Make-Up Declutter: Setting Powders


Setting powders! It seems to be really hard to find good ones, so I usually end up with a ton. They are also usually drugstore brands, sense they are pretty inexpensive.

  • I am keeping both of the ELF powders. I am trying to decide, however; if I like the tone correcting one or not, so that one maybe leaving very soon.
  • I am also trying to decide if I like the Wet n’ Wild Fergie one. So far it is a no, there is glitter in it….why….why is there glitter! I am most likely passing this along, but seriously who wants glitter in a powder that claims to be matte?
  • My little baby NYX one is staying.
  • Maybelline Shine Free in Golden is getting sold. I never used it and I am not going to.
  • My favorite pressed powder is the Essence All about Matt! It is staying, and will be purchased again when this one runs out.
  • Not pictured is my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. It has major pan so I am just going to finish it up.


Now for loose powders!

  • The Mehron powder is staying and there is a review coming soon, so stay toned!
  • The Maybelline Mineral Veil is being sold, it has never been opened and I am not going to use it.
  • The L’oreal HydraPerfect is also staying, it is on its very last leg and there is no point in wasting it.
  • The ELF HD Undereye Powder is staying, ELF is cruelty free and a great brand in general.
  • NYX HD powder is also staying. The ELF loose HD powder is just like this. I have just ordered the ELF one and it should be here any day!
  • The Maybelline Master Fix is going. It has never been opened so it is being sold.
  • Not pictured is my Coty Airspun powder. From what I can tell it is cruelty free, please tell me if I am wrong!

What are your favorite setting powders?

XoXo Manda


2 thoughts on “Make-Up Declutter: Setting Powders

  1. Natalie

    I got one of those Wet’ n’ Wild powders too. I had exactly the same reaction. Why, why is it sparkly? I just don’t understand.


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