Liquid Lipstick Declutter


Stuff accumulates so fast. Sometimes it is very therapeutic to sift through it and pass stuff along. I have decided to de-clutter (again), and this time I am starting with my liquid lipsticks.

I love liquid lipsticks, It is usually the lip product that I reach for. But, I have noticed I have some that I have never worn, shades I will never wear, and shades that are repeats. Yet, it was still so hard to get rid of any!

I started off with 35, and have decided to (so far) de-clutter 8. Which is more than I thought I would, so progress is progress.


  • NYX Liquid Suede “Life’s a Beach”- I really like this line, but I will never wear this shade.
  • OCC Lip Tar “Strumpet”- I have a few other liquid lipsticks that are this same color and are in packaging I like better. I have never used this, because it is just a hassle.
  • Essence Liquid Lipstick “Beauty Secret”- This is another one that I have a ton of similar shades to. I love this line, but have others that I like much more.
  • Jordana Sweet Matte Lip “Cherry Cobbler”- Repeat shade. I actually have some more higher end liquid lipsticks that are this same shade, and I love them. Felt right to let this one go.
  • NYX Lip Suede “Kitten Heels”- Another repeat shade. Again, I like this line, but of these shades this is my lease favorite.
  • ELF High Shine Liquid Lip “Naked Nude”- I hate these. That’s all I have to say.
  • ELF High Shine Liquid Lip “Red Apple”- Read above…
  • Wet N Wild Metallic Liquid Lipstick “Chrysanthemum’s the word”- Never will I wear this. It is a nice formula and metallic lips a nice, but not the shade for me.

I hope you enjoyed this de-clutter, I will be posting more, probably right after this post! I am on a roll!! What have you de-cluttered lately? Comment below! Find me  on Snapchat and Instagram as manda_janette

XoXo Manda

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