A mini brown Wet n’ Wild pencil I got in a set, which is surprisingly great. The Black liner I have is the Physicians Formula Sexy Booster twist up Liner. I love this stuff for tight lining. I also always have a nude liner. The one I have currently is the Rimmel Exaggerate liner in Nude. It is great and I have a million of them lying around, this one just happens to be almost expired so I need to use it up.


Changes Daily:


The only thing in my bag I change out daily is my lip color. I don’t feel a need to reapply shadow or liquid liner. On the day I took the pictures for this post I just happened to be wearing the new Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill. Which is amazing, go buy it like now.( I can review this line if anyone would like?)

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Manda


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