Cruelty Free Drugstore HAUL | AKA: I shouldn’t go to Walgreens alone.

I had to go to Walgreens to pick up my prescription and noticed that A TON of makeup was on sale (with their rewards card) and I also noticed a new display that wasn’t supposed to be in stores until next month! Keep reading to see all the stuff I decided I “needed”.

Milani Conceal & Perfect “00 Light Natural” $9.99

I have been wanting to try this foundation for ages. I decided to just pick the plunge and pick it up.

Wet N Wild Illumi-naughty Concealer “I-vory” on sale for $2.99

I have had this before and loved it so I decided to pick it up again, can’t beat a $2 discount on a good concealer!

Jordana Fabuliner “Black” $2.99

I love this felt tip liner. It is super inexpensive and very pigmented. I think this will be my fourth tube.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme “Black” $3.99

Another awesome inexpensive Jordana product. My Walgreens is always sold out, so I got it while they had it.

Wet N Wild Mega Slim Skinny Mascara “Black” on sale for $2.99

I was under the impression that this (and the Skinny Liner) were part of the new releases? Oh well, can’t pass up that price tag. *review to come*

Wet N Wild Mega Slim Liner “Black” on sale for $2.99

See above!

Here is the rest of what I got! A ton of new Wet N Wild Shadows!! I got all the new 10 pans, 2 of the new 5 pans and 3 of the new singles! So, be on the look out for posts about them.

I hope you enjoyed my haul, I know I did. What is your favorite Wet N Wild product?

Thank you for reading💜

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Review: Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials The Power of Makeup Palette


Hello all!

Sorry I have been MIA fora few days. Work and life in general has been extremely hectic. But, I am back at you tonight with something I have been asked a ton about. My review of the NEW Power of Makeup palette, but Too Faced and Nikkie Tutorials!

I have seen a couple mixed reviews on this palette. As usual with any hyped up makeup item, and holy crap has this palette been hyped up. First, I want to start out with what I expected from this, so it will be easier to know where I am coming from. I expected a very versatile palette, sense Nikkie does SO many different amazing looks. I expected the highlighter to be glowy as hell, because Nikkie is always glowy as hell. But, did I get what I expected?

The Packaging:

I have to give this to them, the packaging is beautiful. I really like the animal print, especially sense gold and black are incorporated, one of my favorite color combos. I also really like that the glitter,primer, and liner come in a little resealable bag with the same packaging. I have actually been using mine to keep coupon codes that I have gotten recently, so they are all in on place. The palette itself is very thin, so perfect for travel. My only real gripe with the packaging is that there isn’t any mirror included in the palette. I am someone who tends to use the mirrors in palettes when I do my makeup, so it is just an inconvenience.

Add on items (What’s in the bag..):


The little bag had some pretty neat contents:

Mini Better Than Sex mascara (LE): This is pretty cool. With the kit you get a limited edition PURPLE Better Than Sex mascara. I like wearing colored mascara on my lower lash line, but never want to buy it because there is no way I would be able to use it up before it expires. I am glad it is a mini, maybe I will actually use it up!

Glitter in “Glitterally”: The story behind this name is Nikke couldn’t say glittery for a while, so it always came out as “glitterally”. Funny. It is just a silver and white glitter. It comes with a pretty good amount, but doesn’t have a shiftier so that sucks.

Mini Shadow Insurance eye primer: This is already a primer that I know I love, so I can never have too many samples of it.

Sketch Liner in “Black”: I was really hoping this was going to be great. It is very pigmented and easy to apply. You also get a full size of it! But, it takes quite awhile to dry, which is unfortunate because it makes me want to just get rid of it. I don’t have time to wait forever for my liner to dry.

The Face Products:


I am going start with my swatches and opinion on the face products, and save the shadows for last!


In this palette you get 2 blushes and a bronzer that already exist in the Too Faced line, and a highlight that technically also already exists in the Too Faced line as a shadow.

Blushes: I was ecstatic when I heard that this palette was going to include Nikkie’s favorite Love Flushed blushes. The coral “I will always love you” and the hot pink “justify my love”.  I really love the look that these shades give when mixed together. You will see what this looks like shortly!

Bronzer: The bronzer in this palette is Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It is matte and yes, still smells like chocolate. I already own this bronzer and really enjoy using it for contouring and warming up my face.

Highlighter: Nikkie apparently loves using the shade “Champagne Truffle” from the original chocolate bar palette to highlight. This resulted in larger sized being popped into the palette. I personally think the original shadow has more pigment and glow to it than this new one.

I enjoy these face products over all. The blushes are great and I already love the bronzer. I was pretty let down by the highlighter, it is pretty toned down for what many of us have come to expect from Nikkie.

The Eyes:


Eye shadow is my favorite makeup product, so this is the most for me.


I am going to discuss them in order, which is also how I have them swatched.

“Ivy”- Stark matte white, perfect for the inner corner and brow bone on my fair skin.

“Sugar Coated”- Light pink shimmer. This is another shade great to pop in the inner corner of  the eye.

“Frosted Yum”- Silver shimmer shade. The glitter in it is pretty chunky, so it has a lot of fall out. It would be a nice shade for a smokey eye.

“Irresistible”- Golden shimmer shade. This shade is beautiful, but has a tremendous amount of fall out.

“Pain Killer”- Matte light brown. Nikkie says she chose this shade because it is hard to find a transition shade those with fair skin. I do love this shade.

“Makeup and Chill”- Matte dark brown. Really nice as a crease and outer “V” definer, it is also really nice on the lower lash line.

“Mystic Hour”-Shimmery deep teal. This shade is super pigmented, but as with the other shimmery shades, it has a lot of fallout.

“Wham Bam”– Shimmery purple. The shade is so pretty, but goodness I want one shimmery shade in this palette that doesn’t have fall out!

“Wanted”- Matte black. Nice black, not the best I have used. It is also somewhat patchy.

I am not going to lie, I am disappointed.I paid $56, I want shadows without a ton of fallout and a highlighter that shows up!

The Look:


  • Too Faced Hangover RX primer
  • Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealer.
  • NYX HD Powder (Loose) in “Translucent”
  • ELF “Taupe” brow pencil and Glossier Boy brow in “Blond”.
  • I mixed both the blushes from the palette, contoured and bronzed with the bronzer, and tried to highlight with the highlight.


  • I set my lid and highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with “Ivy”.
  • Went into my crease with “Pain Killer”, I also put it on the outer third of my eye.
  • I went back in the the crease with “Makeup and Chill”, I also deepened up the outer third portion of my eye with it. This happens to also me the shade I used on my lower lash line.
  • All over my lid I use “Irresistible”.
  • I used the Sketch liner to do my wing and the Pacifica Dream Big mascara.

Quite honestly, I would skip this palette. If you want get some Too Faced shadows, I recommend any of the chocolate bar palettes.I am pretty disappointed in it over all. I expected much more.

I hope you liked this quick review! What do you think of the kit?

XoXo Manda

*BoxyCharm Product Review* Make-Up Geek Blush “XoXo”


I had no idea that this blush was not released for sale yet and that we were getting to try it early, until I watched KathleenLights Unboxing video. That is so exciting! Makeup Geek has released a new formula and has repackaged her blushes, ohmygod I am in love!!

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Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Concentrated Crayons (Entire Collection!!)Hot or Not?

These crayons make an AMAZING eye shadow base. They even aren’t too bad on their own. They are much cleaner and easier to use than the regular color tattoos. The are (obviously) in a crayon format and they screw up from the bottom, it is pretty nice.

I have swatches for each individual shade and some special comments for a few. Please keep in mind that the darker shades are not bendable, by that I mean they set very fast. Continue reading “Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Concentrated Crayons (Entire Collection!!)Hot or Not?”