PetitVour Product Review: Lily Lolo Sculpt & Glow Contour duo.


If you saw this post, then you know that the Lily Lolo contour duo was sent out in the August Petit Vour box.

“Meet the totally foolproof trick to glowing skin, enviable contours and sky-high cheekbones. Sculpt & Glow Contour Duo gives nature a helping hand, creating a flawless, beautifully defined and contoured canvas and casting your features in their best light.”

Lily Lolo is a vegan, cruelty free, and green beauty brand. This product is actually the whole reason I decided to subscribe to the Petit Vour box. You can get the product itself here, for $26.

I was determined to try this product when I saw it in the wifelife youtube video of rhian’s favorite palettes. She is a vegan and cruelty free blogger.Check it out here!


I have said it dozens of times, I love simple black and white packaging. It is sleek and very easy on the eyes. The palette is also small, it has no excess packaging. It really isn’t a secret that makeup products tend to use a ton of excess packaging. The compact does in fact sport a nice little mirror. This, coupled with the small size, makes it perfect for travel.

The product and application:

Inside is a pressed mineral highlighter and contour shade.


Both are very natural and easy to blend into the face. When you dip your brush into them there is some powder kick up, this is expected from pressed mineral products.

I did want to mention, if you want an intense contour and highlight, this product probably is not for you. I usually apply my contour with the Wet n Wild angled blush brush and my highlight with the ELF highlight brush. It worked really well to apply this product with. The highlight also looks really nice when applied with your fingers. This duo also looks great on the eyes. Use the contour shade in the crease, the highlight shade on the lid, brow, bone and inner corner.  Boom, eye shadow done.


First I want  to say to excuse my hair. I just threw it up to keep it out of my face….WHILE I TOOK MY NEW PUPPY OUT!!!! I threw a little surprise in there didn’t I? My new house is pet friendly and with the very depressing passing of peaches I started to fall back into old habits, picking my face and isolating myself. When one of my best friends told us that her mom had to get rid of her puppy due to moving, it was either find someone in a few days to take her or go to a shelter. We jumped at the chance to take her. Don’t worry, I will have a meet Millie (It is supposed to be the German name for strength and determination, Josiah and I both have a very strong German family heritage.) and I will also have pet product reviews and things of the sort every now and then as tid bit posts!!

Now, let’s get back to the review.

I used this duo for my contour and on my eyes, as I detailed how to do above. As you can see, it is in fact very natural. It more so defines the face rather than changing the look of the face. Which I have been preferring lately.

Over All:

I am in love with this duo. I have used it everyday since I got it in my Petit Vour box. I also want to mention if you purchase this, or anything else from the Petit Vour site, you get 20% cash back to use on their site, saving money is always nice! I think this duo is very worth the price that it cost. Especially if you have fair skin like me. I do not believe that they have any other shades, which is always kind of a let down.

This product does however get a 10/10 will buy again from me!

I hope you like this reivew! Want more B&T? heres another good read! What is your favorite contour products? Comment below!

XoXo Manda

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